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The Sound of Ideas

The Sound of Ideas: Archive by Date

February 2013

Reporters’ Roundtable 2/1

Posted February 1, 2013
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

Governor Kasich unveils a new school funding plan. Among the questions it’s expected to answer: How will the new funding formula change the way state dollars are apportioned? Will schools be any less dependent on local property taxes? Also in the news - A judge throws out a 15 year old murder conviction. Democrats weigh bids for a gubernatorial run. Fire shuts down a Cleveland landmark. It's the reporters' roundtable with host David Molpus. Join us Friday at 9 on 90.3.

Shale Summit

Posted February 4, 2013
Topics: Economy, Energy, Shale, Environment, Government/Politics

The natural gas boom is seen as a big economic boon for Ohio. What's being done to capitalize on economic opportunity and minimize environmental impact? On the next Sound of Ideas, we'll find out what 400-plus attendees plan to discuss during next week's Shale Summit in northeast Ohio. We'll hear from industry experts, academia and environmentalists. We'd love to hear from you, too. Can natural gas revive the rust belt? Safely? Monday morning at 9 with host Mike McIntyre.

Governor Kasich’s New Budget

Posted February 5, 2013
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

Ohio Governor John Kasich proposed a $63.1 billon dollar biennial state budget yesterday. It would greatly expand the number of people enrolled in Medicaid, recalculate the school funding equation and slash income tax rates by 20 percent for individuals and 50 percent for small businesses. Sales taxes also would go down. Tuesday morning on The Sound of Ideas, we'll look at the budget and how the Governor's proposals will impact you. Join us at 9:00 a.m.

What’s New Around the House?

Posted February 6, 2013
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Housing/Real Estate

With so many people re-financing their homes, there's been a bump in home improvement in Northeast Ohio. On the next Sound of Ideas, we'll ask experts from the Great Big Home + Garden show going on this week at the I-X Center about the must-haves inside and out. Cool innovations, the latest trends and when DIY is a bad idea. If you think you can install a new shower yourself, experts say you may be all wet. Put down that hammer and join The Sound of Ideas, Wednesday morning at 9:00.

Cleveland Police Shooting: What happened and what’s next?

Posted February 7, 2013
Topics: Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Government/Politics

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine was blunt in his assessment of the Cleveland police shooting that left two dead in November: "Command failed. Communications failed. The system failed." The police chief defends the system, saying some just failed to follow procedure. Civil rights groups want criminal charges against culpable officers. And what about the victims' actions? Reaction on all sides to the police shooting, tomorrow morning at 9 with host Mike McIntyre on the Sound of Ideas.

Reporters’ Roundtable 2/8

Posted February 8, 2013
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

Governor Kasich wants to extend the state sales tax to pet care, books on your computer, funerals, - 82 previously untaxed services in all. His new budget also calls for various tax cuts. The Governor's new formula for aid to schools has some people stumped. Some affluent suburban districts get more while some of the poorest don't and - the Attorney General squares off with Cleveland police. It's the reporter's roundtable with host David Molpus Friday at 9.

A Conversation with Louis Stokes

Posted February 11, 2013
Topics: Government/Politics

Originally broadcast January 8, 2013. Cleveland's Lou Stokes served for 30 years in the United States Congress - the first African American from Ohio - and retired in 1999 to practice law. Earlier this year, at age 87, he officially retired from that job, too. But he's not, as he puts it, going home to fall asleep in front of the TV. He's got a memoir to write. We'll spend the hour filling in the pages in conversation with Northeast Ohio's elder statesman.

Ohio School Funding

Posted February 12, 2013
Topics: Economy, Education, Government/Politics

Governor John Kasich had a simple explanation last week as he unveiled the state's new school funding formula. He said, "If you are poor, you're going to get more. If you are rich, you're going to get less." Turns out the calculus is a little more complicated than that. Some poor districts such as East Cleveland won't get more. And some rich ones, such as Orange, will. We'll explain the formula and discuss whether this actually fixes entrenched inequities in the way Ohio funds schools, Tuesday at 9 with host Mike McIntyre on the Sound of Ideas.

The State of the Union

Posted February 13, 2013
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

How would you describe the state of our union in 2013? All could agree that "politically divided" would be a fair assessment. President Obama's address to Congress, and to the nation, -- his fifth state of the union speech -- sets the stage for his second-term. Wednesday on the Sound of Ideas, we'll discuss the broad themes, specific ideas on the economy and other issues and the political realities that await. Join host Mike McIntyre at 9 on 90.3.

Pope Benedict’s Resignation

Posted February 14, 2013
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Ethics/Religion

Pope Benedict XVI stunned the billion-plus Catholic faithful across the globe by announcing this week that he will resign because he lacks the strength to do his job. Many had no idea popes could resign -- after all it's been 600 years since a pope stepped down. On the next Sound of Ideas, we'll discuss what a change at the top of the Catholic hierarchy means for the church and beyond. And what does the church need from the next pope? Join us, tomorrow morning at 9.

Reporters’ Roundtable 2/15

Posted February 15, 2013
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

It's Saint Valentine's Week - and the Cleveland Browns -new owner opts for a long-distance romance with his football team....going home to rekindle the love he'd left behind. We'll discuss Jimmy Haslam's plan to split time between his empires. Among other stories, we'll also look at the no-love-lost sniping between the state's governor and treasurer... each claiming to know the truth about up to $13 Billion in Medicaid savings. Join host Rick Jackson for the Reporter's Roundtable Friday at 9 on 90.3.

Incentivizing Good Health

Posted February 18, 2013
Topics: Economy, Health, Be Well, Obesity

More and more employers are now closely monitoring the health of individual employees and offering incentives, and penalties, to encourage healthier choices. Is it big brother or a big benefit? And does the carrot or the stick encourage you to eat more carrot sticks? On the next Sound of Ideas, ideastream continues its coverage of obesity with a close look at employers' efforts to improve worker health. Join host Mike McIntyre Monday at 9 on 90.3.

The Governor’s New Sales Tax

Posted February 19, 2013
Topics: Government/Politics, Housing/Real Estate

They say death and taxes are certain, but death -- or at least the funeral -- appears to have dodged Gov. Kasich's proposed expansion of sales taxes. Still, a number of other services would be subject to sales taxes -- consulting an accountant, for example, or attending a ball game. Meanwhile, the existing sales tax on goods would be cut by a half percent. We'll talk about who might benefit and who will be hurt, Tuesday at 9:00 on the sound of ideas.

State of the State and State of the County

Posted February 20, 2013
Topics: Government/Politics

As Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald and Ohio Gov. John Kasich use their annual "state of" speeches to tout their stewardship and lay out their vision, the Sound of Ideas opens the phone lines for your feedback. Both of these leaders have very different views on government. Which ideas struck a cord with you? And could this be a preview of the 2014 race for governor in Ohio? Join the conversation with host Mike McIntyre Wednesday morning at 9 on 90.3.

Fixing Your Credit Report

Posted February 21, 2013
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Government/Politics

Tens of millions of Americans have errors on their credit reports, errors that can affect their credit scores and make it expensive or impossible to get a mortgage or a car loan. And yet most people don't even bother to check their reports, even though the process costs nothing. Thursday morning at 9:00 on The Sound of Ideas, we'll talk about what you need to do now and why frustration may await even for the vigilant who discover credit report errors. Join host Mike McIntyre.

Reporters’ Roundtable 2/22

Posted February 22, 2013
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

A $200 million upgrade in an area plant headlines a week of growth and investment in Greater Cleveland. And these boosts come from some of the biggest names in business. Ford revs its engines to deliver hundreds of jobs; and lots of prestige. A shot-in-the-arm from the state's largest hospital system means a foothold in Northeast Ohio, even as one of the most entrenched health systems already here.... announces expansion plans of its own. And guess who's coming to graduation? Join host Rick Jackson on the reporters' roundtable - Friday morning at 9 on the Sound of Ideas.

The Sequester

Posted February 25, 2013
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

It's looking less likely that a deal will be reached in Washington to avoid deep across-the-board spending cuts, known as the sequester, that neither of the nation's major political parties say they want. There's a lot of blame and little compromise on a better way to cut the deficit. Monday on the Sound of Ideas, we'll talk about how these spending cuts are likely to affect you. Join host Mike McIntyre Monday at 9 on 90.3.

Growing Green in the City

Posted February 26, 2013
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - News, Community/Human Interest, Environment

The impressive series of greenhouse canopies covering three-and-a-half urban acres in Cleveland's Central neighborhood provide the perfect environment for growing. Not just for the three million heads of lettuce and three-hundred-thousand pounds of herbs that Green City Growers will produce there each year. It's also nurturing the idea that food can provide economic sustenance. Growing jobs in the city, Tuesday at 9:00 join host Mike McIntyre on The Sound of Ideas.

Minimum Wage

Posted February 27, 2013
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

President Obama, in his State of the Union Speech, called for an increase in the federal minimum wage from seven dollars and twenty five cents per hour to nine bucks. A recent national poll shows overwhelming public support. But not everybody favors the wage hike and some warn that it might force businesses to cut jobs, harming those the wage hike was meant to help. Does history support that claim? Join host Mike McIntyre on the Sound of Ideas Wednesday morning at 9.

Test Anxiety

Posted February 28, 2013
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Education, Health, Children's Health, Mental Health

You're a student with a test coming up, or an employee up for a job performance review. Are you, A: Anxious? B: Nervous? C: Panicked? Or D: All of the above? On the next Sound of Ideas, we'll discuss the difference between warriors and worriers. If your palms sweat as you catch your breath before the all-important SAT or an all-important client meeting, what techniques can you use to overcome anxiety and perform your best? Join host Mike McIntyre Thursday morning at 9:00.


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