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The Sound of Ideas

Making Do With Less

Posted Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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The voters spoke last week by electing a cost-cutting Republican majority to both houses of the Ohio legislature and every statewide office, not to mention the U.S. House. In our region, voters signaled spending fatigue as they rejected school levies and city income tax issues by the dozens. So, what now? How will our new representatives make the cuts and fill the budget holes? How will schools pare costs to fit shrinking budgets? And how can we become part of the discussion that on reshaping government? Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. on the Sound of Ideas.


Education, Government/Politics, Other, Community/Human Interest


State Senator Timothy Grendell, R-18, Chesterland
Jeffrey M. Graham, EdD, Superintendent, Parma City Schools
Joseph Bergant II, Superintendent, Chardon Local Schools
Joel Arredondo, president, Lorain City Council
Dan Moulthrop, Curator of Conversation, The Civic Commons

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Terry Caryer 10:36 AM 11/10/10

I don’t get this at all. I paid taxes in Cleveland Hts. My kids all went to private schools so we were not a burden on the city schools. In my neighborhood we had many elderly persons who didn’t have children at all or again sent their kids to private schools. As far as I’m concerned that’s free money for the school systems. What do you do with the money????

David Wilder 10:52 AM 11/10/10

The problem in America is wealth distribution. We are trying to pay civilization by taxing people that don’t have the wealth. There is plenty of financial wealth but the bottom 80% only has 7% of it. All the right-wing propaganda hides this crucial fact.

Ester Homes 11:11 AM 11/10/10

The caller from Utica made it sound as though the staff/employees of the school systems are reciveing lucrative pension packeges with 14% contributions.  This is misleading and I am sorry to say that no one caught this!  7.5% is from the employees salery and the other 7.5% is the employers contribution.  Remember that this pension is in lieu of contributing to our nation/state’s Social Security program.

Joane Johnson 11:13 AM 11/10/10

I have a problem with schools not getting funded.  So what, they come back every three yrs.  You get a raise every year, don’t you?  Do you rail when food goes up every month?  Utilities go up for no reason other than a snow flake or a quake in Indonesia?  When I graduated in 1967 and started college.  My books for a full load, English major, including college Algebra was $50.00 for everything.  When my youngest daughter started BGSU in 1998, one book was over $100.  Do the costs go down in three yrs?  My grandson has memeographed pages.  No actual books.  They have these dim witted pamphlets as reading material.  No real books.  Why?  Good thing we believe in reading.  he has read harry Potter since 5 yrs old.  He is now 8 and brought home a GREAT report card, yesterday. All A’s and B’s, a C in math and we WILL work on that one.  We are in CPS in the Hough area.  America comes in dead last except for Canada in education and you want to stint on that because a teacher is paid a salary.  YOU don’t pay for their retirement.  They do.  ORS.  Proof.  They can borrow against it like a 401K.  YOU can’t with SS.  If I work ten yrs, pay into the system and leave.  After 90 days I get my money.  Not with SS.  They do not get PT A Medicare, free.  The rest of us do.  They pay for their medical and claims, you don’t.  Spare me the lie.  I, for one, am tired of hearing it.

Dorothy 12:06 PM 11/10/10

Could you make the podcast available sooner?  I would prefer not to have to wait 24 hours.

Paul Cox, producer 12:16 PM 11/10/10

Thanks for your interest in the podcast.  It’s usually available within an hour or so after that day’s show is over.  Today’s is posted now.

TC Nguyen 1:19 PM 11/10/10

I heard on the NPR SOI radio this morning on my way to work, and I am sympathize with many school districts in Ohio that they do not have the money to provide a good education to our kids.  But, as a tax payer, I am up to my neck with taxes.  The prices of houses in this area are falling down and down, while the property taxes are going up and up.

If you look around the world, and among the 25 industrial countries, the US spends more money per pupil than any countries, but the performance of US 15-years-olds are in the middle of math, reading, and science.  Our whole education system needs to be re-examined!

For school funding, I propose that high-school and up, students should pay a tuition to take a course.  That will solve the money problems in a lot of school districts.  The average American high school kid spends too much money on cell phone, games, toys and a lot of unnecessary things, they should use that money to pay for tuition.  Just like colleges, kids who could not pay for their education, they should do work study or get scholarships to cover their tuitions.  This will solve a lot of problems associated with kids having too much money and time in their hands.

That is my opinion,

TC Nguyen


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