Kasich State of the State on Education

Governor Kasich took the speech on the road to Wilmington but he spoke directly to state legislators. He asked Senate President Keith Faber to join his task force of college presidents charged with finding ways to cut spending. . .

Let’s see how it goes and Keith, I promise you if they don’t come back with a plan, you and I are down sitting down – it’ll be a tough day for them.”

Kasich is starting to hear complaints from wealthier school districts who are seeing their funding cut the next two years. His suggestion: maybe those districts should take on some of the students who come from low income families.

“Somebody said ‘well we pay all these taxes in suburban areas and look at all the money they get in Cleveland.’ I’ll give you about 25% of the students in Cleveland who have so many challenges.”

One thing the Republican dominated legislature agrees with the governor is on supporting charter schools. Kasich promised to crack down on bad ones but then defended many with poor results saying that doesn’t mean they’re failing.

“Let’s not judge someone as not doing their job because they’ve inherited a group of students who are just struggling.”

The Senate minority leader, Democrat Joe Schiavoni criticized the governor afterwards for increasing funding for every charter school while half the public school districts got cuts.

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