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The Sound of Ideas

Another Plan to Transform the Cleveland Schools

Posted Wednesday, January 6, 2010

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Another Plan to Transform the Cleveland Schools Leaders in the Cleveland schools are launching what they're calling a "transformation plan" that will bring change to every school in the district. It calls for some schools to be closed, and hundreds of teachers and administrators to be laid off or forced to reapply for jobs. Wednesday morning at 9, Cleveland schools CEO Eugene Sanders joins us to explain his choices and how he thinks they will benefit those who matter most: the students. *photo courtesy of E Prep


Education, Government/Politics


Dr. Eugene Sanders CEO Cleveland Metropolitan School District

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Tiffany 7:26 PM 1/5/10

Last night I sat with my family and listened to the new ‘plan’ for Cleveland schools. I was saddened and ashamed by the entire display. There were no teachers there in the audience. The principals were conveniently located elsewhere to receive the news and as for the rest of the community, they were left to get the news from reporters and web streams. This wasn’t the move of a confident school board and mayor. It was a cop out to the very people they knew that they were disappointing and outraging. I have spent my entire life in Northeast Ohio. In my 27 years my experience with Cleveland schools has been one where I’ve watched from sidelines because my own parent was not confident in the education that Cleveland would provide. I always held this tiny little shred of hope that her actions were that of an overprotective parent but after seeing the CEO and mayor of our schools stand up and diplomatically dismiss the contributions of our parents, teachers and other community leaders I can say without a doubt that her decision was the best one she ever made for me. What was outlined last night was not a plan to renew the hopes of our community because it didn’t involve our community. I currently do not have any children in the Cleveland district, but if I did yesterday would have been their last day as Cleveland Metropolitan students. My advice to all those parents and community leaders that truly care about our kids: FIGHT THIS.

John Zitzner 8:33 AM 1/6/10

Dan: please pass along my congratulations and best wishes to Dr. Sanders.  Let him know that we will help him do “whatever it takes” to bring more quality education to the kids in Cleveland.

John Talkington 9:11 AM 1/6/10

As you introduced the plan last night you spoke about accountability. Then under repurposing schools, your plan speaks to turning public schools into charter schools. How is the privatization of public education offering accountability?

Sue Myers 9:12 AM 1/6/10

Please ask Dr. Sanders to explain why the teachers from Cleveland were not involved in the development of the transformation plan - especially since the teachers will ultimately be responsible for the success or failure of the plan.

Sue Myers 9:29 AM 1/6/10

Do not left him off the hook.  There was no collaboration with Cleveland teachers in the development of this plan.  He is not speaking the truth when he talks about believing in collaboration. Dr. Sanders said that teachers are critical in the implementation of this plan.  He will not get the support of teachers if he does not involve them in the process.

John 9:41 AM 1/6/10

What about the expansion of career tech or vocational? Where is the culinary program going?
Why are you putting a girls academy in the same building as the Ginn Academy?

Erin Wise 9:47 AM 1/6/10

I am a parent of two childen at AG Bell as well as a sign language interpreter in the district. I am one of the only parents that brings my children into the district from an outside community. I specifically enrolled them at this school due to the combination of the wonderful primary teachers and the existence of the deaf ed program at this school. They have deaf family and using sign language in their classes is important to them and to me.
Since the building is closing the deaf ed department is being moved to another building. The deaf ed teachers, regular ed teachers, special subject teachers, and interpreters have worked long and hard to develop collaborations that work effectively. By splitting the deaf ed and reg ed departments as you close the school you are erasing those years of hard work. You are removing the reason for me to enroll my children in CMSD.

Sharon 9:52 AM 1/6/10

How do you plan to make parents/families more accountable?

John, Cleveland 9:55 AM 1/6/10

You can implement all the changes you want, but how are you going to solve the complacent attitude of children and parents that are not involved with their children.  All these cosmetic changes will do nothing for unmotivated children and their parents.

Kenn Edwards 8:30 PM 1/30/10

I attended the community meeting at East High last night. I was extremely disappointed that no one from my years at the school showed up to the meeting. I was also disappointed at how sloppily the whole thing was set up. There was no organization, no Q&A;, no feedback fram the board. Only one teacher from the school spoke, as well as only one councilman from the city. The people who put this meeting together did not even allow questions from the members of its community! No reason as to why the plan was put in place to begin with, no apology for informing the community about this plan, and no gaurantee what so ever that this plan will work!! As a graduate of the Cleveland Public School System, I expected something other than a empty “thank-you” from the Board of Education. The city of Cleveland has suffered enough!! And people wonder why there’s no community support. The lack of that support is understandablely so after such a bullshit meeting as the one we had at East High last night!
But that doesn’t mean that this fight should not be fought! It will not be easy, but it can not be won without the residents of the community! Support & love has to be shown in some sort of form or fashion!


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