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Noon(ish): Road Trip With Us To Cincinnati's Market (Wash Your Hands First)

The Findlay Market's wrought-iron roof from 1855 stands the test of time.

The view from the Idea Center

Coronavirus has finally arrived in Ohio, hitchhiking into the state via two Cuyahoga County citizens who went on a Nile cruise in Egypt and another who attended a conference in Washington, D.C., after which several other attendees developed COVID-19.

“Don’t touch your face, Amy,” a colleague reminded me, after spotting me in “book jacket photo” pose, with my arms folded across my chest, one hand under my chin.

Yes, don’t touch your face. Wash your hands, often. Keep your distance from folks who are sniffling and coughing. And if you’re the one who’s sick,  go home and get better.

Now that I’ve dispensed with the headline (and advice) of the day, let’s talk about  the Findlay Market in Cincinnati.

Like Cleveland’s West Side Market, it has a long and storied history. It, too, is a much-loved anchor of its neighborhood.

Unlike the West Side Market, the Findlay Market is not city-run. Since 2003, it’s been managed by a nonprofit corporation. ideastream’s Rick Jackson found  many of the Findlay Market’s vendors are pleased with this arrangement and say it’s a big part of the reason the market is flourishing.

So far, the city of Cleveland is resisting a similar move. You may remember a city official  was booed by the audience  at The Sound of Ideas Community Tour last month when he said that city ownership and management was what “works best” for the West Side Market.

Take a virtual tour of the Findlay Market through Rick’s photos and story.  It may be the safest way of visiting the market until this coronavirus thing goes away.

See you bright and early on the radio tomorrow,
Amy Eddings


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