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The Sound of Ideas

The Sound of Ideas: Archive by Date

June 2012

Reporters’ Roundtable 6/1

Posted June 1, 2012
Topics: Government/Politics

So what's Frank Russo doing rockin' Cleveland's nightclub scene, instead of stewing in a cell? We'll look at the reasons for the free-as-a-bird lifestyle of the convicted former auditor. We'll also check the decision not to fund the proposed wind turbine farm in Lake Erie – which is raising some ire locally…And we’ll take calls on the judicial ruling that allows video slot machine installations at Ohio's horse tracks... The first one opens tomorrow afternoon! Join host Rick Jackson Friday morning - for the Sound of Ideas.

Third Grade Reading Requirement

Posted June 4, 2012
Topics: Education

Ohio Governor John Kasich wants to make it the law in Ohio that third graders who fail to read proficiently also fail to move on to fourth grade. The Ohio Senate sought to soften the governor's proposal. The Ohio House proposes keeping it strict. A final vote is expected soon. On the next Sound of Ideas, should third graders become fourth graders if they can't read? Why are some schools failing to teach this essential academic skill and how can they improve? Join host Mike McIntyre Monday at 9.

Northeast Ohio Innovators

Posted June 5, 2012
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends

A doctor creates a new kind of neck brace that selectively cools the brain, protecting against neurological damage from stroke, heart attack or injury. A college professor invents a glass and silicone sponge that can suck an oil spill out of water. A Cleveland start-up finds a way to turn the bones of old homes into usable furniture. Innovators in Northeast Ohio are shaking the rust off the rust belt. Find out how,Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. on the Sound of Ideas. Program initially aired March 27, 2012.

Elder Abuse

Posted June 6, 2012
Topics: Health, Aging/The Elderly

The elderly can be easy prey for caregivers who neglect or abuse them and con artists who try to separate them from their hard earned cash. Whatever happened to respecting our elders? I'm Mike McIntyre. Join me and our panel of experts on the Sound of Ideas tomorrow as we talk about the scourge of elder abuse and what's being done -- or needs to be done -- to protect the aged. Join the conversation at 9 on 90.3.

New Gas Drilling Rules

Posted June 7, 2012
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Energy, Shale, Government/Politics, Health, Transportation

The natural gas boom is on in Ohio. Governor Kasich will soon sign into law new regulations for natural gas drillers. The "fracking" technique used to extract the gas from deep shale deposits still alarms environmentalists. The state regulations don't offer adequate protection, they say. But drilling advocates counter that requirements are among the strictest anywhere, and the potential financial rewards are staggering. Join us Thursday at 9:00 a.m. on The Sound of Ideas

Friday Reporters’ Roundtable 6/8

Posted June 8, 2012
Topics: Government/Politics

Go ahead - Breathe a sigh of relief if you drive rather nervously across the Innerbelt Bridge - Seems the state's decided it won't have to stand there another decade or so after all. This week's Reporter's Roundtable examines a shift that puts the second span in operation just a few years late, instead of a generation from now. We'll also look at a guilty plea from yet another convicted criminal in the County corruption case - and this one reaches outside the county boundaries. The Sound of Ideas Friday at 9 with host Rick Jackson on 90.3.

Teen Driving

Posted June 11, 2012
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Education

In one tragic teen-age moment, four Brunswick High School students recently lost their lives in a car crash. Monday on "the Sound of Ideas," we'll talk about the tragedy and discuss how law enforcement, educators and parents stress safety to young drivers. No one is invincible, especially on the road. We'll also look at how to better train young drivers who simply lack experience. Join host Mike McIntyre Monday at 9 on 90.3.

College for More; Skills for All

Posted June 12, 2012
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Education

When a greater percentage of people in a region attain a college degree, the region grows and prospers. People who earn college degrees generally make more money than those who don't and are less likely to be unemployed. On the next Sound of Ideas, we'll add to the ongoing community-wide discussion about creating a college-going culture here and throughout the state. And we'll talk about how to match what's taught to the skills employers need. Tuesday at 9:00 a.m.

Art and Education

Posted June 13, 2012
Topics: Arts and Culture, Education

Schools continue to suffer budget woes, forcing cuts educators would rather not make. Often, programs like art and music education are the first to go. A recent three year study from the University of Chicago indicates arts education isn't a frill. It's essential, and its impact on low income children is particularly significant. Can we afford arts education? Can our kids afford to lose it? Join host Mike McIntyre tomorrow at 9 on the Sound of Ideas.

Working with Nature:  Lawns & Gardens

Posted June 14, 2012
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Environment

How does your garden grow? Does the lawn need some help? On the next Sound of Ideas, we'll head outside along with all the neighbors to talk about gardening and lawn care with specific ideas about organic techniques. Some landscapers are freezing weeds and introducing clover to keep lawns green without herbicides. And if you want to repel bugs, we've got one word for you: Marigolds. Maybe you've got other suggestions. Grab your gloves and join us Thursday at 9:00 a.m.

Friday Reporters’ Roundtable 6/15

Posted June 15, 2012
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

Looking for a short cut to the White House? You might want to start out from Cleveland - or Cincinnati - or hey, even from Brunswick! One of those paths will work.... and it might be up to Ohio voters, to choose which! Friday morning on the reporter's round table - we'll talk about the twin trips, following record amounts of advertising dollars the campaigns spent here this week - and what messages each man delivered. Plus drug busts, gambling protests, and no respect for the Flashes. Join host Rick Jackson at 9 on the Sound of Ideas.

Legislative Recap

Posted June 18, 2012
Topics: Government/Politics

The legislature, and Governor John Kasich, have been busy in the past week. On the Next Sound of Ideas, we'll update you on what's been happening at the capital: The governor's mid-biennium budget passed and the Cleveland schools reform plan gets the nod. We'll also check on the third grade reading guarantee, new rules for fracking, and look at a pending bill that would change the definition of a loaded gun. Join us, Monday at 9 on the Sound of Ideas.

Downtown Living

Posted June 19, 2012
Topics: Economy, Housing/Real Estate, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Community/Human Interest

It used to be that downtowns like Cleveland's and Akron's were empty after the workday. Unless there was a big concert or a ball game, you could just roll up the sidewalks and turn off the lights. Those days are over, now. Apartment renters, many of them young professionals, are flocking back to urban centers in big numbers, bringing life and energy back to downtown. We'll meet with some of them to ask about the appeal, and the challenges, Thursday at 9:00 on The Sound of Ideas.

West Side Market

Posted June 20, 2012
Topics: Arts and Culture, Economy, Community/Human Interest, Health

We're headed to the West Side Market for a live broadcast of the Sound of Ideas. We'd love to have you join us there. We'll set up in the produce pavilion and visit with some of the vendors, talk about the hundred-year-old market's rich history and discuss whether anything needs to change. Later hours, perhaps? Meet us there to share your stories about the West Side Market. Wednesday at 9 a.m. with host Mike McIntyre on 90.3.

What’s the Future for Newspapers?

Posted June 21, 2012
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Community/Human Interest

Even if it's not a front page headline, it's no secret that newspapers are losing circulation, shedding staff and in some cases, ceasing daily publication. There seems to be more content on the internet than ever before, but is it the same quality? Is the watchdog role in peril? On the next Sound of Ideas, we'll examine the effect on communities, and on democracy as a whole, as major news organizations continue to cut the bottom line. Join us, Thursday at 9:00, here on 90.3.

Reporters’ Roundtable 6/22

Posted June 22, 2012
Topics: Government/Politics

Three men will likely spend the rest of their lives behind bars... but that's little consolation to thousands of people who lost millions of dollars. On the reporter's roundtable, we'll revisit the guilty verdict in the Fair Finance scam, being called the most significant fraud case in recent memory. Also looking for money lost; is ODOT. What's the schedule for the Innerbelt Bridge now - after the feds said no to a grant request? And how about Kent State? We'll talk baseball, too. Join host Rick Jackson Friday morning at nine.

Women of Note

Posted June 25, 2012
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Community/Human Interest

The "Women of Note" honored by Crain's this year are noteworthy for their accomplishments and their perseverance. On the next Sound of Ideas, we'll spend an hour with four of them to discuss their struggles and successes. The president of the Urban League of Greater Cleveland, the owner of two AAMCO franchises, the executive director of the Akron Marathon and the construction boss for a local developer will join us. Their stories with host Mike McIntyre Monday at 9.

The Changing Nature of Zoos

Posted June 26, 2012
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Environment

Steve Taylor spent nearly a quarter century at the helm of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, presiding over tranformative projects like the RainForest and the Elephant Crossing. Tomorrow, we'll meet with Taylor for an exit interview has he prepares to retire at year's end. And we'll be joined by leaders at other Ohio zoos to learn how their missions have evolved over the years and how important their role in animal conservation has become. Tuesday at 9:00 on the Sound of Ideas.

The State of our Lakefront Parks

Posted June 27, 2012
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Environment, Government/Politics

Lake Erie is a huge regional asset, but the state-owned lakefront parks in Cleveland hardly capitalize on it. Run down facilities, beaches strewn with debris,overgrown grass. The state took over Cleveland's lakefront parks in the 1970s and generally gets low grades for its stewardship. For the past decade, there's been talk about a Metroparks takeover. Would regional control improve conditions? And if so, what's taking so long to make the move? Tomorrow at 9 with host Mike McIntyre on the Sound of Ideas.

Best Workplaces 2012

Posted June 28, 2012
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Community/Human Interest

A new Nielsen survey shows Americans are happier at work now than they've been in the past few years. Still, most people hate their jobs; 2005 was the last year that a majority of Americans reported being happy at work. On the next Sound of Ideas, we'll find out what some local companies are doing to keep their employees in the happy minority. And we'll ask: What does it take to make you whistle while you work? Thursday at 9:00.

Reporters’ Roundtable 6/29

Posted June 29, 2012
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

The Supreme Court upholds most of the health care law. What will it mean for Ohioans? On the Friday reporters' roundtable we'll talk to Attorney General Mike DeWine about the decision and the state's next move. Plus the latest polls in Ohio: President Obama may be opening up a lead against Mitt Romney. A debate grows over how to spend Cuyahoga County's casino tax windfall. And we'll talk about the Cavaliers' moves in the NBA draft. Join us Friday at 9 with host Erick Trickey for The Sound of Ideas.


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