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Noon(ish): Is Shaker Square's Redesign Back To Square One?

Shaker Square is the oldest shopping district in Cleveland and one of the oldest in the country. What changes will carry the neighborhood through the next 100 years? [Annie Wu / ideastream]
Edwin's Restaurant on Shaker Square in Cleveland, Ohio

The view from the Idea Center

All the planning, talking and handwringing over ways to improve Shaker Square may be for naught.

The Coral Company, which owns the historic shopping district, is exploring the option of selling the property.

The redevelopment of Shaker Square is now on hold until early next year while Coral decides whether to sell or refinance.

Just to recap: That redesign would transform the civic commons at the center of the Square, adding a splash pad for kids, a trellised, central plaza for a year-round farmers' market, a lawn and a stage. The changes sound delightful. Many of them were suggested by residents.

But these new amenities would require the closure of Shaker Boulevard, which transects the Square. Traffic would be rerouted around the perimeter. Some retailers and residents think that would hurt business and make it harder for shoppers to find parking. Opponents held a rally against the traffic changes last Saturday.

How would new ownership affect this plan? Would everyone have to start over? What does Coral’s move to sell Shaker Square say about its commitment to the redesign?

I don’t have any answers, but here’s what Coral’s president, Peter Rubin, told ideastream’s Taylor Haggerty: Some kind of improvement would take place.

“We feel like we have a responsibility to see that through in one fashion or another, and so we’re trying to, regardless of what our determination is about refinancing or selling,” he said.

I’ll leave you with that,
and see you bright and early tomorrow morning on the radio.
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