The Sound of Applause All Dee Long...and more

“I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio, and for more than 25 years I’ve had the pleasure of being part of your day as you’ve listened to me on 90.3.  For that,  I’d like to thank you!  Now, I’m excited to tell you that The Sound of Applause is expanding and I hope you look forward, as much as I do, to spending more time together, exploring arts and culture.  Whether you tune in mornings, middays or evenings you’ll be able to hear The Sound of Applause all 'Dee-long'.”  - Dee Perry 

New Year...and New and More times to enjoy The Sound of Applause with host Dee Perry

The Sound of Applause, hosted by Dee Perry, can now be heard on 90.3 WCPN ideastream each weekday morning, midday, and on the drive home. Throughout the day, WCPN will celebrate the visual and performing arts, exploration of cultural trends, and examination of current events through an artistic lens. But more than that, Northeast Ohio will enjoy the velvet voice of Dee Perry the entire midday as host throughout the afternoon.

As 2016 begins, The Sound of Applause also begins with more time on the 90.3 WCPN airwaves. Host Dee Perry and The Sound of Applause have now been added to Morning Edition from 6-9am weekdays, with stories about artists and cultural events as part of the morning schedule. Then Here and Now from Noon to 2pm will include The Sound of Applause at midday, enjoy stories about visual and performing artists, cultural events and trends all delivered by Dee.  Dee’s command of the afternoon leads to another award-winning interviewer – Terry Gross. 90.3  will broadcast Fresh Air in its new timeslot from 2 until 3 pm - Monday through Thursday. And finally, All Things Considered will feature The Sound of Applause from 4-8pm with interviews and arts and culture reporting from all across Northeast Ohio.

90.3 WCPN is also adding entertainment, story-telling, and investigative journalism programs to the roster.

And a new, deeper library of Jazz programs, Monday through Thursday evenings at 10 pm joins in with:

Jazz Profiles –Mondays 

Singer Nancy Wilson hosts this Gold Medal award-winning, documentary series chronicling the people, places and events in jazz.  Jazz Profiles features jazz topics that are varied and all-encompassing, but focuses largely on individuals. Musicians who have been featured in-depth on Jazz Profiles include Dave Brubeck, Sarah Vaughan, Oscar Peterson, Sonny Rollins, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and Charlie Parker. The series has covered significant anniversaries of the dearly departed, the instruments of jazz, jazz cities, jazz families and more. By combining archival recordings, interviews and narration, each program in the series tells an informative and engaging story that celebrates the music and those who make it. The appeal of Jazz Profiles is broad, ranging from the news junkie to the jazz aficionado. The music-to-talk ratio of the program is approximately 50/50.

The New Jazz Archive – Tuesdays

Hosted by Jeff Haas, The New Jazz Archive is a weekly series exploring jazz's place in the story of America. Each hour-long episode is a collection of stories, interviews, and music that relates the past, present and future of jazz to the things that shape our daily lives—from movies, television and pop culture, to important social issues, to the economy, technology, and even other forms of music.  Jazz often needs a proper introduction and The New Jazz Archive seeks to open people’s ears to the music not just by spinning discs, but through great storytelling. In other words, the show doesn't just assume jazz is important—it shows listeners why through compelling interviews with some of the music’s big thinkers, vibrant biographies and carefully-crafted playlists that represent the full gamut of jazz’s rich history. And because storytelling is used as the approach to the music, if you’re a person who likes a good story, you’ll probably like this show. You might even end up a jazz fan in the process.

Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz – Wednesdays

Piano Jazz is a forum for jazz legends and influential performers as well as up-and-coming talents. Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock, Dave Brubeck, Diana Krall, Max Roach, Cassandra Wilson and Tony Bennett are among the over 400 guests who have joined McPartland to create dynamic duets and discuss their lives and music.

The Cool Jazz Countdown - Thursdays

The Cool Jazz Countdown highlights the Top Ten Jazz Albums of the week within the Traditional and Contemporary genres. It's hosted by radio vets Marcellus "Bassman" Shepard and Kyle LaRue as they share the latest information about the artist including biographical information, little known tidbits, and sidemen playing on the project, producers of the CD and background information on the music label.  The Cool Jazz Countdown includes the New Music Feature of the week in which we highlight a fourth-coming album release. Then listeners can share in the  “On the Line” interview segment where hosts of the show talk directly to the artist.

    In addition, 90.3 is introducing newer public radio programs including entertainment, storytelling and investigative journalism with:

    The New Yorker Radio Hour - Saturdays at 4pm

    This weekly program is presented by the magazine’s editor, David Remnick, and produced by WNYC Studios and The New Yorker. Each episode features a diverse mix of interviews, profiles, storytelling, and an occasional burst of humor inspired by the magazine, and shaped by its writers, artists, and editors. Not a radio version of a magazine, but something all its own, reflecting the rich possibilities of audio storytelling and conversation.

    Freakonomics Radio - Thursdays at 8pm

    An award-winning public-radio program hosted by Stephen Dubner, with co-author Steve Levitt as a regular guest. Produced in partnership with WNYC

    The Moth - Sundays at Noon

    The Moth is an acclaimed not-for-profit organization dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling. A celebration of both the raconteur, who breathes fire into true tales of ordinary life, and the storytelling novice, who has lived through something extraordinary and yearns to share it, each performance is, of course, the story.  Moth shows are renowned for the great range of human experience they showcase. Each show starts with a theme, and the storytellers explore it, often in unexpected ways. Since each story is true and every voice authentic, the shows dance between documentary and theater, creating a unique, intimate, and often enlightening experience for the audience.

    Reveal – Sundays at 4 pm

    Al Letson hosts Reveal -  investigative journalism and groundbreaking storytelling in order to spark action, improve lives and protect our democracy. Reveal’s award-winning journalists hold the powerful accountable and reveal government fraud and waste of taxpayer funds, human rights violations, environmental degradation and threats to public safety. This show consistently shine a bright light on injustice and protect the most vulnerable in our society.

    Also, check out some tried and true 90.3 WCPN favorites including:


    8am - Weekend Edition Saturday

    11am - Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me

    Noon - Whad 'Ya Know?

    1pm - Says You

    2pm - Ask Me Another

    5pm - ATC Saturday



    8am - Weekend Edition Sunday

    10am - Studio 360

    11am - This American Life

    2pm - America's Test Kitchen

    3pm - Tavis Smiley

    5pm - ATC Sunday


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