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In Ohio and nationally, there’s a mismatch between in-demand jobs and workers trained to fill them.

By the year 2025, 60 percent of Americans will need credentials beyond a high school diploma – whether a college degree or high-skills training, according to Lumina Foundation's 2019 Strong Nation report. However, the report found fewer than 45 percent of Ohioans have the right kind of training to fill them.

From Here to Career is a series of videos produced by Ohio American Graduate Getting to Work public media stations (ideastream, CET, and WOSU). The series is designed for young adults who are unemployed or underemployed and to inspire and inform about resources available to build careers in in-demand workforce areas.

In the From Here to Career video series, we hear from young people who have found a path to an in-demand career and their stories of how they got there. Each episode is uniquely told demonstrating the various ways to gain skill training toward employment or better employment.

Liz Duncan, Paramedic

Early on, Liz discovered her passion for paramedics, but felt pressure to pursue a four-year degree, until a fateful event in class brought her back to the career she loves. Learn how Liz stayed focused on her path to becoming a paramedic.

Brian Sabo, Control Panel Specialist

Brian Sabo doesn’t deny he made good money as a bouncer and DJ, but he couldn’t say he was proud of his work. He wished for more normal work hours so he could spend time with his family, specifically his young nephew. Learn how Brian changed his career path to become a Control Panel Specialist and can now spend more time with family.

Ashleigh Rea, Sterile Processing Technologist

Ashleigh Rea struggled to find a job that was fulfilling and could pay off her student loans. She spent years as a nanny and then in food service before deciding she needed to make a change. Learn of her path to becoming a sterile processing technologist.

Rebecca Lewis, Drywall Specialist

Rebecca Lewis believes that “wanting more is ok, but working for it is better .” As a drywall specialist for residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects she is proud of her work and is no longer losing time in her life wanting more—she’s working for it.

More resources may be found here from ideastream's American Graduate Getting to Work initiative.

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