Making It: Little Italy Design Team Snakes + Acey's Prints From Scratch

MAKERS: Printer Hannah Manocchio and designer Anthony Zart

BUSINESS: Snakes + Acey's

A CLASS AND MOVIE STARTED IT ALL: Hannah was teaching one-on-one screenprinting classes at Zygote Press and Anthony signed up. They quickly realized they could work together and had a mutual fondness for the 1990 comedy “Home Alone.” "It was something we were quoting avidly as we worked together at the time," Zart says.

COMMUNITY ROOTS: With Italian roots, Little Italy was the perfect place to set up shop. Hannah has family still in the area and Anthony's alma mater is Cleveland Institute of Art. The tourism and familial feeling made the location a beneficial choice. "The diversity and walking traffic was huge for us," Manocchio says. "Coming from an Italian background, it's this family feel that you don't really get from big companies."

STANDING OUT: Snakes + Acey's distinguishes itself from other design shops by remaining small and doing all of the work themselves.  "It's very rare to find people that print every piece of merchandise," Manocchio says. "We hand-letter and hand-draw everything." 

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