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The Sound of Ideas

The State of the Union and Ohio

Posted Thursday, January 28, 2010

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The State of the Union and Ohio Among the challenges facing President Obama are double digit unemployment, a bitterly divided congress, a stalemate over the health care overhaul, two wars, and no real consensus on the way out of the recession. How much traction can he gain on these issues in his first State of the Union address? And what will it mean in Ohio? Thursday morning at 9 join host Dan Moulthrop and a panel of political observers from Ohio and across the nation.


Economy, Education, Government/Politics, Health


Todd Zwillich, Washington Correspondent for The Takeaway
Alexander Lamis, Associate Professor of Political Science, Case Western Reserve University
U.S. Representatives Dennis Kucinich, Marcia Fudge and Steven LaTourette.

Additional Information

The Annotated State of the Union from PBS NewsHour

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Diane Morgan 10:18 AM 1/28/10

It was a good speech, I was glad to see him point out that he didn’t create the mess that we are in.  Also pointing out that the Republicans aren’t helping the American people by sitting on the side and saying no to everything.

Also, it is a smart move on his part to take ownership of jobs.  This takes it out of the hands of the Republicans as an issue during the upcoming election. 

I also liked how he called out the Supreme Court, right in theie face for endangering American freedom.

I still am unsure about his ability to lead as strongly as is needed and still feel he needs to get rid of Rahm, Geithner and Summers.

Dan May 10:55 AM 1/28/10

I listen to Dan Moulthrop every morning.  I enjoy his interviewing skills and I was really put off by the way Congesswoman Fudge was seemingly on guard while twisting, what I felt was, a perfectly logical line of questioning.  This may reinforce the point of a caller earlier in the program that there are some areas where we voters should wipe the slate clean and vote for people who are receptive and willing to put the game of politics aside so do actual good work and make strides in reform for our lackluster government.

Pam 10:59 AM 1/28/10

Dan very disappointed in your program today - the President had a terrific speech last night and continues to reach out across the aisle to the other side.  this country is deeply divided and the other ‘side’ had their say for 8 years - they need to let the other half have it their way for’s parity and the closest thing we will get to any unity in this country in my lifetime again.

GET the POLITICIANS OFF YOUR PROGRAM.  Am sick to death of their spin - get off the program and work with each other instead..
the political games playing is more than frustrating and your program is supposed to be about listeners calling in not politicos running for ‘reelection every day and on every program’..
so fed up I turned your program off


Joane Johnson 11:01 AM 1/28/10

I can deal with people disagreeing with each other.  If it is within party lines or between party lines.  Healthy debate is good.  I have a problem with republicans deliberately not trying to do anything becaus Rush Limbaugh told them not to allow anything this president wants to succeed.  They did.  When the supposed head of the RNC apologizes to someone, who, by every word spoken is a bigot, any credibility I would have given them on anything went out the window.  I have not trusted them since they fought against civil rights.  When the dixiecrats defected to them, it said a lot, also.  It was not until the 60’s that we black people stopped voting republican en masse.  I have no incentive to reverse that.

Catherine Donnelly 11:04 AM 1/28/10

Your speaker at the end of the program dismissed current discontent with the filibuster by saying that every majority party objects to the filibuster. This dismissal of current concerns shows obliviousness to the way the use of the filibuster has changed over the last three years. Use of the filibuster has increased overwhelmingly, and there appears to be no interest at all in reaching any kind of compromise to allow governance, as the “Gang of 14” did during the Republican majority. Yes, the filibuster should operate to inject minority views into the debate, but that is not how it is being used now.
As to the State of the Union address, I found it to be a very inspiring speech.

Lise Moulton 2:44 PM 1/29/10

Dan Multhrup is a superior host, helping those of us in NEOhio better understand, and connect with our community.  He selects an amazing array of topics, and has exceptional guests.  Yesterday when interviewing Marsha Fudge, she was antagonistic and rude.  I was amazed at Dan’s composure and cordial response to her.  Thank you.


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