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The Sound of Ideas

The Sound of Ideas: Archive by Date

April 2014

The Dropout Crisis

Posted April 1, 2014
Topics: Education, StateImpact Ohio

An estimated 24,000 students drop out of school each year in Ohio. Not getting a high school diploma can cost a student in the long run, people with a bachelor’s degree make on average $17,500 more annually than those with only a high school diploma. High school dropouts make another $10,000 less than their peers who did graduate or got a GED. What can be done to stem the dropout crisis?

Youth Versus Hate

Posted April 2, 2014
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Race

Prejudice, ignorance, bad behavior, even hate all are realities of life. Unfortunate realities. But that doesn't mean they have to be accepted. Wednesday morning at 9:00, Mike McIntyre talks with young people from Northeast Ohio who are practicing intolerance -- against intolerance. Hear their stories and what they're doing to bring harmony to the community. And share your thoughts, too, right here on 90.3.

Understanding Autism

Posted April 3, 2014
Topics: Health

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the prevalence of the autism among 8-year-olds increased 30 percent from 2008 to 2010. Researchers are still uncovering what causes autism. A recent study at CWRU found the brains of autistic kids are “noisier” than non-autistic kids. Another recent study suggests autism starts in the womb. Bit by bit, we're gaining a better understanding of autism.

Weekly Regional Round-up

Posted April 4, 2014
Topics: Arts and Culture, Painting, Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Education, Government/Politics, Transportation

A square by any other name...he's no shakespeare, but a national writer focuses the brightest of spotlights on Playhouse Square's renovations and the reviews are outstanding! Could a merger of two area medical competitors really be under consideration? And how do you top having the President as last year's spring commencement speaker? At OSU complaints abound over just 'how much' lesser known the next speaker is. Join host Rick Jackson Friday morning at 9:00 on The Sound of Ideas.

Gay Marriage Ban: Partial Reversal

Posted April 7, 2014
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Ethics/Religion

A federal judge has said he'll strike down part of a decade-old gay marriage ban in Ohio. It means that gay couples legally married in other states can have their unions recognized here. The ruling wouldn't specifically legalize gay marriage, but advocates of that see it as a huge step. We'll examine the ruling and the implications, Join Mike McIntyre Monday morning at 9:00 on The Sound of Ideas.

Ohio’s Recidivism Rate

Posted April 8, 2014
Topics: Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement

Ohio’s recidivism rate has fallen to almost 27 percent, far below the national rate of 44 percent. According to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, reentry programs are obviously making a difference. But according to some experts, the real reason for the low recidivism rate is that the state has eased its drug laws. What's Ohio doing right? What more could be done?

Common Core Update

Posted April 9, 2014
Topics: Education

Ohio is getting closer to full implementation of new minimum learning standards shared with most other states known as the Common Core. Next year, computerized Common Core tests will replace the state's standardized tests. As that draws closer, there are still many questions, some apprehension and a healthy dose of criticism. Mike McIntyre and his guests address them all, Wednesday morning at 9:00 on The Sound of Ideas.

Growing Hemp in Ohio

Posted April 10, 2014
Topics: Environment

Growing hemp, the non-psychoactive version of the cannabis plant is illegal in Ohio, and most of the the United States. It’s not that Americans don’t use hemp; it’s just that we don’t make it here. Hemp oils are used in food and cosmetics products, hemp rope and other materials can be seen in our every day life. So why don't American farmers grow hemp, and should they be allowed to?

Weekly Regional Roundtable

Posted April 11, 2014
Topics: Arts and Culture, Motion Pictures (Film, Video), Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Energy, Shale, Government/Politics, Health, Parenting/Child Care

Did the region's "Council for Economic Opportunities" have its pockets picked by its own executives? That's the allegation from the US Attorney's office and the organization's president has resigned in response. We'll detail that case plus look at the state budget revisions - which won approval this week, over objections of Democrats. A movie may soon begin production to tell the story of Michelle, Gina, and Amanda from the inside. And the Cavaliers will be packing their bags for a long, long road trip this fall. Rick Jackson and his guests discuss details Friday morning on The Sound of Ideas.

GOP Seeks Bigger Tent

Posted April 14, 2014
Topics: Government/Politics

Republicans say Democrat-leaning minorities ought to give the GOP a second look and they're devising national strategies to make that happen. Republicans say Democrats have failed to improve the lot of low-income minorities and preside over failing urban schools by opposing school choice. What are the chances those arguments will resonate with the black and Hispanic communities in Ohio and beyond? Join Mike McIntyre for discussion Monday at 9:00 on The Sound of Ideas.

Too Much Sugar

Posted April 15, 2014

Sugar is a sweet assassin. Too much of it -- and most of us consume way too much -- can result in all kinds of health problems, from obesity to high blood pressure to diabetes. But avoiding sugar seems a near impossibility as so may foods contain hidden sugars. Tomorrow morning at 9 on the sound of ideas, we'll meet with an author whose family went sugar-free for a year. How? We'll also hear from health care professionals on sugar-reduction strategies.

Should Student Athletes Be Paid or Unpaid?

Posted April 16, 2014

College athletes get a free education. But their universities make huge profits off their labor. Which raises the question: Is a scholarship a fair deal? Northwestern University football players are exploring unionizing that could lead to paychecks one day. And a lawsuit seeks to compel compensation for college athletes whose likenesses are used in products like video games. On this edition of The Sound of Ideas, we'll talk with two professional athletes who know what it's like to be a 'student athlete' along with some experts who will tackle this contentious area of debate in sports right now.

When Fine Art Helps the Healing Art

Posted April 17, 2014
Topics: Arts and Culture, Music, Painting, Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Health

Cleveland's health care industry is nationally recognized. So is the region's arts and culture scene. When the two come together, art can heal. In some Cleveland area hospitals, music is being used as a pain reliever - art as a mental stimulator - and architecture as a way to help hospice patients relax. Florence Nightingale linked patients' environment to their well-being, but can music actually make us feel good? Join host Ida Lieszkovszky Hargitai morning at 9:00 on The Sound of Ideas.

Weekly Regional Roundtable

Posted April 18, 2014
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Education, Government/Politics

The mustaches on their grills are cute, but app-driven cars competing with Cleveland taxies are drawing complaints. Why are companies like "Lyft", and "Uber" frightening the old guard of cabs? We'll also talk about the man who was arrested for taking pictures. Of course, he was using a $4 thousand dollar drone and police say he was interfering with rescue efforts. And what about the most famous bully in all of South Euclid? Fair punishment or not nearly enough? Join host Rick Jackson starting at 9:00 on 90.3.

Parental Involvement Overrated?

Posted April 21, 2014
Topics: Education

According to some researchers, the best way for your kid to get an A is to get out of their way. Parental involvement, they say, is overrated. But that flies in the face of what has been commonly understood: that parental involvement is key to a child's academic success. How can helping with their homework or reading to them have a negative effect? Monday on The Sound of Ideas we'll hear about when parental involvement is a bad thing, and why some people just don't buy that. Hosted by Ida Lieszkovsky.

Language We Love To Hate

Posted April 22, 2014
Topics: Arts and Culture, Literature, Community/Human Interest, Education

Whatever was found to be the most annoying word for the fourth year in a row according to the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion. Also up there: "you know" and "it is what it is." For some folks the most annoying words are the ones that have made the leap from the computer screen to every day conversation: LOL, OMG, epic and selfie. What are the words that annoy you the most?

New Vision for a Key Public Space

Posted April 23, 2014
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Government/Politics

Imagine Public Square with a splash zone, a cafe, space for concerts and movies, and in winter time an ice skating rink, but no Ontario Street cutting through. That's the vision of the city's Group Plan Commission, set up to improve the city's public spaces. Funding needs to be worked out, but supporters say the makeover would do a lot for downtown Cleveland. Wednesday morning on The Sound of Ideas, we'll talk about why public spaces are important, and the future of those spaces in Cleveland.

Lights, Camera, Action in Cleveland!

Posted April 24, 2014
Topics: Arts and Culture, Motion Pictures (Film, Video), Economy

Three major films that hit theaters over the last month were shot in Cleveland: ”Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “Draft Day,” and “Miss Meadows.” Local film industry boosters say that's a sign the film tax credits the state hands out are worth it. Looking forward, can we keep the cinematic momentum going? Should the state keep offering incentives or are there other ways to lure movie makers?

Weekly Regional Round-up

Posted April 25, 2014
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Community/Human Interest, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Transportation

Cleveland says "Hello and Goodbye" to a European freighter, opening a new door to international trade. While the GOP looks to host its biggest party here, Democrats are saying they'll consider Cleveland for a national convention too. Friday on The Sound of Ideas, maintaining stadiums is why voters might extend an existing tax but those seeking alternatives say they have a better plan. And Summit County voters could soon have to mull funding a new arena for the university of Akron. Join host Rick Jackson for conversation beginning at 9:00 a.m. on 90.3.

Northeast Ohio’s Housing Market

Posted April 28, 2014
Topics: Economy, Housing/Real Estate

Good news for local home sellers: Prices are up. Bad news: Sales are down, slightly. Experts believe the market has reached a tipping point in Northeast Ohio and a a boom could be imminent. But if there is a boom, many with modest incomes won't be able to get in on it. We'll look at the real estate market and at alternate home-sales models, such as land trusts, meant to aid lower income buyers.


Posted April 29, 2014
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Health

Temperatures finally warm up in the springtime, but we're not the only creatures emerging from a long and dormant winter. Pests -- ants, flies, Asian lady beetles -- all threaten to infest your home this time of year. There are also the year-round favorites, including bed bugs, stink bugs, and mice. Urban wildlife like squirrels, bats, and raccoons can also invade a home. We'll talk about all the pests that rule Northeast Ohio, and how to get rid of them. Some say we should learn to co-exist, but others put their foot down -- literally.

Is the Sin Tax a Home Run?

Posted April 30, 2014
Topics: Economy

The Sin Tax vote is almost here. Cuyahoga County residents can cast ballots on whether to extend the tax on cigarettes and alcohol to continue raising money for the city's pro sports venues. It's not a new tax and we get a big return, supporters argue. Vocal opponents say owners are getting a sweetheart deal and patrons should pay for any stadium repairs or upgrades through add-on ticket fees.

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