Higher Education Is A "Competitive Marketplace," University of Akron President Says


Scott Scarborough / Photo courtesy of The University of Akron

Between dealing with issues like decreasing state support, the so-called "arms race" to expand campus facilities, and growing administrative costs, being a university president in today's higher education world may be a tough gig.

Scott Scarborough took over the helm of The University of Akron earlier this month.

In a recent interview with WCPN’s Tony Ganzer, Scarborough said the complexity of today’s higher education requires more non-faculty staff to help provide a widening array of student services and facilities.

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“It’s a competitive marketplace,” Scarborough said. “Students have many, many choices, and they’re going to want to come to an institution that has the facilities and equipment that helps support the kind of higher education that they believe that they need.”

Scarborough has a track record of streamlining costs at the handful of other colleges listed on his resume .

He says he’s using his first 90 days at the helm assessing what steps he may pursue at the University of Akron to balance academic and non-academic investment.

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