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The public has a lousy opinion of Congress. Job approvals are at historic lows. In one national poll by CBS News, only 7% said most members of Congress should be re-elected. Does that mean voters are ready to "throw the rascals out?" Hardly.

All 16 of Ohio's incumbents are expected to be re-elected - the 12 Republicans and the 4 Democrats. In fact, analysts and pollsters agree that only a couple of races look at all competitive. One explanation is that the natural advantages of incumbency have been bolstered as Congressional maps are redrawn with more and more partisan results.

The two closest seats in Ohio are currently held by Republicans - David Joyce in the 14th District which runs from Hudson to Ashtabula. The other is the 6th District in Southeastern Ohio where Bill Johnson is the incumbent.

Voters may be disgusted with the U.S. House of Representatives but they keep sending the same team back to Washington.

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