Anti-Abortion Activists Hope to Bring Back 'Heartbeat Bill'

Jo Ingles / Ohio Public Radio
Jo Ingles / Ohio Public Radio
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Heartbeat bill rally participants say they will continue to fight for the bill, even if it's not popular with lawmakers. State Rep. Ron Hood says most of his colleagues were not ready to vote on this bill because it goes further than other abortion restrictions recently passed.

"This bill goes at the heart of the issue," he said. "This bill doesn't make you change the way you are going to kill a baby. This bill actually prohibits (abortion) and saves the life."

Ohio Right to Life President Mike Gonidakis says this bill in unconstitutional. He said recently passed laws that restrict abortions are working.

"There was 14 abortion clinics about 12 to 18 months ago," Gonidakis said. "Today, there's eight left."

The heartbeat bill has been under consideration for three years now. Republicans who dominate the legislature do not support it in large enough numbers to pass the bill.

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