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The Sound of Ideas

Thursday Reporters’ Roundtable

Posted Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Jimmy Dimora decides to give up leadership, temporarily, of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, but keep his day job. Dimora and the other Cuyahoga County Commisioners also have an office building they'll sell you--cheap. A developer has changed his mind about a make-over for the old Ameritrust Tower downtown, leaving the county holding the bag. State lawmakers are besieged by lobbyists hoping to dodge the budget axe. And the Governor embraces slot machine gambling. Join us for the reporters' roundtable Thursday at 9:00 a.m. on the Sound of Ideas.


Economy, Regional Economy/Business - News, Government/Politics


William Hershey, staff writer, Dayton Daily News
Erick Trickey, senior editor, Cleveland Magazine
Michelle Jarboe, business reporter, The Plain Dealer
Stephanie Warsmith, politics reporter, Akron Beacon Journal

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Scott, Ohio City 9:05 AM 6/25/09

Dimora should take the cue from other disgraced politicians in the recent news; mostly governors caught in the cookie jar.
#1, he’s up against the FBI. And that’s all that matters.They have been recording him for years.  He should have known it from Day One when they got their first search warrant. When’s the last FBI investigation that didn’t have videotape surveillance as well?  It’s what they do.
This daily grind is silly.  Great food for talk, but a terrible disservice to the citizenry.He should preserve any dignity he has, and save the taxpayers the long arduous expense of a drawn out trial.  A confession and resignation will go much further toward “restoring his good name” than what the government is about to do to him in the public courts while he is fighting the allegations.

Kris Zielinkski 9:07 AM 6/25/09

Why is it the Republicans will never take ownership of anything? They ruled the state for more years than I can remember and ruined it’s economy and now want to make the governor go it alone on anything that may be unpopular with some voters but is totally necessary to save this state and social programs? The slots are necessary to save the tracks and the THOUSANDS of jobs connected to it. It is not to make a couple people rich like people against slots pretend.  Magna is in bankruptcy and it is too late to help them. It will help someone buy thistledown and keep it open and keep many, many people employed. This state is so shortsighted in what slots will bring this state. Look around you at all the surrounding states that have it. Ask them if they would be willing to give up all the money they bring in.  there is nothing moral on closing libraries, cutting social programs, cutting school funding. There is no ‘moral’ highground in doing that.

Bill Oberdick 9:08 AM 6/25/09

I am not keen on the governor putting in slots when the voters have clearly rejected gambling, but what particularly bothers me is the way it is being proposed to be done.  Why is the governor giving this gift to the racetracks? Other businesses are in bad shape, and they are not being given such gifts.  If the governor wants money from gambling, why doesn’t he offer the concession for slot machines for bid to anyone willing to buy the concession. This would maximize the revenue to the state.

Shiela 9:09 AM 6/25/09

I think that the Governor should do what is best for the people of Ohio even if it means he is not reelected. It seems like too much revolves around posturing to ensure reelection in 2010.

Mark W. Carroll 11:59 AM 6/25/09

I found todays program to be disturbing at best in regards to Commisioner Dimora’s guilt or innocence. In an effort to sell papers, the Plain Dealer has tried and convicted Mr Dimora in the court of public opinion.
Our judicial system is based upon the presumption of innocence, which is afforded to even the most egregious of offenders. If the Plain Dealer thinks they honestly have not influenced the opinions regarding at least to this point the investigation of county officials; they need only listen again to the email they read saying Mr. Dimora should resign and plead guilty saving the tax payers of the county the cost of trial.
I cannot speak to the guilt or innocence of Mr Dimora nor should the Plain Dealer. So much for due process.
Mark Bay Village


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