Democratic VP Candidate Tim Kaine Addresses Steel Losses in Lorain

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Senators Tim Kaine and Al Franken campaigned for Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton at Lorain High School Thursday.  The Vice Presidential candidate and the former comedian urged Ohioans to take advantage of early voting.

Senator Franken characterized himself as the poster child for every vote mattering.  He reminded the Lorain audience that he won his seat by 312 votes out of 2.9 million.  Franken encouraged Ohioans to cast their ballots early and then get involved in the campaign.

“I know that many of you have jobs, many of you have children… Ignore them,” Franken joked.

When Senator Kaine took the microphone he criticized Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for his use of Chinese steel to build his hotels.  Kaine targeted his remarks to hit close to his Lorain audience’s home.

“Illegal steel dumping from China has cost 1200 jobs here in Lorain.  Republic Steel idled its Lorain plant because of steel dumping illegally from China.  And Donald Trump feels no compunction about buying steel from China instead of from right here in the US.”

Kaine also brought up Trump’s refusal to promise he would accept the results of the election.  Kaine said free elections and the peaceful transfer of power is part of the country’s democratic history.

“And Donald Trump is just trashing that notion, now going around saying that the election will be rigged, right? John Kasich said that’s a big fat lie, I quote your governor.”   

Kasich actually called it a big fat joke.  But both he and Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State have said the system is not rigged.  So far, about half a million people have cast absentee and in-person early voting ballots in the state. 

Trump speaks tonight at a campaign event in Geneva, Ohio.

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