Students to Retake Third Grade Reading Assessment

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Ohio third graders who fell short on the third grade reading assessment get another chance at the test this week.

Last spring, 88 percent of Ohio’s third graders scored will enough on the reading assessment to advance to the fourth grade.  That left 12 percent, or about 13-14,000 kids, who scored below the promotion cut-off score of 392.

The assessment is being offered in districts across the state one last time this week for those who fell short.


John Charlton is spokesman for the Ohio Department of Education.  He says he doesn’t expect all of those kids will take the test this week.

“In addition to the summer administration of that assessment, there are also alternative assessments that can be taken that have been approved by the Department of Education," Charlton says.

"And of course there are some exemptions to the retention part of that policy as well, so I don’t know that all 12 percent will be taking that assessment."

District’s were authorized in March to offer three different alternative tests, and many who have already taken them scored well enough to advance with their peers.  Some have suggested those tests must be easier than the third grade assessment, but Charlton disputes that claim.  He cites other factors, such as the fact that they’re taken on a computer rather than on paper, which he says can reduce test anxiety and thus help students perform better.

Many districts will be offering alternative tests at various times this summer.

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