Violins of Hope

Violins of Hope refers to forty violins that survived the Holocaust and have been restored by Israeli violin-maker Amnon Weinstein. The violins were played in the concentration camps and in the ghettos of Eastern Europe, as a form of resistance to oppression, for solace, and as a way for their owners to maintain their humanity during one of the most horrific periods in history. 

Plan on your students joining us on Tuesday, October 6th (from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.)  too interact with Roman Frayman (a child survivor of a Nazi ghetto in German occupied Poland) and Mimi Ormond (a child survivor of Kindertransport from Czechoslovakia to England).  In addition to the stories of survival, the music group Panorámicos will perform two musical pieces, one featuring the rescued violas, and another piece based on the Diary of Anne Frank, titled “I Remember”.

Additional information about other Violins of Hope programming can be found at

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