Kasich Stands By State Superintendent Ross



Gov. John Kasich is standing by his top education leader in the wake of controversy surrounding a charter school investigation.

The probe was launched after a group of teachers alleged sexual misconduct, racism and possible cheating was going on at a Dayton charter school.

But some believe more could’ve been done.

Some leaders, including Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Ed FitzGerald, have questioned the Ohio Department of Education’s response to the allegations and whether previously filed complaints may have been glossed over.

FitzGerald says Governor Kasich should demand the resignation of State Superintendent Dick Ross.

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Kasich has responded by praising Ross’ leadership and says the desire to create effective schools is not a partisan issue.

“This idea that somehow one group or one party or something is pro-charter school and the other is not—that’s just not accurate,” said Kasich. “We have to make sure that all of our schools are performing—including our public schools.”

The FBI is conducting a wider investigation into the group that runs about 20 charter schools in Ohio, including the Horizon Science Academy Dayton High School.

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