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The Sound of Ideas

The Sound of Ideas: Archive by Date

March 2014

Plague of Potholes

Posted March 3, 2014
Topics: Government/Politics, Science, Transportation

Potholes can eat tires, twist your tie rods and empty your wallet. We'll talk about what to do if your car has a pothole attack, and find out what engineering science is doing to design pavement better suited to withstand a harsh northeast Ohio winter.

Living with Anxiety

Posted March 4, 2014
Topics: Health

About one in five Americans suffers from an anxiety disorder, making it the most common mental health diagnosis. All of us suffer from episodes of anxiety from time to time, but at what point does periodic anxiety become a problem that needs attention? For some patients, anxiety is pervasive and manifests itself physically. And if you do suffer from severe anxiety, what are the treatment options?

Vibrant NEO 2040

Posted March 5, 2014
Topics: Economy, Housing/Real Estate, Community/Human Interest, Environment, Transportation

This region must slam the brakes on new outward growth and concentrate on redeveloping aging urban centers, according to a just-completed report funded by the federal government. The Vibrant NEO 2040 project's report is a clear vision for a more sustainable future, its advocates say. Less clear is how that vision, with need for buy-in from 400 cities and townships, will be realized by 2040, or ever. Join host Mike McIntyre and let's talk about it Wednesday morning at 9:00 on The Sound of Ideas.

Voting Changes

Posted March 6, 2014
Topics: Government/Politics, Elections

Voters headed to the polls in ten states for primary elections this week will have to show a photo ID before casting their ballots.Meanwhile, in Ohio, Secretary of State Jon Husted announced last week the times voters can hit the polls in the next election will be reduced, including eliminating Sunday voting. Democrats say this will discourage voter turnout, Republicans say uniformity is needed.

Weekly Regional Round-up

Posted March 7, 2014
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Government/Politics

Friday on The Sound of Ideas: they promised us billions but the gamble isn't paying off. The latest numbers on Ohio's casinos are well below projections. It's 11th-ranked in county population but Lake County is number one for licensing concealed weapons. What's the deal with packing heat? And one child who didn't hide his pretend weapon gets chased from school. We'll look at whether zero-tolerance sometimes equals zero common sense. Join Rick Jackson for the reporter's roundtable Friday morning at 9:00 on 90.3.

Science and Happy Accidents

Posted March 10, 2014
Topics: Science, Technology

What do GPS and penicillin have in common? Both were unexpected results of scientific research. The mathematical framework for computer programming grew out of research on astronomy. Scientists learned how to build a microwave oven as they researched radar during World War II. John us a look at happy accidents that have revolutionized our lives. Originally aired 12/9/13.

Lost and Found Treasure

Posted March 11, 2014
Topics: Arts and Culture

Sacks full of precious jewels discovered in an Akron hotel room that once belonged to a famous Opera singer. A mint edition comic book found in an attic that helped pay for one daughter's wedding. A California couple who stumbled over buckets of antique rare gold coins. Treasure can come in all shapes and sizes, from buried treasure to precious antiques to what you can snag at a pawn shop.

A Decade Of Conceal Carry In The Buckeye State

Posted March 12, 2014
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Government/Politics

Ten years ago, the right to keep arms concealed on your person became law in Ohio. Critics then worried that "Wild West" style mayhem would erupt, leading to more gun-related violence and deaths. Backers countered that the law would discourage attackers and curb violence. Flash-forward to 2014, and many of the same claims are being hurled across the table. Who's right? And how has conceal carry changed life in Ohio?

Covering Flyover Country

Posted March 13, 2014

If aliens were to watch the news, they might fall under the impression that everything exciting happens on the coasts of this country. The Midwest, long dubbed "flyover country" often seems to get lost among the hustle and bustle of the big cities on either side of us. But rather than sitting and complaining about this, some movers and shakers are creating their own coverage of the Midwest.

Weekly Regional Roundup

Posted March 14, 2014
Topics: Arts and Culture, Architecture, Economy, Regional Economy/Business - News, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Education, Government/Politics

Enhancement and better use of the Lake Erie shoreline is front and center this week, as Cleveland makes a deal with a top developer. but that's not the only repurposing taking shape around town! We'll also look at the Governor's mid biennium review... with his proposed tax changes. And wouldn't you love to take a tax bite from the Baltimore Ravens or New York Yankees when they're in town? Turns out -- we already do - and some visiting players aren't happy about it. Join Rick Jackson for The Sound of Ideas reporter's roundtable this morning at 9:00 on 90.3.

What to do When Everyone’s Sick

Posted March 17, 2014
Topics: Health, Children's Health

If you have managed to dodge the crud during this endless winter -- the coughing, the sniffling, the chest filled with insulating foam -- congratulations! You're a survivor. If you're sick, like so many people are, do us all a favor and keep it to yourself. Some folks insist on coming to work sick. Others seem to love following sneezes with handshakes. Monday at 9:00 on The Sound of Ideas, a Be Well offering: Staying healthy at work and avoiding germs. Join host Mike McIntyre.

Funny Politics

Posted March 18, 2014
Topics: Government/Politics

Politicians have long been a favorite source of jokes for the late night host set, but lately it seems like the politicians figure if you can’t beat them, join them. Last week President Obama sat down with Zach Galifianakis on his popular awkward-comedy show, Between Two Ferns. He’s also a regular on late night TV, as is Michelle Obama. Have politicians mastered the art of comedy?

Burying Climate Change

Posted March 19, 2014
Topics: Environment, Science

Billions of tons of carbon are floating in the atmosphere and you might be surprised to discover where it came from. Farming practices, including the simple act of tilling the soil, allow carbon to escape. But there's hope, says former Cleveland author Kristen Ohlsen, in her book, "The Soil Will Save Us." It's possible to put the carbon back where it came from. She joins Mike McIntyre for The Sound of Ideas this morning at 9:00 to tell us how.

The Future of Car Fuel

Posted March 20, 2014
Topics: Economy

Some auto insiders believe the time for diesel fueled vehicles has finally arrived. Already immensely popular in Europe, some say “2014 is shaping us as the Year of the Diesel, with the number of diesel-fueled cars sold in the U.S. set to double over the next 12 months.” But diesel has had its problems over the years. And what about electric or hybrid vehicles? What's the fuel of the future?

Weekly Regional Roundup

Posted March 21, 2014
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - News, Energy, Environment, Government/Politics, Science, Technology

An iconic structure from the middle 70's could be about to vanish from the landscape to be replaced with job-creating businesses. Is it the shot in the arm one suburb has long needed? Friday morning on The Sound of Ideas host Rick Jackson will also take your responses to the latest advertising effort to craft Cleveland as a vacation spot. But is chasing millennials and abandoning boomers the best idea? And why are hundreds of birds dropping dead over Lake Erie? Those stories and more starting at 9:00 on 90.3.

Deadly by Design?

Posted March 24, 2014
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Transportation

Toyota was just slapped with the largest criminal penalty for carmaker in United States history: $1.2 billion. A Justice Department investigation found the company concealed defects that could cause sudden, unintended acceleration. Sandusky lawyer Tom Murray, an expert on sudden acceleration, says the problems throughout the industry go much deeper than the Toyota settlement reveals. We'll talk about it Monday morning at 9:00 on The Sound of Ideas. Join host Mike McIntyre.

Mourning in America

Posted March 25, 2014
Topics: Arts and Culture, Literature

One family inters its matriarch at the bottom of the Atlantic. Another holds a memorial weenie roast for the dearly departed. Death is never easy, and everyone mourns differently. Author and public radio producer Kate Sweeney’s book, American Afterlife, delves into the various mourning rituals practiced by Americans. Plus, an obituary writer's experience with covering grief as a daily beat.

Burke Lakefront Airport’s Future

Posted March 26, 2014
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Government/Politics, Transportation

Burke Lakefront Airport is 450 acres of prime waterfront property in Cleveland that many people believe could be put to better use. Cleveland's mayor says it's already being put to its best use -- as an airport. On the next Sound of Ideas, we'll discuss Burke and its place in the aviation mix. Is it needed now that Cleveland Hopkins and other airports are running well below capacity? If it weren't an airport, what would you like to see on that land? Tell us Wednesday morning at 9:00 and join Mike McIntyre for the conversation.

Vaccines And Infectious Diseases

Posted March 27, 2014
Topics: Health, Be Well

A mumps outbreak at the Ohio State University has affected some 82 people. There was a similar outbreak at Fordham University in New York City, and a measles outbreak among school kids there too. California officials are stumped by an outbreak of polio-like symptoms. Haven't all these diseases been eradicated by vaccinations? How come some students who received the MMR vaccine got sick anyway?

Weekly Regional Roundtable

Posted March 28, 2014
Topics: Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Education, Energy, Shale, Environment, Government/Politics, Ethics/Religion

Isn't it nice hearing the phrase "tremendous momentum" applied to downtown Cleveland? Those words are being used not only describing business, but about housing, office space, and population too! Friday morning on the Sound of Ideas we'll get some particulars on those uplifting stats. We'll hear the governor's take how local governments should offset state funding reductions. And get the latest on a new effort opposing Cuyahoga County's Sin Tax. Join host Rick Jackson starting at 9:00 on 90.3.

Affordable Care Act: What You Need to Know

Posted March 31, 2014
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Government/Politics, Health, Be Well

The first roll-out for Obamacare is just about to come to an end. Are you ready? The much-maligned health care exchanges seem to be working pretty well but time runs out Monday. Well, sort of. Many who haven't signed up can get an extension just by asking. Monday on The Sound of Ideas Mike McIntyre talks with experts about the status of enrollment, the tax considerations enrollees will have to stay on top of, and what it's been like navigating the exchange. And we'd like to hear your story, Monday on 90.3.


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