Cedar Point's Steel Vengeance Lifts Sandusky's Fortunes

Today was media day at Cedar Point. The amusement park begins its 2018 season on Saturday, May 5th.

The park's promoting its new record-setting roller coaster Steel Vengeance, which was designed to help Cedar Point maintain its best in the world status as a coaster experience. The new ride provides thrills, apprehension,  lots of out-of-your-seat time, and plenty of sensory overload. That's by design. The park has long been tops on the list of where to ride.

"Everytime we go to build a new coaster, there's high expectations we need to deliver," said Cedar Point General Manager Jason McClure. "I think most hardcore coaster fans look at us to give an experience that's new and different. And that's what we did with Steel Vengeance."

Still, it takes more than a new splashy debut every two years to keep an amusement park relevant, vibrant, and profitable. Operators know this is in one sense, a prime economic driver that keeps Erie County running -- and, that there is a responsibility not to flex their muscle, but to work with other entertainment and businesses here. That's part of why the park branched out in the last few years from rides and picnics to a more resort feel, adding hotels and a youth sports facility. It keeps the region booming and attracts new visitors, while at the same time, keeps the park on the edge of what's new.

"We've been a part of this community for almost 150 years," said Tony Clark, Cedar Point's director of communications. "There's so much more to Cedar Point. There's not only stuff to do here, but you have the islands, you have the city of Sandusky, you have Sports Force Park. We give people options and things to do in our area."

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