Bill To Repeal Common Core Clears House Committee

sexyappleAn Ohio House panel has passed a Republican proposal to repeal Common Core learning standards in the state, sending it on to the full House.

Representatives Matt Thompson and Andy Huffman, both Republicans, introduced the measure last summer.  Both are members of the Rules and Reference Committee, which was assigned HB 597 after a similar measure had earlier failed to clear the Education Committee.

The standards are aimed at providing more in-depth and narrowly focused learning, with an emphasis on evidence-based reasoning and analysis over memorization and recitation of facts.

Supporters say that's what Ohio - and American - students need in order to compete on a global level later in life.

But others vehemently oppose the standards, and not all for the same reason.  Some say they are often confusing, while others believe they signal a federal government takeover of state education systems.

The Common Core was developed through the Education Commission of the States, a policy analysis and advisory agency created in the 1960s.  Its members are made up of state-appointed officials that include both politicians and educators.  It has no federal government affiliation.

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