Severe Weather Hits Northeast Ohio

Peter and Kim Cook were watching the radar tracks of the storm coming towards their neighborhood. Then they went out on to their front porch and watched the funnel form.

“Saw the and tendrils came down, and then the rain quit, and I knew at that point it was going to be bad,” Peter said. “And then we watched the circulation form and then we saw the trees spread out as tornado itself came down out of the clouds.”

“And then ran to the basement and that was pretty much it,” Kim said. “Then we came up and came out like every other neighbor.”

“We actually looked in that direction toward Franklin Township and we could see debris swirling in the sky,” Peter said.

The twister lifted off about one third of the roof of a neighbor’s house and knocked down trees and fences. No one was injured.

“So we decided, my son and I, to come out and see if we could give anybody help,” Peter Cook said. “And as we backed out, we saw shingles, a pile of shingles laying on our roof. At that point we noticed the neighbors’ big wooden playground was laying on its side, so we went over to see if they needed help. And was a trail of debris.”

Neighbor Susan Crews says she was watching television for reports on the storm and then walked out to see it.

"And I was looking out on my glass, my three-season porch, and I looked up and the rain stopped suddenly for like 30 seconds,” Crews said. “It started back up quickly, pouring. The dark clouds were coming over fast — very very fast moving. I saw the dark swirls and that’s when I grabbed my son and said, ‘Down the basement now.’”

Crews said one of her neighbors was working hard this week painting and fixing the front of her house. The twister tore down her back fence, scattered lawn furniture, and deposited a tree into her small swimming pool.

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