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The Sound of Ideas

The Sound of Ideas: Archive by Date

November 2012

Campaign Horse Race in Home Stretch

Posted November 1, 2012
Topics: Government/Politics, Elections

The campaign is winding to a close and all signs now point to the certainty that Ohio will be the state that decides the election. We're being carpet-bombed with political ads aimed at influencing voters still undecided. We'll speculate on what more needs to be said. And if you have questions about early voting, provisional ballots or what to expect on election day, we'll have the answers. Join Mike McIntyre for The Sound of Ideas Thursday morning at 9:00 on 90.3

Reporters’ Roundtable 11/2

Posted November 2, 2012
Topics: Economy, Community/Human Interest, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Government/Politics, Elections, Health, Children's Health

A storm without precedent hits the region and new Ohio polls show President Barack Obama maintains a very slim lead over Republican challenger Mitt Romney. The week’s news has been dominated by those two stories, but there is much more going on in Northeast Ohio. We'll look at another guilty plea in the apparently-never-ending Cuyahoga County corruption case. Plus a first—and a second—for the under-construction medical mart in downtown Cleveland. And we’ll also hear why an area school seeks legal help to win one more game for its football team. Rick Jackson hosts the Sound of Ideas Reporters’ Roundtable, Friday at 9 on 90.3.

Consumer Affairs: Robocalls

Posted November 5, 2012
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Government/Politics

After election day, those annoying pre-recorded election phone calls will end. But annoying pre-recorded sales pitches -- most of which are illegal -- will continue and the battle to stop them rages on. We'll find out how on the next Sound of Ideas. Plus, the FTC's John Miller Steiger and Plain Dealer Consumer expert Sheryl Harris will tell us how to avoid the plague of scam artists sure to descend in the aftermath Superstorm Sandy. Join host Mike McIntyre, Monday at 9 on 90.3.

Weathering the Storm

Posted November 6, 2012
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Environment

Power company crews are restoring electicity to the last of 255-thousand homes blacked out by last week's storm. Many still wonder why the power was out so long for so many. We'll talk with FirstEnergy and hear from critics. And we'll survey the rest of the landscape to see how we weathered the storm and answer questions about insurance coverage and tree damage, Tuesday morning at 9:00 on 90.3.

Four More Years: President Barack Obama Wins Second Term

Posted November 7, 2012
Topics: Government/Politics, Elections

After what seemed like the longest presidential campaign in history -- at least here in sought-after Ohio -- voters finally have their say at the polls. I'm Mike McIntyre. Join me Wednesday at 9 for a post-election wrap up on the Sound of Ideas. Plain Dealer politics writer Henry Gomez joins me along with WKSU News Director M.L. Schultze other guests. And we'd love to hear your take on the races, the issues and what many see as the merciful end of merciless campaigning.

Politics 2012: Open Phone Lines

Posted November 8, 2012
Topics: Government/Politics

In addition to the big headlines this election -- the re-elections of President Obama and Senator Sherrod Brown and passage of a tax levy for Cleveland schools -- dozens of other races and issues were decided by voters. You spoke at the ballot box. Now's your chance to speak about the election as we open the phones on the Sound of Ideas Thursday. Whether it's a judicial race, a municipal issue or the fate of taxes in your community, weigh in with host Mike McIntyre Thursday morning at 9.

Reporters’ Roundtable 11/9

Posted November 9, 2012
Topics: Government/Politics

Federal prosecutors accuse the former director of a non-profit organization in the Flats neighborhood of Cleveland of stealing more than half a million dollars from federally funded programs. The RTA bus driver who punched a disruptive passenger gets fired. Sen. Sherrod Brown and House Speaker John Boehner talk about the looming fiscal cliff. And why both parties expressed frustration with election results for the Ohio Supreme Court. Join host David Molpus Friday at 9 on 90.3.

Almost Addicted

Posted November 12, 2012
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Health, Mental Health, Addiction

You're done with work for the day. Dinner's finished, too. And the kids' homework has been checked. Do you unwind with a cocktail? Pop open a beer? Is the time now: "wine" o'clock? A lot of people enjoy a regular drink. And even if they're not crashing the car, missing work or messing screwing up a marriage, many drinkers may qualify as "almost" alcoholics, according to Harvard doctors who wrote a book on the phenomenon.

Women in Politics

Posted November 13, 2012
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - News, Community/Human Interest, Government/Politics, Elections

The 2012 election was a turning point for women in politics. There will be a record number of women in the U.S. House of Representatives where Ohio's Marcy Kaptur is the most senior woman member. There will be more women U.S. Senators than ever before, and New Hampshire becomes the first state to have an all woman Congressional delegation. Are women still under-represented? Join host Mike McIntyre for a conversation about the ascendance of women in politics, Tuesday morning at 9 on the Sound of Ideas.

McGinty, Joyce and O’Neill

Posted November 14, 2012
Topics: Government/Politics

The pugnacious Timothy McGinty, whose push for justice-system reform as a judge ruffled a lot of robes, now serves as Cuyahoga County Prosecutor. Voters elected him last week and his interrim tag will be lifted at year's end. We'll ask about his prosecutorial philosophy and whether reform is still part of his agenda. Plus, 14th District Congressman-elect David Joyce and Bill O'Neill, unlikely winner of a seat on the Ohio Supreme Court. Wednesday at 9 with host Mike McIntyre on the Sound of Ideas.

Getting Parents Involved in Schooling

Posted November 15, 2012
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Education, Parenting/Child Care

Studies show -- and common sense tells us -- that kids learn better when their parents are engaged and involved. But how can that parental engagement be encouraged? As we’ve found out in a Plain Dealer series this week, plenty of encouragement is going on and it’s bearing fruit. Margaret Bernstein of the Plain Dealer joins our discussion and we've got a spot for you too, Thursday morning at 9:00 on The Sound of Ideas.

Reporters’ Roundtable 11/16

Posted November 16, 2012
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

The most maligned member of the Cuyahoga County federal corruption gang will finally spend a night in jail. Frank Russo goes away Friday. On The Sound Of Ideas, we'll look at where he's headed - and what he can expect. We'll also look at Ohio's position on the health exchanges, required as a result of the Affordable Health Care Act. Friday is the deadline for states to submit plans - and Ohio may be one of many states not quite ready. It's all up for discussion on the reporter's roundtable. Join host Rick Jackson at nine on 90.3.

Heroism in Northeast Ohio

Posted November 19, 2012
Topics: Arts and Culture, Community/Human Interest

Every year around this time, nonprofit groups honor the heroes in their midst, mayors shake the hands of heroic cops and firefighters. The newspaper aims a holiday-season spotlight on everyday heroes. On the next Sound of Ideas, we'll examine the range of heroism -- it doesn't always involve running into a burning building. And we'll meet with some northeast Ohio heroes. Do you know anyone who deserves to wear a red cape? Tell us about it and join the conversation Monday morning at 9 with host Mike McIntyre..

A New Oil Boom

Posted November 20, 2012
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Energy, Shale, Environment, Technology

The U.S. is experiencing an oil boom. The same shale that produced new reserves of natural gas also holds enough oil that energy experts think the U.S. will overtake Saudi Arabia as the world's leading petroleum producer in less than ten years. Join host Mike McIntyre as we explore the science and the economics behind a boom that would have been unthinkable a decade ago. We'll find out if it might lead us closer to the elusive goal of energy independence and maybe even to the days of cheaper gasoline.

The Threat of Newspaper Cutbacks

Posted November 21, 2012
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Government/Politics

The Publisher and Editor of The Plain Dealer say the paper "very soon" will have "a specific plan" to "safeguard" its future. The union representing reporters launches a campaign to "save the paper." For the community's sake - what needs saving and safeguarding, and what's the best way to do that? We'll ask a member of the Newspaper Guild, an online reporter, a city councilman, a foundation chief, and you. Join the conversation on The Sound of Ideas Wednesday morning at 9 on 90.3

A Thanksgiving to Remember

Posted November 22, 2012
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Ethics/Religion

Join host Mike McIntyre as he shares Thanksgiving memories from across the region; some poignant, some hilarious, all entertaining. We also hear from some of the people who are working hard to ensure that the less fortunate are able to have a holiday feast. It's a holiday fun edition of The Sound of Ideas, Thursday morning at 9:00.

Raising Successful Kids

Posted November 26, 2012
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Health, Children's Health, Mental Health

Parents want what's best for their kids, but are too many of them over-parenting? When we swoop in to tie our kids' shoes, constantly call just to check if they're okay, help them write their college entrance essay - are we really helping them? We'll learn how to stand back, let them make mistakes and watch them thrive. It may be harder than it sounds.

Youth Sports--How Important is Winning?

Posted November 27, 2012
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Ethics/Religion, Parenting/Child Care

"Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing." Legendary coach Vince Lombardi made that quote famous. But is winning everything when the players are just kids? On the next Sound of Ideas, we'll talk about the purpose of youth sports -- fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship and, yes, winning. Are some coaches and parents, though, too focused on the scoreboard? Should an eight-year-old have to ride the bench? Join Mike McIntyre for the conversation, Tuesday morning at 9:00.

Healthcare in Ohio

Posted November 28, 2012
Topics: Economy, Community/Human Interest, Education, Government/Politics, Health

Obamacare promises to insure virtually all Americans by 2014, mandating online insurance marketplaces in each state where people and small businesses can go to compare and shop for plans. Ohio officials will let the feds set up the plan -- known as a health care exchange - for this state. We'll talk about how it will work and how to best choose coverage through the exchange, government-funded insurance or from your employer. Tomorrow morning at 9 with host Mike McIntyre on the Sound of Ideas.

The Science and Politics of Climate Change

Posted November 29, 2012
Topics: Environment, Government/Politics, Technology

Representatives of nearly 200 countries, including the United States, are meeting in Doha, Qatar in an effort to stem greenhouse gases and slow the warming of the planet. Almost everyone agrees it's a global problem that demands a global solution. What promises should the U.S. make? What about the world's biggest producer of environmentally harmful gasses -- China? We'll talk about the science and the politics, tomorrow morning at 9:00 on The Sound of Ideas.

Reporters’ Roundtable 11/30

Posted November 30, 2012
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

Friday morning on the Sound of Ideas - the Cuyahoga County Council was partly designed to cut government waste. But now members claim to need taxpayer-supported personal assistants? We'll take your calls about that - and also discuss the case of the murdered three year old boy. What may have helped that family - and was there any sign of the impending tragedy? Three public figures take their leave from notable positions - one quitting a million dollar hospital job, before he ever started working. We'll look at some end-of-year personnel shifts. It's all beginning at nine - on 90.3.


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