Army Corps' Asian carp plan: Great Lakes fishing vs. Illinois waterways shipping

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Environmentalists are praising the U.S. Army Corps’ draft plan to fight the spread of invasive species like Asian carp into the Great Lakes.  Some estimates suggest that if the voracious carp were to settle into Lake Michigan, they'd hurt a $7 billion fishing industry.  To keep Asian carp from getting into the Great Lakes, the Army Corps proposed on Monday a multi-pronged approach that includes an electrical barrier, a sound barrier, water jets, and a flushing lock at the Brandon Road lock and dam on Illinois’ Des Plaines River.  That’s in conjunction with more conventional and cheaper actions such as overfishing, to deplete the Asian carp population, and public education.  But shipping and fishing interests continue to be skeptical, saying the plan would hurt a vital, multibillion dollar industry that connects the Great Lakes to the Mississippi River.  ideastream's "Morning Edition" host, Amy Eddings, spoke with Benjamin Brockschmidt, vice president of policy at the Illinois Chamber of Commerce.

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