Making It: Sweet Peach Designs Faces Craft Show Cancellations

Editor’s note: This is part of a series exploring how Northeast Ohio entrepreneurs and small businesses have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and their plans for moving forward.

Makers: Ashley Luke & Jessica Harvey, co-owners

Business: Sweet Peach Designs, a custom craft design company

How have your sales been affected by the outbreak of the pandemic?

Ashley: “A lot of our local reach, which we really want to grow and maintain, has suffered because we can’t do shows. So we’re not getting as much of a foothold in the local area. But our increased reach throughout the states has been amazing. I’m currently working on a wedding bouquet recreation order from someone in Washington State. We’ve shipped out cups to Nevada, we’ve shipped out orders to Texas… our reach has really grown.”

A custom-made shadow box. [Ashley Luke]

How have you had to adjust your business practices?

Jessie: “I feel like it’s been quite a challenge trying to come up with ways to still interact with people, and get the product out there. With new orders, at least on my end, I’m able to try to sanitize cups as much as I can before they get sent out to people. We have brought down the personal delivery in our area to people, and have decided to do shipping only for now, just to limit the contact with customers and keep people safe in their homes.”

One of many tumbler designs by Jessica. [Ashley Luke]

You’ve already been best friends for years. Do you see this experience making your friendship even stronger?

Jessie: “We usually talk at night anyway while we’re working just to keep each other company. We’ve never really been apart for more than a month and a half. So this has been a struggle.”

Ashley: “We have wireless headsets that we put on so we’re hands-free. We can get up and walk around, so mine will reach all the way upstairs. So I can just walk around my whole house looking for stuff for work that I need, and then she’ll hear go into the kitchen and eat a snack [laughs].”

Ashley Luke and Jessica Harvey at a summer craft show in 2018. [Ashley Luke]

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