Voices of Ohio's Fatigued Voters

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President Obama and Mitt Romney made dozens of campaign stops in our state, and spent millions on ads. Today we're pleased to report there are no presidential candidates in the state of Ohio.

Even at a Mitt Romney rally last weekend, people were ready for the race to end.

LARKIN: "My name is Mike Larkin…We have been - you come home at the end of the day, and on our answering machine literally there are probably 10 to 15 calls that are political. Coming from everybody. From Mitt Romney, from Anne Romney, Paul Ryan, Portman, Jim Renacci, I mean on and on and on."

GABACZ: "My name is Lynne Gabacz…It's nonstop, our phone is ringing every hour or two with some organization reminding us to vote, or have we voted."

In exit interviews on Election Day, Obama supporters agreed. This is Robin Wilson.

WILSON: "I'm so glad it's over. I've never been so fatigued by an election before."

And Bryan Maday:

MADAY: "Thankfully, I own a DVR, so I don't have to watch those commercials anyway, but they're annoying just in general. Because it was over the top this year…My brother lives in Chicago, and every time he was here, he was amazed as to what was on television."

Our advice? Enjoy your ads for cars and travel while you can. The 2014 midterms -- and another race for governor -- are right around the corner.

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