Hillary Clinton Campaigns With LeBron James in Cleveland

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by Nick Castele

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton held a rally with Cavaliers star LeBron James in Cleveland on Sunday afternoon—her second in the city that weekend.

Clinton and James took the stage together in Cleveland Public Auditorium, followed by Cavs player J.R. Smith and his daughter Demi.

In these last days before the election, the campaign has been trying to turn out every voter it can, and James echoed that message.

“I was one of those kids and I was around the community that was like, ‘Our vote doesn’t matter,’” James said. “But it really does. It really, really does. And we have to get out and make sure we vote.”

Clinton acknowledged that there’s frustration and anger in this election.

“I see it, I hear it, sometimes I’m the subject of it. I get it,” Clinton said. “But anger is not a plan. Anger is not going to get us new jobs with rising incomes that will create a strong, thriving middle class.”

She said she’d support raising the national minimum wage and making it easier to afford college. Clinton said this election presents a choice.

“It really is a choice between division or unity; between an economy that works for everyone or one that is stacked for those at the top; between strong, steady leadership or a loose cannon,” she said.

Meanwhile, Republican nominee Donald Trump spoke in Wilmington, Ohio, on Friday. There he pledged to impose a high tax on companies that move out of the country but sell products back, and said he’d renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement. 

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