What Does "Make America Work Again" Mean to You?

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Each day of the Republican National Convention is guided by a theme based on the presumptive nominee Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.”  Today’s theme: “Make America Work Again.”  We asked people in downtown Cleveland for their thoughts on what it means to them…

Denise (Cleveland resident): “Bringing more jobs back into the areas where they’ve been depleted.  Getting someone to run the country that’s going to be for all the people, not just a certain race.”

Andy (from Lake County/Mentor on the Lake): “I think Make America Work is good.  I think it’ll focus a lot on the NAFTA agreement.  It’ll focus on the TPP and I think it’s about bringing jobs back and also enhancing the industrial base, which is something I think we need to do here.” 

Allan Grafman (businessman from New York): “Well it’s great.  Why not?  Unfortunately I don’t think some of the policies advocated by Mr. Trump will help people get back to work, I think they’ll actually have a negative impact.” 

Lester Munson (consultant from Alexandria, Virginia): “Well, I think it’s kind of the nut of the issue, which is the economy, it hasn’t been doing well, our recovery has been anemic.  The current administration thinks it’s just fine, most voters don’t think it’s just fine, so I think it’s potentially Trump’s best attack on Hillary and the current administration because the economy should be doing so much better. 

Alternate delegate from 23rd congressional district, town of Elmira, New York: “Because of his business background, because of his understanding of how to make money, how to create jobs, he’s the one that’s going to make America work again.  He’s the job creator, he’s a job creator on steroids, that’s what he is.”

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