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Cavaliers Advance to NBA Finals for First Time

Families, teens, singles, and old timers celebrated what some people were calling the victory of the ages along the streets of downtown Cleveland. LeBron had 20 points, not near the miraculous 48 points he racked up during Game 5. But, he got a lift from rookie guard Daniel Gibson, nicknamed "Boobie," who nailed a 3-pointer in the fourth quarter and scored 31 points. Minutes after the game ended revelers flocked to the streets.

Outside Flannery's Pub and other eateries off East 4th street, people danced and shouted. Erin Scott of Cleveland Heights watched the game on the streets with her friends, and says the scene was unforgettable.

Erin Scott: This was awesome. So awesome for the town. Look how many people are out and excited. To have that happen in Cleveland. That's a pretty good thing.

The crowds topped 100,000 in and around the Q. People walked by each other on the street, slapping high-fives in the air. Some hugged complete strangers. Drivers honked their horns as police officers looked on. And, one group of young men huddled up and danced in a circle.

Standing at the corner of East 4th and Prospect, radio commenter Chuck Booms says he cried after the win. He says this night was a long time coming.

Chuck Booms: This has always been a basketball town but we never got to brag about it because you had Jordan and the Bulls stopping us when we had a great team. Uh the miracle at Richfield. We had the Celtics because of Nate Thurman the Hall of Famer.

But, Booms says he's marveled by what he called the "humanity of sports."

Chuck Booms: I could not believe the generosity of the Cleveland fans going up hugging the Detroit people and saying thanks it's our turn and we want win it for you guys. And the Detroit people saying do it.

Not all Detroit fans were showing their support for Cleveland. After the game, Detroit fans Brett Dylan and Kevin Rink sat on a downtown street curb. As they waited to meet up with a friend, they said they don't plan to root for Cleveland. But they're a little forgiving about the city's excitement.

Brett Dylan: They've won two championships in the history of the city so they've got a lot to be excited about as far as they've never won anything else. So of course they're pumped up. It's hilarious to us, because we're like - you know - we're a title town.

The Cleveland/Detroit rivalry was intensified by a Tiger/Indians match-up at Jacobs Field. The dual games had some calling the weekend a battle of the Midwest: Motown vs. The Home of Rock N' Roll.

Crowd: Bring everybody to Cleveland. We'll take them on. We'll take the World Series champs and knock them in the dirt. Double Win. Whoaaaaa... We're going to the NBA Finals, that's right. Hey, how bout the Tribe. Yes absolutely. It's going to be a double win.

Ultimately, the Indians lost to 9-5 to Detroit. But that didn't keep the spirits down of the people who had gathered on the Plaza between the Q and Jacobs Field. Not even the muggy weather could deter the throngs of people who watched the game on two huge television screens.

After the game, Jeff Leech, a business owner from Lakewood, donned a "Beat Detroit" T-Shirt and a flickering red reflector. Both were giveaways for game ticket holders. He and enjoyed the post game festivities on the plaza with his brother Dan. But he urged Cavs fans to keep the success in perspective.

Jeff Leech: I think this is great that people feel good about themselves. But it's still sports. The city has lots of problems. The region has problems. But at the end of the day people need something they feel good about. And I think as long as they keep it in perspective. That it's sports. I think it's a good thing.

Some fans think this win isn't the only good thing to come. They're hungry for the national title. That series starts this Thursday, when the Cavaliers take on the San Antonio Spurs. Tasha Flournoy, 90.3.