Making It: Flour Pasta Provides Comfort Through Food

Editor’s note: This is part of a series exploring how Northeast Ohio entrepreneurs and small businesses have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and their plans for moving forward.

Maker: Matthew Mytro

Business: Flour Pasta Co. & Flour Restaurant

What kinds of safety procedures have you adapted in your restaurant?

Everybody wears masks. We have a bunch of surgical masks, we have homemade masks that we purchased. So everybody in the kitchen, and in the front of the house, handing people their food, are wearing masks. We have sanitizer that's setup near the front door, so when people walk in they can sanitize their hands. Obviously we disinfect everything, all the handles inside the restaurant, anywhere somebody would put their hands. Things of that nature.

Flour Restaurant has implemented many safety procedures for operating during the pandemic. [Andrew Dolph Photography]

Have you thought about how your experiences now will shape your business in the future?

It’s a roller coaster of thoughts. One day I think a certain way, and the next day I'm like, ‘Well, what if this happens, what if that happens?’ And then try to stay positive, stay focused. I do think that we've got to start mentally preparing for what things will look like because obviously things aren't going to go back to normal right away. And what does that world look like? Do we take tables out of the restaurant? Are we going to put up glass? How many people do we let in? Is there a rotation effect that goes on in the dining room? You know, we don't have any of those answers and we're going to start searching for those. But, because of the uncertainty, you have to figure it out, and have a plan at least.

The takeout orders at Flour Restaurant keep pouring in. [Andrew Dolph Photography]

What have you been able to do to stay positive for the staff? For yourself?

I've been putting a lot more emphasis on staff meals. We don’t always get to sit down together; it's just too busy of a restaurant. So that's been kind of fun. If you're a chef, everything you do, you put pride into it, and so you put a lot of love and energy into it. It’s just cool to see everyone sit down and eat together as a family. It’s a good way to keep spirits up high. This is what we do: we cook… Cook for people to bring them some comfort.

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