Making It: Everarbor Brews Plant Food From Beer and Coffee Waste

MAKER: Derek Skapes

BUSINESS: Everarbor (a landscaping, clothing and fertilizer company)

FOREVER TREES: The company’s name means “forever trees.” Conservation is at the heart of the company, with reclaimed wood all over Everarbor’s Tremont storefront and locally sourced clothing.

FROM GROUNDS AND GRAINS TO GARDEN: Everarbor makes Everbrew, a fertilizer made from brewery grains and coffee grounds. Skapes says the mixture has high percentages of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. “That’s what makes it a good fertilizer,” says Skapes. “That’s what horticulturalists or gardeners look for.”

FAMILY AFFAIR: Pictures of friends and family modeling Everarbor’s clothing out in nature hang all over the store. Hanging on the wall is a handsaw belonging to Skapes’ grandfather. Skapes’ parents help man the store during busy times.

GOOD FOR PUMPKINS: Both Skapes and marketing specialist Andrew Mitchell say Everbrew is good for pumpkins and tomatoes. The company is also starting to experiment with using Everbrew to grow beer hops.

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