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The Sound of Ideas

The Sound of Ideas: Archive by Date

December 2011

When Should the State Step In?

Posted December 1, 2011
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Government/Politics, Ethics/Religion, Health, Children's Health

Cuyahoga County social workers recently removed a child from his mother's home and placed him in foster care over issues related to his excessive weight. That's sparked discussion about whether government should enforce healthy lifestyles. The eight-year-old child weighs more than 200 pounds. But with more than 12 percent of third-graders in Ohio considered severely obese, when should government intervene? Share your thoughts, Thursday morning at 9:00.

Friday Reporters’ Roundtable 12/2

Posted December 2, 2011
Topics: Government/Politics

Payroll abuse at the Cleveland Fire Department including 28 firefighters who called in sick on Thanksgiving. What message are they sending in the wake of Issue 2? State Senator Nina Turner files paper work to challenge Congresswoman Marcia Fudge in 2012. Plus, Chiquita moves its headquarters to Charlotte North Carolina while Ohio steps up its effort to bring Sears to the state. It's the Friday reporters roundtable. Join us this with your questions Friday at 9 on 90.3

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Posted December 5, 2011
Topics: Health, Mental Health, Facing Depression

We used to just call them the winter blues. Seasonal Affective Disorder -- appropriately, SAD for short -- results in episodes of depression this time of year. Monday on the Sound of Ideas, we'll talk about the effect of short days and long nights on our disposition and how best to overcome episodes of sadness and low energy . And we'll look at how holidays can contribute to depression. Join us with your thoughts and experiences, Monday at 9.

Buying in Your Own Backyard

Posted December 6, 2011
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Government/Politics

Shopping for the holidays? There are ways to do it that benefit both the recipient of your gift and the local economy. Whether you're giving a box of chocolates, a fine bottle of wine, scented candles, fashion accessories or something more practical -- like a space heater to take the edge off those cold Northeast Ohio winters -- we'll tell you how to buy local, whether it's made here or headquartered here. What's your favorite local gift? Join us Tuesday morning at 9:00.

Ten Letters

Posted December 7, 2011
Topics: Government/Politics

Each night, President Obama opens a purple folder filled with ten letters chosen by his staff among the thousands received each day at the White House. Often, he responds with a handwritten note of his own. On the next Sound of Ideas, we'll visit with Washington Post writer Eli Saslow, author of "Ten Letters: The Stories Americans Tell Their President." And we'll hear from a local letter writer whose note helped guide the president's health care policy. Tomorrow at 9.

Firefighter Pay and Leave Policy

Posted December 8, 2011
Topics: Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Government/Politics

A city audit of the Cleveland Fire Department show that oversight of firefighters was apparently so lax that some got paid without working. Others fixed their schedules so they could live as far away as California and still be a full time firefighter in Cleveland. A second audit is underway to determine the scope of abuses and the cost to taxpayers. We'll talk about what happened, whether abuses are widespread and what the city intends to do about it, Thursday at 9:00.

Friday Reporters’ Roundtable 12/9

Posted December 9, 2011
Topics: Economy, Community/Human Interest, Government/Politics

Ohio's Congressional Election attracts national attention. And the site of the region's worst criminal case is no more. We'll discuss those developments on the reporter's roundtable this week - as well as the corporate tax deals which have secured thousands of jobs for the region...some of which could help change the face of downtown Cleveland. Plus six bands are new inductees for the Rock Hall... with the ceremonies back in Cleveland next spring. That's Friday morning at nine - on 90.3.

Chancellor Jim Petro

Posted December 12, 2011
Topics: Education

Jim Petro, the former Ohio attorney general, became chancellor of education in march, leading the state's university system -- 14 universities, 23 community colleges and more than 140 adult education programs. We'll visit with Petro Monday to talk about his vision for higher education, concerns about college affordability and his plan to boost Ohio's 26 percent bachelor's degree attainment rate. Join us at 9.

Coming Congressional Clashes

Posted December 13, 2011
Topics: Government/Politics

The new year and new Congressional district maps bring intriguing political possibilities for our region. Incumbents will battle each other in the primary for the 9th Congressional District and, it appears, in the general election for the 16th district. And in the 11th district Democratic primary, an incumbent faces a bold challenge from an ambitious state senator. We'll discuss the issues, the candidates and their chances, Tuesday at 9:00 a.m.

Do Tax Incentives Bring Business?

Posted December 14, 2011
Topics: Government/Politics

The state of Ohio is offering tax breaks to keep dozens of companies from leaving, to help them expand here or to attract them to move to the state. The Ohio Tax Credit Authority approved deals for 30 companies this month in the interest of job creation and retention. Eight Northeast Ohio companies will benefit from nearly $50 million dollars in breaks. On the next Sound of Ideas, do tax breaks deliver on their promises? Critics say they amount to corporate welfare. What do you think? Tomorrow at 9.

Changing Political Climate in the Arab World

Posted December 15, 2011
Topics: Community/Human Interest, Immigration, Terrorism

This week marks a year since the unrest that swept across the Middle East began to boil over in Tunisia. Dictators were swept out in Egypt and Libya during what became known as Arab Spring and the calls for change continue in places like Syria, Bahrain and Yemen. On the next Sound of Ideas, we'll talk about what change means in the middle east. How will reform be accomplished and what role should U.S. policy play. Join us with your thoughts, Thursday at 9:00.

Friday Reporters’ Roundtable 12/16

Posted December 16, 2011
Topics: Economy, Education, Government/Politics

The Ohio House approves a revised redistricting map paving the way for a single primary. Mark your calendars- Ohioans will vote March 6. And the heartbeat bill comes to a screeching halt after "more confusion than consensus" says Sen. President Tom Niehouse. A Cleveland Heights boy put in foster care because of his weight will now live temporarily with his uncle. Plus the latest on Browns quarterback Colt McCoy's concussion. Join us for the Friday reporters' roundtable Friday at 9 on 90.3.

Mayor Frank Jackson

Posted December 19, 2011

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson has been criticized in the past for being a man of few words and, his detractors say, few grand ideas. But this year, he's pushing big-picture plans: A $2 billion lakefront redevelopment, restructuring the fire and EMS divisions and shutting off Public Square traffic to create a landmark park. We'll spend an hour with the mayor, and hear more than a few words on these and other topics, Monday at 9 on the Sound of Ideas.

Native Americans in NE Ohio

Posted December 20, 2011
Topics: Community/Human Interest

On the next Sound of Ideas, we'll learn about the Native American population in Northeast Ohio. Many people of American Indian heritage don't trace their history to ancient inhabitants of the Western Reserve: Instead, they were moved here from distant reservations, mostly in the west, as part of a federal relocation program after World War II. We'll talk about the economic struggles of urban Indians and get a snapshot of the local community today. Join us with your questions, Tuesday morning at 9:00.

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald

Posted December 21, 2011
Topics: Government/Politics

As Ed FitzGerald finishes his first year as Cuyahoga County's first ever executive, we'll ask him how he thinks the county has improved and what it still needs to work on. We're asking you, too. Has confidence been restored in a county where thieves were running the government store? Is government more efficient and accountable? And when will regionalism be more than a concept? Join us as we spend the hour with Ed FitzGerald, Wednesday at 9 on the Sound of Ideas.

Paying Your Civic Rent

Posted December 22, 2011
Topics: Community/Human Interest

The holidays spur many of us to give our time or money to those less fortunate. You might have heard of the anonymous elves who recently paid off layaway tabs, no doubt brightening the season for those struggling to pay a bill. The need, though, exists well beyond the holiday season. On the next Sound of Ideas, we'll meet with Northeast Ohioans who make it their mission to help others throughout the year. Join us Thursday at 9:00.

Friday Reporters’ Roundtable 12/23

Posted December 23, 2011
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

The EPA drops the hammer on utility companies, demanding plant emission improvements. Among the hardest hit will be three of the largest suppliers; all of which, are Ohio based. We'll be examining what the EPA order requires and what it will cost. We'll also consider Ohio's high flying governor - and why his favored method of travel is drawing so much 'Air Time". Join us - Friday morning at nine, on 90.3.

Backstory with the American History Guys

Posted December 26, 2011
Topics: Arts and Culture

Christmas may be the big kahuna of American holy days, but it wasn’t always so. It used to be a time of drunken rowdiness, when the poor would demand food and money from the rich. The Puritans banned Christmas altogether. It wasn’t until the 1820s that the holiday was re-invented as the peaceful, family-oriented, and consumeristic ritual we celebrate today. In this episode, the History Guys examine the history of the “holiday season” in America. Has Christmas grown more or less religious? How has the holiday evolved and changed here? To what extent was Hanukkah a reaction to Christmas, and how have American Jews shaped and reshaped their own wintertime rituals?

Surviving the Age of Distraction

Posted December 27, 2011
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Community/Human Interest, Education, Environment, Health, Aging/The Elderly, Parenting/Child Care, Mental Health, Science, Technology

We live in a time of constant distractions and interruptions. We’re at the beck and call of our mobile phones 24/7. We're bombarded by e-mails at our desks and on our smart phones. And text messages often break our concentration. On the next Sound of Ideas, hear an encore presentation about how all of this impacts our lives --- at home and in the workplace --- and how we can best adapt to it. Program originally aired Aug. 24, 2011.

Changing Gears

Posted December 28, 2011
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

A look back at 2011 with stories exploring the economic transformation of the industrial Midwest, through the stories of people driving and experiencing this change.

2011’s Top Interviews

Posted December 29, 2011
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Community/Human Interest, Education, Government/Politics, Health

Throughout 2011, you've joined us for discussions on everything from education to the economy, sports to international diplomacy, politics to the arts. Join us as we look back at some of our favorite interviews from 2011. Thursday morning at 9:00 on 90.3.

Friday Reporters’ Roundtable: Year in Review

Posted December 30, 2011

In 2011 Ohioans did some serious talking about public policy change that affects the pocketbook - from how best to spur economic development and balance budgets - to consideration of a major overhaul of collective bargaining. In some ways the ground shifted; in others...it decidedly did not. Regionally, it was also a year of fast-paced culture change for county government and a surprising twist in the Cuyahoga County corruption saga. Join us for the Sound of Ideas year in review show Friday at 9 on 90.3


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