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The Sound of Ideas

The Health Care Overhaul

Posted Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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When it came time to vote on the President's health care overhaul Stark County Democrat John Boccieri, whose district normally swings Republican, explained his yes vote, saying, "I care less about my job security and more about the security of the American people." Meanwhile, Republican Congressman Steven LaTourette of Bainbridge Township called the legislation "a massive overdraft of trust." This morning at 9, they join host Dan Moulthrop to talk about their votes and take your questions on how "reform" will affect your health care.


Government/Politics, Health


Rep. John Boccieri (D-16)
Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-14)
Oliver Henkel Chief Government Relations Officer, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
J.B. Silvers Professor of Health Systems Management, Case Western Reserve University

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Paul Meshanko 8:06 AM 3/24/10

To Congresmand Boccieri:
Thank you for your courage. President Obama was voted into office, in part, with a HUGE voter mandate to address our costly and less-than-world class health care system. You did your part to help move us in that direction!

To Congressman LaTourette:
As residents in your district, my wife and I were profoundly dissappointed in not just yours, but the entire Republican party’s behavior leading up this weekend’s vote. And now, rather than taking a position of leadership and helping to improve what will become increasingly seen by the public as very VOTER FRIENDLY law, all the party does is talk about rage, budgetary Armegeddon , court challenges, and repeal.

This is not the time for sulking, liking wounds and plotting revenge on the President. If there really is “rage”, it’s pretty much limited to the Republican politicians (and maybe some Tea Partiers) who lost this fight and can’t stand it. It’s now time to move forward, keep what’s good in the legislation and work to make it even better. The question is whether the Reublican party is mature enough to take this approach.

Paul - Solon, OH

Jerry Cordaro 8:14 AM 3/24/10

I was realy hoping to see at least one Republican put country above party, but alas it didn’t happen. Thank you Congressman Boccieri and all the rest for making this happen!

Claudine 8:30 AM 3/24/10

I work for my family’s small business of about 50 employees.  We’ve always offered healthcare to our employees but each year our premiums have gone up making it increasingly difficult to offer coverage.  Last year we switched insurance companies because the company that we were with wanted to raise our premiums over 20%.  How and when will this healthcare reform benefit a small business like ours who want to offer insurance benefits to our employees?

Martin 8:45 AM 3/24/10

Martin from Rocky River

I can not believe that an issue like health care was handled in such a politically partisan fashion.  Health care is not a political football and the fact that it is being handled this way sickens me.  Both parties have dropped the ball.  Going in the direction of government control is wrong for this country and the fact that Republicans have not had the initiative to put their ideas like insurance company competition acrosss state lines in place by now is pathetic. 

The president at one point was talking about a skinny bill.  Wouldn’t that be a better way to handling this?  why a 2,700 page comprehensive take over?

Why, in a county like the USA, are we talking about socializing medicine with the best heatlh care in the world?  This country needs to work with the private sector to improve what we have.  Government control is not what this country is about, in my opinion.

Jim K 8:55 AM 3/24/10

I currently have a medical savings account.  Will I be able to keep it?

kakaty 9:14 AM 3/24/10

I only heard the 2nd half of the program as I came into work, but this was the most sane, level-headed explination of the HCR law I have heard thus far.  Thanks to Henkel and Silvers for providing real-world answers to what this means for citizens and the hospitals!


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