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The Sound of Ideas

What Would You Tell President Obama about Ohio?

Posted Friday, January 22, 2010

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What Would You Tell President Obama about Ohio? President Obama's Main Street tour makes a stop in Lorain today to get ideas on ways “to grow the economy and put Americans back to work." However, a lot of unemployed people question whether that can be done if few jobs exist. Join Mike McIntyre and local analysts for a discussion on the President's first year in office. A year that included economic turmoil, stalled healthcare reform, terrorist attacks, and a garden side beer summit. We want to hear from you; what are your thoughts on Obama's first year and what would you tell the President if you had his ear? Join us, Friday morning at 9 on 90.3.


Economy, Government/Politics


Sabrina Eaton, Washington Correspondent, The Plain Dealer
David Arredondo, Vice Chairman, Lorain County Republican Party
Dr. John Green, Director, Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, The University of Akron
Jason Johnson, Professor, Political Science and Communications, Hiram College

Additional Information

The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises, PolitiFact.com, St. Petersburg Times
"Where's the Love?" Carol Costello, Correspondent, CNN's American Morning
Obama's upcoming Ohio trip will give the president ideas, adviser David Axelrod says, by Sabrina Eaton, The Plain Dealer
The President Comes To One of Ohio’s Hardest Hit Counties, by David C. Barnett & Amanda Rabinowitz, 90.3 WCPN & 89.7 WKSU

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Craig 9:33 AM 1/22/10

If Lorain County is waiting for the steel and auto industries to be a launching pad or a significant portion of any economic recovery, it is going to be a long, long time before there is any signficant uptick in the county’s fortunes. I don’t remember the last time the steel industry was profitable and the American auto industry has been in decline for almost two decades.

Doug 9:41 AM 1/22/10

After almost 3,000 people died, the president kept us safe. Um, that’s not exactly something to brag out.

Randy Moran 9:48 AM 1/22/10

I am listening to this discussion and have several comments:
-- Most tax cuts for employers assume that those funds will go to expanding business locally—there is no such certainty.  Employers have shown over and over again that qtr to qtr profits are more important them than long term thinking.

-- One of your guests mentioned the “middle” of the political spectrum—when the right wing is so one sided - the middle is no longer where one would expect… it is skewed to the right.

-- We need long term thinking in addition to the short term support of “stimulus”—without a transformation of or economic base the long term prospects will remain dim.

Thank you,
BTW—I am a Degreed Project Manager, currently successfully implementing new software systems for LCCC (where Obama will speak today)—I will have an extremely hard time finding work when this project ends

Steve 9:56 AM 1/22/10

The amount of half truths undocumented statements by interest groups on either side of health and job issues prevent a solution being found. Combine that with a political system that is based on staying in office not doing what is beneficial for constituents or goverment. efficiency

Joane Johnson 9:57 AM 1/22/10

I love how republicans change history to suit themselves.  the stimulus package was passed under Bush.  The money to the auto industry came directly from that money, not another stimulus package. 
As a black woman, I am insulted by all of you who call the ‘tea parties’ the silent majority.  I am 60 and my head does not screw on backwards.  I found out yesterday, on this channel, most of the town hall meetings and tea parties were formed by white racists.  The names were given and I wish I had written them down.  I already knew this.  The gentleman(this was a talk about terrorism) said he had never seen that much hatred anywhere.  The signs and threats were out there.  Save the lies.  I know better.  I lived through the Civil Rights movement and the same feel is there. 
As for republican cooperation?  Not until Rush Limbaugh allows it since he told them to not pass anything for this president.  When the so called leader of the RP apologized to him, told me everything.

Joane S. Johnson
Cleveland, OH 44108

Frank Lewis 10:13 AM 1/22/10

I’m sure I wasn’t the only listener doing spit takes with my morning coffee as Mr. Arredondo made one preposterous claim after an another, virtually unchallenged. If I wanted an uninterrupted barrage of GOP talking points, I’d listen to WTAM.


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