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The Sound of Ideas

Beyond Road Rants

Posted Monday, March 15, 2010

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We’re all bound by certain commonalities about life in Northeast Ohio: the community assets we share, the cloudy winters, and, the frustration of getting from A to B in some parts of the region. For more than a year, the Plain Dealer’s John Horton has been tapping into that challenge in his regular Road Rant column, which covers everything from driving behavior to road conditions and traffic regulation. Monday morning at 9, Horton joins host Dan Moulthrop to help us get some perspective and perhaps some patience about roads and rants.


Environment, Other, Transportation


John Horton Plain Dealer columnist

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rick cardoza 8:24 AM 3/15/10

Please ask Mr. Horton if he is familiar with the book “TRAFFIC
Why We Drive the Way We Do (And What It Says About Us)
By Tom Vanderbilt” that was recently discuss on NPR.  It points out many instancesin which drivers behave in counterintuitive ways and ways in which traffic can be better managed.

Ted Jordan 8:33 AM 3/15/10

What does it take to make the speed limits fairer?

Much of Mayfield road is marked 25 when it should be 30 or 35

Same on W117

Most industrial parks are marked 25, and should be 30

Rockside Rd near valleyview should be 40 or 45

In Solon off at 91 & 422 marked 25 for way too long

271 N of Wilson Mills should be 65

I could go on & on...how can these be fixed?

Ted Jordan 8:37 AM 3/15/10

My point is that many speed limits in
cleveland are designed for revenue generation
primarily & not safety

Pam 8:39 AM 3/15/10

How can we get Cedar Rd at 55th repaired so more people can use it instead of Carnegie when frequent trips to Cleve Clinic?  My friends who visit CCF are horrified by not only the condition of the streets but the urban blight?  How can a city that hosts a world renowned institution not see this is yet another black eye for our wonderful city?

concerned driver 8:47 AM 3/15/10

At Broadway and Dille a gas main has been replaced. Apparantly Columbia Gas is occaisionally still working on the site, so the stop light is flashing yellow,causing a very dangerous intersection for traffic exiting (uphill)from Dille and for people attempting to pull out of Rosemont.A lane is closed for a few feet making visibility poor at best.No traffic cotrol during day and it is a free for all in the evening!

Jared 8:51 AM 3/15/10

Just wishful thinking:
That a sign could be placed at the off-ramp to MLK from Shoreway East encouraging drivers, “Go ahead, really, it’s OK to use the merge lane!” Maybe with a smiley face or something?  Drivers appear so tentative about using the merge lane, it pushes exiting traffic back several hundred feet.  Perhaps some positive reassurance would help this morning traffic headache.

Jim Hogg (long O) 9:17 AM 3/15/10

My wife called on her way to the dentist to say she was listening to John talk about some of the successes he’s had improving roads and traffic patterns, thanks to his column. She wanted me to call out our mutual dislike of the constant starting and stopping caused by the traffic lights on Chester Avenue between downtown and University Circle.
Timed traffic control has been possible for decades now (now I’m ranting). And it makes much more sense to keep cars moving than to have the constant interruption in flow. On Chester, for example, we can almost always count on stops at 40th, 55th, 71st (plus its speed and red-light cameras—don’t get me started!), 82nd, the Clinic double lights, 105th and 107th! I’m exhausted just typing!
And this kind of inconsistent traffic flow can certainly be found on many other Cleveland-area roads as well—all contributing to higher fuel usage, higher accident rates with stops and starts and higher degrees of frustration.
Please convey our strong suggestion that Chester and other main arteries be tagged for timed traffic control. And keep up the good work! Thanks. (I didn’t even address the potholes on Chester; that would be too much for my heart to handle!)

rich 9:26 AM 3/15/10

The evening rush on west 25th street going southbound by Metro Hospital is always a back up because of only two lanes with cars parked blocking the right lane.  This has been a problem forever! Why can’t the city do something?

Jyoti Harwalkar 10:59 AM 3/15/10

thanks a lot for the show today. i hope someone pays attention to the confusing road signs.
i have a problem on the intersection of E 105 and Carnegie everyday. I travel on E 105, going towards Cedar/Cleveland clinic. There is a right lane merge sign, on E 105 after the intersection.. It is supposed to become a single lane for a short distance and then again it becomes a two lane traffic.
On E 105, it is a 2 lane traffic.
But hardly anyone merges, the traffic remains 2 lanes all the time.
for cleveland clinic employees, we can turn right at wilbur to enter the garage and with 2 lane traffic, it becomes a very dangerous and confusing situation.

If you add a left turn signal on Carnegie and E 100 street, it may be very helpful. This way, we dont have to wait for a long time to turn left to go to Cleveland clinic.

Thanks a lot for your attention.


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