Cuyahoga Falls Erosion Control Measures Cause Upset On Social Media

Broken chunks of concrete lay on the banks of the Cuyahoga River in Cuyahoga Falls.
Burning River Adventures posted this picture of broken concrete in the Cuyahoga River, calling it "a crime". [Burning River Adventures Facebook]

Cuyahoga Falls residents are raising a ruckus on social media after the city’s parks department was spotted dumping pieces of concrete on the banks of the Cuyahoga River near Water Works Park Thursday. 

Burning River Adventures kayak rental company posted a photo online, saying the city had cleared vegetation along the riverbank and dumped concrete in its place. The group called it “a crime” and urged residents to “voice your concern ASAP!”

About an hour later Mayor Don Walters posted a video on Facebook calling the river “one of our city’s greatest assets.”

“The erosion control measures at WaterWorks,” said Walters, “are a common industry practice. I have ordered that this process be stopped immediately, and we find a better way to control the severe erosion that continues.” 

Placing rocks or concrete along river banks to prevent water erosion is a standard practice called riprap. It is used in many areas along the Cuyahoga to prevent water from undercutting roads and trails. 

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