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The Sound of Ideas

The Sound of Ideas: Archive by Date

May 2014

Air Pollution and Public Health

Posted May 1, 2014
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Environment, Health

The American Lung Association's annual "State of the Air" report doesn't necessarily make Northeast Ohioans breathe easy. The Cleveland-Akron-Canton region ranked among the worst 25 areas in the nation for smog and particle pollution. Even after decades of improvement in air quality due to regulation, some say stricter standards are needed to protect health.

Weekly News Roundup

Posted May 2, 2014
Topics: Economy, Education, Energy, Shale, Government/Politics, Elections

Three area Catholic schools announce they will start administering drug tests to their students. BP decides to stop fracking in Ohio. Governor John Kasich commutes a death sentence. The ACLU of Ohio files suit to reinstate early voting days and hours. Ohio is cheaper to live in than most other states, and Cleveland lands the "Transplant Games." All that and more on the weekly news roundup.

Fermentation Nation

Posted May 5, 2014
Topics: Arts and Culture, Food, Community/Human Interest, Health, Science

The world's tiniest chefs -- micro-organisms that enhance flavors and preserve foods by converting starch and sugars into other products-- can whip up some tasty pickles, a block of cheese, even a nice glass of wine or a pint of beer to wash it down. The process is known as fermentation and it is a growing culinary trend. On today's show, we examine what's been called "the flavorful space between fresh and rotten" -- fermentation.

Herbs at the Hospital

Posted May 6, 2014
Topics: Health

Doctors are great, and prescriptions and surgery have saved many a life. But some people believe a steady diet of herbal supplements and holistic healing can also be effective, or at least complementary, to Western medicine. The Cleveland Clinic recently opened an herbal clinic in its Center for Integrative Medicine. Supporters say it's long overdue that hospitals embrace alternative medicine. Critics, on the other hand, say hospitals are a place of science, not unproven traditions.

Primary Election: What Happened and What Happens Next?

Posted May 7, 2014
Topics: Government/Politics, Elections

Another Election Day has come and gone. So, what did the democratic process bring us in Northeast Ohio? Join host Mike McIntyre and our panel of political pundits Wednesday morning at 9:00 for The Sound of Ideas. We'll talk about what's next after the Cuyahoga County sin tax vote, look at tax levies throughout the region and preview the races for Governor and Cuyahoga County Executive.

Drug Testing at School

Posted May 8, 2014
Topics: Community/Human Interest

Starting next fall, students at St. Ignatius, St. Edward and Gilmour Academy will have to submit a lock of hair to test for drugs. School officials point to the heroin epidemic. They say the goal is to get students help, not to punish anyone. Some public schools already require certain students to get tested, like athletes. But critics wonder if mandatory drug tests are necessary or effective.

Weekly Regional Round-up

Posted May 9, 2014
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Environment, Government/Politics

Was potentially favorable evidence withheld by a local police officer, while innocent defendants sat in jail? It's one of the weeks top stories we'll be discussing Friday morning on The Sound of Ideas. The votes are in and the combatants officially set: Kasich vs FitzGerald; and Budish vs Schron. With the primaries out of the way let the politics begin! MetroHealth prepares to make a major announcement and it's decision time for the Browns who make their picks in the NFL draft. Join host Rick Jackson Friday morning on 90.3.

Legislature: Second Thoughts on Green Energy

Posted May 12, 2014

The Ohio Senate has voted for a two-year freeze on energy efficiency and renewable energy standards that were approved by all but one lawmaker in 2008. Supporters say those mandates are working and full implementation would be good for the environment. Opponents, who will work on relaxing the rules during the freeze, say they're too costly and too extreme. Join Mike McIntyre for discussion Monday morning at 9 on the Sound of Ideas.

School Safety Nets

Posted May 13, 2014
Topics: Education, American Graduate

A new milestone in education was touted last week: 80 percent of students nationwide graduate high school. But that still means 1 in every 5 students does not get a high school diploma. WVIZ PBS brings you the story of Tyree Stewart, a drop out who is now working on a college degree. And we'll learn what safety nets are in place for students who may be at risk of dropping out or getting expelled.

Spring Storms

Posted May 14, 2014
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Environment, Science

We rode through some pretty rough weather across Northeast Ohio Monday evening and some folks are still bailing out as flooding and storm damage plagues the region. Wednesday morning at 9:00 on The Sound of Ideas, some practical advice about spring storm season: Preparing for the worst and cleaning up after it comes. And we'll look at the way the media goes all out to warn viewers, often with dire predictions that don't actually happen. Is it overkill? Join Mike McIntyre for the conversation.


Posted May 15, 2014
Topics: Health

Nurses are an ever-present part of our lives, from the doctor's office to our kids' school. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 19 % growth in employment for Registered Nurses from 2012-2022, and the Institute of Medicine has recommended that by 2020, 80 percent of nurses should have a Bachelor’s degrees. We need more nurses than ever before, and they need to know more than ever before.

Weekly Regional Round-up

Posted May 16, 2014
Topics: Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Energy, Shale, Environment, Government/Politics

Relentless thunderstorms pounded the area, flooding homes and streets, and stranding a beloved weatherman. Cleanup efforts are underway but dampened by, well, rain. A political scandal in Youngstown will be heard in Cuyahoga County's courts. We'll hear why. Cuyahoga County works to collect some overdue court fees the previous administration didn't bother with, but it's slow going. And why are squirrels menacing an area college? Friday morning at 9:00 on The Sound of Ideas with host Ida Lieszkovszky

Surviving the Terrors of Toddlerdom

Posted May 19, 2014
Topics: Education, Health, Children's Health, Mental Health

There are many mysteries in the world: What's the purpose of Stonehenge? How were the great pyramids built? Why does my toddler act that way? Monday at 9:00 on The Sound of Ideas, we'll try to solve the mystery of the toddler. Good luck, right? Well, we have Cleveland Heights native Tovah Klein, a child psychologist based in New York City and author of How Toddlers Thrive, to help us. Got questions about the terrible twos through the frustrating fives? Join Mike McIntyre on 90.3.

Prom Season

Posted May 20, 2014
Topics: Community/Human Interest

It’s prom season, but amidst all the excitement of buying dresses and renting limos, parents and schools have some real concerns to deal with. How short of a dress is too short? How can schools prevent kids from drinking? Are after proms a good solution? And how did the tradition even start? The word comes from "promenade," but the tradition has tied to debutante balls. All things prom.

Meet the Middle Market

Posted May 21, 2014
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Government/Politics

You hear often, especially when politicians are on the campaign trail, about the importance of small businesses to the economy. And they are important. So, of course, are the big Fortune 500 firms. But it's the middle market -- companies with annual revenues between $10 million and $1 billion -- where the jobs are being created and economic growth is driven. Wednesday at 9:00 on The Sound of Ideas, growing the middle market in Northeast Ohio. Join host Mike McIntyre.

Human Trafficking in Ohio

Posted May 22, 2014
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement

More than 1,000 Ohioans are the victims of human trafficking every year, according to law enforcement statistics. Officials have likened human trafficking to “modern-day slavery." The victims are often young women or girls, forced into prostitution. The crime is vastly under-reported, and even when a victim finds their way out of trafficking, it can be difficult to return to a "normal" life.

Weekly Regional Round-up

Posted May 23, 2014
Topics: Arts and Culture, Economy, Regional Economy/Business - News, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Government/Politics

We review the week's top stories including the historic call to stop solitary confinement as punishment for jailed kids and the Cleveland Museum of Art securing a new director. Two high-level businessmen the government claims were cheating together may not go down for the alleged crime together. A surprise guilty plea by one of them means the other may face trial over illegal political contributions all alone. And the Cavaliers beat long odds: We're Number One! Again. Join host Rick Jackson starting at 9:00 on 90.3.

Backstory: Monumental Disagreements

Posted May 26, 2014
Topics: Arts and Culture, History, Community/Human Interest

This is a country awash in monuments. They adorn traffic circles, street corners and, of course, Public Square. We've memorialized everything from famous soldiers and statesmen, to big ideas or major events - and a lot in between. Yet our ambivalence towards these monuments is as old as our enthusiasm for them. Case in point: The Washington Monument. Ever wonder why there isn't actually a image of Washington on it? The American History Guys look at the people and the thinking behind American icons. The Sound of Ideas returns on Tuesday.

Should Student Athletes Be Paid or Unpaid?

Posted May 27, 2014
Topics: Education

College athletes get a free education. But their universities make huge profits off their labor. Is a scholarship a fair deal? Northwestern University football players are exploring unionizing that could lead to paychecks one day. We talk with two professional athletes along with some experts who will tackle this contentious area of debate in sports right now. Originally aired 4/16/14.

The Quiet Crisis--A Crisis Quieted?

Posted May 28, 2014
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Community/Human Interest, Education, Government/Politics

More than a decade ago, ideastream and The Plain Dealer began to report and editorialize on what came to be known as the "Quiet Crisis." As the 21st century dawned, steel was stumbling. Businesses and residents were leaving Cleveland. Development was at a standstill. Our region was falling behind. A lot has changed since the early 2000s. Are we still in crisis? Join host Mike McIntyre for conversation about where we've come to and where we're headed, Wednesday morning at 9:00 on The Sound of Ideas.

Reducing Gun Violence

Posted May 29, 2014
Topics: Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement

Yet another mass shooting this past weekend has brought gun violence back under the spotlight, but gun safety advocates and gun rights advocates still can't seem to come to an agreement. Greater Cleveland Congregations has a proposal for a new way to reduce gun violence. Their focus is on working reducing the number of illegal guns on the streets and increasing the sale of "smart guns." Would it work?

Weekly Regional Round-up

Posted May 30, 2014
Topics: Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Energy, Environment, Government/Politics, Transportation

The site selection committee for the Republican national convention arrives Monday. On the next Sound of Ideas we'll handicap Cleveland's chances against three competitors. The federal government says "yes" to Cleveland's Opportunity Corridor plans, meaning there's little to stop construction now as work will begin to snake a road from E. 55th Street to University Circle, removing some homes, some businesses, and even a church. And a judge suspends Ohio's next few executions. Find out why when you join host Rick Jackson Friday morning at 9:00 on 90.3.


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