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The Sound of Ideas

The Sound of Ideas: Archive by Date

October 2012

Policy Change at United Way

Posted October 1, 2012
Topics: Education, Government/Politics

The United Way of Greater Cleveland announced this week that it was pulling its funding from the local chapter of the Boy Scouts of America. The reason? The Boy Scouts recently reaffirmed its prohibition of openly gay youth and adults, violating United Way's new equal opportunity policy. On the next Sound of Ideas, the leaders of both local organizations will be here to discuss the funding decision and the broader issues. Join us, Monday morning at 9 here on 90.3.

Trouble with Math

Posted October 2, 2012
Topics: Education

If we asked you to find X, you'd probably think that's an easy one: It's right after W and just before Y. You'd fail math with an answer like that, but you'd hardly be alone. It appears many Americans can't find X in an algebraic equation. A Harvard study says the U.S. lags dozens of other countries in math. Why do we struggle so much? And what are educators here doing to change the trend? Tuesday morning at 9:00 on 90.3.

Online Schools

Posted October 3, 2012
Topics: Education

Twelve times as many Ohio school kids get their education online than in 2000, ranking Ohio second in the nation, just behind Arizona. What kind of education are those 30,000 students getting? We seek to learn more about virtual schools here and why they're growing so fast.

Parsing the Debate

Posted October 4, 2012
Topics: Government/Politics, Elections

Both campaigns have been downplaying expectations for the first Presidential debate. Tomorrow on the Sound of Ideas, we'll see whether there was good reason for lowered expectations. We'll have political experts from Cleveland State University, John Carroll and you. Who scored points? Could either Mitt Romney or President Obama declare victory? And do the debates actually sway anyone, or just solidify their choice? Join the discussion with host Mike McIntyre on 90.3.

Reporters’ Roundtable 10/5

Posted October 5, 2012
Topics: Economy, Education, Government/Politics

Three days in - and early voting is underway in Ohio. Friday morning - just how many people have voted this week... and what is the impact likely to be? Plus, just blocks from Cuyahoga County's Election HQ there’s another presidential appearance-- we'll preview that visit. The state auditor accuses five school districts of fudging their class rosters. And what public enemy is rushing toward induction in the newest rock hall class? It's the Sound of Ideas Reporters' Roundtable - Friday morning at nine with host Rick Jackson.

Looming Tax Hikes

Posted October 8, 2012
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

There's been a lot of talk on the presidential campaign trail about President Obama's desire to hike taxes on the rich. What's not talked about so much is the looming hike in taxes for nearly everyone. Tax cuts enacted under President George W. Bush and President Obama are set to expire next year, including a temporary two percent payroll tax holiday. Should Congress move to extend the tax cuts? Will it? If not, how will their expiration affect the economy? Monday at 9 on the Sound of Ideas with host Mike McIntyre.

Digging for Legally Buried Treasure

Posted October 9, 2012
Topics: Economy, Community/Human Interest

Did you ever throw on a jacket you haven't worn since, say, last year's clam bake and find a $20 bill in the pocket? If so, you know that found money brings its own special kind of happiness. And The Sound of Ideas aims to make you happy Tuesday as The Plain Dealer's Sheryl Harris joins host Mike McIntyre to talk about place where your money -- and we're talking a lot more than a double sawbuck -- might be hiding. Finding unclaimed funds, tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.

CEO of KeyCorp Beth Mooney

Posted October 10, 2012
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Regional Economy/Business - News, Community/Human Interest

Beth Mooney worked her way up from bank secretary in 1977 to CEO of Cleveland-based KeyCorp. We'll ask her about how she rose to the top in the male-dominated world of finance, becoming the first woman at the helm of a top-20 U.S. Bank and one of Forbes' 100 most powerful women in the world. We'll also talk about the state of the banking business and the role of KeyCorp in Northeast Ohio.

Talking Politics and Keeping Your Friends

Posted October 11, 2012
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Government/Politics, Elections

To bring up politics is to risk stepping on the third rail of American relationships. But there's a way to talk politics without starting world war three. It's a fact that most of us feel talking politics is best left to the pundits. But how can we not talk about something so important? And how can we talk politics with friends and still have friends? Thursday on The Sound of Ideas we'll talk with experts who have ideas on how to detoxify our political discussions and keep our personal relationships intact. Join host Mike McIntyre at 9:00 a.m. on 90.3.

Reporters’ Roundtable 10/12

Posted October 12, 2012
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

Tonight it's "the guy next to the guy." So, did Vice Presidential debaters Biden and Ryan meet expectations? Did Congressman Ryan "wonk out," or did gaffes trip up Vice President Biden? Ohioans weigh in on The Sound of Ideas tomorrow. Also on tap – a preview of Monday's Senate match-up. GOP Congressional candidate "Joe the plumber" becomes "Joe no-show." And local commercial property values fluctuate wildly. Join host David Molpus on the reporters' roundtable Friday at 9 on 90.3

Candidates for Ohio’s 16th District

Posted October 15, 2012
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics, Elections

In the newly drawn 16th Congressional District, two incumbents want to keep their Congressional seats: Democrat Betty Sutton and Republican Jim Renacci. Hear their take on the issues -- and on each other -- Monday morning at 9 with host Mike McIntyre on the Sound of Ideas.

Local Tax Issues

Posted October 16, 2012
Topics: Education, Environment, Government/Politics, Elections

We've been hearing a lot about presidential politics and Congressional races in Northeast Ohio. But there are a number of issues on local ballots that don't get quite as much attention. We aim to change that Tuesday on The Sound of Ideas as we discuss schools taxes in Akron and Tallmadge, a plea for more money to fund Lake County Metroparks and a proposal to fund more sheriff's deputies to patrol Lorain County townships. Join host Mike McIntyre Tuesday morning at 9:00.

Domestic and foreign policy with the BBC’s Ros Atkins

Posted October 17, 2012
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics, Elections

Ros Atkins from the BBC's "World Have Your Say" is in Cleveland this week and he'll join host Mike McIntyre in Studio 4 Wednesday to talk about the second presidential debate and how American politics is playing out across the world stage. We'll hear from Ros about his front row seat on news as it breaks around the world. Join us, Wednesday at 9 on 90.3.

The Surprising History of Whales

Posted October 18, 2012
Topics: Arts and Culture, History, Natural Sciences, Community/Human Interest

It is political season and candidates are trolling for votes. Whether you're already on someone's hook or not, you may be looking for a little respite from the daily campaign grind. So let's take a break and go whale watching. That's right, whales. The Cleveland Museum of Natural History is set to open a new exhibit on whales. We'll learn all about them -- and won't even think about their tax bracket. Join host Mike McIntyre for a whale of a tale.

Reporters’ Roundtable 10/19

Posted October 19, 2012
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics, Elections

On the reporter's roundtable this week - failing report cards for two local school systems. The Browns hang out the "Open Under New Management" sign....and politics, politics, politcs. And we had two debates this week between the men fighting to be your U.S. Senator. Sometimes they imagined big ideas.....and sometimes they just talked about each other. Our panel of journalists will talk with you - Friday morning with host Rick Jackson on 90.3.

Campaign Ads

Posted October 22, 2012
Topics: Government/Politics, Elections

I'm Mike McIntyre and I approve this message because it's time someone started talking about the campaign ads that are such dominant part of our lives this election season. On the next Sound of Ideas, what makes a campaign commercial effective? Do attack ads succeed in turning the tide, or just turning our stomachs? And why does there seem to be so many more ads this year than in previous elections. Join our conversation Monday at 9 on 90.3.

Debate Over Foreign Policy

Posted October 23, 2012
Topics: Government/Politics, Elections

Tuesday on The Sound of Ideas, we'll analyze the third and final debate in the Presidential race. The focus is foreign policy: Who'll establish their international credentials? What weaknesses were exposed? We'll talk about Libya, Israel, war in the Middle East and trade with China and we'll discuss whether the three debates helped anyone decide whether Mitt Romney or Barack Obama should get the job. Join host Mike McIntyre with your thoughts, Tuesday morning at 9:00.

Small Business Investments in Northeast Ohio

Posted October 24, 2012
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

Forget American Idol, these contestants want to be the next American mogul. A hundred aspiring entrepreneurs made their pitches in Cleveland last week to a panel of successful business leaders. One, a distiller, was named the winner. On the next Sound of Ideas, we'll hear from some contestants and organizers of the competition. Plus, we'll learn from a local investor what distinguishes an interesting idea from one worth putting money into. Join host Mike McIntyre Wednesday morning at 9.

Local Ballot Questions

Posted October 25, 2012
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Government/Politics, Elections, Transportation

You've heard a lot about the major election issues. Thursday on The Sound of Ideas, we'll look at some lesser-known ballot issues: Bedford Heights residents will vote on whether to strip Jimmy Dimora's name from a public building and require future honorees to be deceased first. Brecksville and Newburgh Heights voters are asked to declare that corporations are not people. Really? And why do we still have to vote on Sunday alcohol sales at bars and stores? Thursday morning at 9:00

Reporters’ Roundtable 10/26

Posted October 26, 2012
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics, Elections

Pilots in training make fewer touch-and-go landings than the presidential candidates have across Ohio these past Friday morning on the Sound of Ideas Reporter's Roundtable - we'll look back at this run of rallies and vote begging unseen in the annals of Buckeye history. We'll also review Thursday night's debate between the Senate hopefuls, the need - or lack of one - for local newspapers to endorse national candidates - and a decision on how to spend all that casino cash. Friday morning at nine - on 90.3 with host Rick Jackson.

Presidential Politics and Energy Policy

Posted October 29, 2012
Topics: Economy, Energy, Shale, Government/Politics, Elections

One of the crucial issues for both presidential candidates as they woo Ohio voters is energy. President Obama says domestic oil, natural gas and coal production are up, and his push for renewable energy will pay long-term benefits. Mitt Romney promises energy independence by 2020 and says Obama is blocking more drilling on federal land and waters. And Obama is hindering coal production with excessive regulations. Monday on “The Sound of Ideas” we'll look at the candidate's energy policies and examine their claims.

A Mandate for Autism Coverage?

Posted October 30, 2012
Topics: Education, Health, Children's Health, Mental Health

Should insurance companies be required to cover diagnostic and therapy services for autism and the wide spectrum of disorders related to it? A bipartisan group of 30 Ohio lawmakers is backing such a requirement, noting that 32 states already have such a law. Business groups are heavily opposed. They see the law as yet another mandate that will drive up health insurance costs for all. Join host Mike McIntyre for the discussion Tuesday morning at 9:00 on The Sound of Ideas.

Tax Deductions and Politics

Posted October 31, 2012
Topics: Arts and Culture, Motion Pictures (Film, Video), Economy, Government/Politics, Elections

There's no place like home, especially when home also serves as a tax shelter. Tens of millions of taxpayers take advantage of the mortgage interest deduction, saving roughly $600 year. But some argue the government can no longer afford to let people write off the interest they pay on mortgages. How do President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney differ in their ideas to deal with mortgage interest and other tax deductions? Tomorrow morning at 9 with host Mike McIntyre on the Sound of Ideas.


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