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The Sound of Ideas

The Sound of Ideas: Archive by Date

November 2010

Anti-Obesity Innovation

Posted November 1, 2010
Topics: Health, Children's Health, Other, Community/Human Interest, Technology

Obesity is the leading cause of preventable death in America. That's why some of the best minds in the country are taking it on. Monday on the Sound of Ideas, we'll find out how they're doing. Advances in bariatric surgery have improved thousands of lives and nutrition science has opened new pathways to better health. But so far, drug therapy has failed to produce rewards that outweigh the risks. Join us for a discussion on what else might be on the horizon for treatment of public health enemy number one. Monday morning at 9:00 on The sound of ideas.

Meet the Park Bosses

Posted November 1, 2010
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - News, Environment

Rivers, marshes, forests and miles of trails for hiking, biking and jogging wind through the vast expanses of the Cleveland Metroparks and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Combined, they encompass 86 square miles - an area larger than the entire city of Cleveland. What's being done to preserve and enhance these important regional assets? Both parks are under new management. We'll have the bosses here to talk about the work they're doing to allow us to play. Tuesday at 9 on 90.3.

Election Analysis

Posted November 3, 2010
Topics: Education, Government/Politics

Election Day has come and voters across the region are deciding who will represent them locally, at the Statehouse and in Congress. Cuyahoga County voters choose the first county executive and council. On The Sound of Ideas Wednesday, we'll spend the morning making sense of the results. Who are the new faces? What ideas carried the day? How has the political landscape changed? And which school districts will need to retool and reload for another run at a levy? A post-election ‘what happened and why’ at 9:00 a.m. on 90.3.

Technology in the Classroom

Posted November 4, 2010
Topics: Education

These days the Apple on the teacher’s desk comes with a keyboard. Technology brings the information superhighway into the classroom. Parents get real-time information on homework and grades via e-mail. And one day, students may not even carry books. Algebra? There'll be an app for that. Educators across the country will come to Hathaway Brown school in Shaker Heights today for a summit on education innovation. Join the conversation with host Mike McIntyre to explore how technology is spurring that innovation, Thursday at 9 on 90.3.

Weekly Regional Roundtable

Posted November 5, 2010
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - News, Government/Politics

What happened across Ohio and the country on Tuesday? Did America swing right? Did "no" become the new "yes?" or was it a case of "electile dysfunction." Divided government will reign in Washington but the Republicans' clean sweep in Ohio leaves them in complete control in Columbus. So, what now? Reflections from our reporters' roundtable, plus a conversation with the new Executive in charge of the state's biggest county...Friday at 9:00 on 90.3

Science Cafe: Crash Data Recorders

Posted November 8, 2010
Topics: Other, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Technology, Transportation

Almost all cars manufactured today have a tiny event data recorder hidden somewhere on board. Like an airplane's black box, it collects information before and after a crash. Were you speeding? Did you buckle up? The box knows. So will the authorities and the insurance companies. On our Science Café edition of the Sound of Ideas, we'll learn how the data recorders work, what the information is used for and why some people worry that the technology might one day put Big Brother in the passenger's seat. Monday at 9:00 on 90.3.

How Much Should I Borrow for College?

Posted November 8, 2010
Topics: Education

For high school seniors who plan to attend college, and their families, now is the time to get down to business. Last chance to take the entrance exams, prepare the applications and write the essays. Oh, and there's the small matter of choosing a school and coming up with tuition. On the next Sound of Ideas, should kids know what they want to do and consider how much the job pays before deciding how much to spend on college? Choosing the right college that's also right for your budget, Tuesday at 9 on 90.3.

Making Do With Less

Posted November 10, 2010
Topics: Education, Government/Politics, Other, Community/Human Interest

The voters spoke last week by electing a cost-cutting Republican majority to both houses of the Ohio legislature and every statewide office, not to mention the U.S. House. In our region, voters signaled spending fatigue as they rejected school levies and city income tax issues by the dozens. So, what now? How will our new representatives make the cuts and fill the budget holes? How will schools pare costs to fit shrinking budgets? And how can we become part of the discussion that on reshaping government? Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. on the Sound of Ideas.

The Future of Passenger Rail in Ohio

Posted November 11, 2010
Topics: Other, Transportation

The “3-C” passenger rail line that would have linked Cleveland to Columbus and Cincinnati is off the tracks. Governor-elect John Kasich calls it an expensive boondoggle and vows that if he can't redirect the 400 million dollars in federal funds earmarked for the project, he'll just give the money back. Does that mean passenger rail in Ohio is dead? Or is there the will -- and the means -- to build European-style high-speed rail in the buckeye state? All Aboard the Sound of Ideas, Thursday at 9 on 90.3.

Journalists’ Roundtable

Posted November 12, 2010
Topics: Government/Politics, Other, Community/Human Interest, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Transportation

Cuyahoga County's Executive-elect wants to head off any possibility of continued corruption as a new charter takes effect. Friday on The Sound of Ideas journalists' roundtable, we'll see how executive Ed FitzGerald plans to keep corruption at bay. Also, what could new Republican leadership in the Ohio House mean for Northeast Ohio? And can Hopkins International Airport keep its hub status? We'll discuss those and other stories making headlines this week, on The Sound of Ideas, Friday at 9:00 on 90.3.

Resisting the Pull of Parkinson’s

Posted November 15, 2010
Topics: Health

More than one and a half million Americans live with the tremors and shakes of Parkinson's disease and 50,000 new patients are diagnosed each year. There's no cure, but researchers in Northeast Ohio are making exciting progress in discovering the cause and identifying therapies. Can yoga, pilates, swimming, or dance slow the progress and even the onset of Parkinson's? It might not be as easy as riding a bike, but that might help. A lot. Join us Monday at 9 on the Sound of Ideas.

HIV/AIDS in Northeast Ohio & Cleveland’s Needle Exchange Program

Posted November 16, 2010

HIV and AIDS aren't the headline grabbers they once were, but there's still an alarming increase in the percentage of very young people in our region who are contracting the virus. New medications are keeping people alive longer than once expected and fear of getting AIDS through casual contact has faded. On the next Sound of Ideas, we'll talk about the state of HIV and AIDS in Northeast Ohio nearly 30 years after the disease's onset. Plus, we'll discuss needle exchange, a controversial program that's reducing one of the most common ways of spreading HIV and other diseases. Join us, Tuesday at 9 on 90.3.

Oasis of Growth

Posted November 17, 2010
Topics: Arts and Culture, Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Education, Government/Politics, Other, Housing/Real Estate

University Circle, the east side Cleveland neighborhood that holds major cultural attractions and the city's world-renowned hospitals, is booming. It's an oasis of growth in a desert of stagnation with a total of $3 billion in new construction underway. We'll get an update Wednesday and talk about the role that nonprofit, quasi-governmental organizations such as University Circle, Inc. play in revitalizing our city. Wednesday at 9:00 on the Sound of Ideas.

Water Department Woes

Posted November 18, 2010

The Cleveland Division of Water is still flooded with complaints despite extensive changes aimed at improving customer service. Utilities director Barry Withers and the city's chief of operations, Darnell Brown, will be in studio to answer questions, field complaints and hear suggestions. Plus, a suburban mayor tries to slow down plans that would triple sewer bills in the region. We'll talk with him, too, tomorrow at 9 on the Sound of Ideas.

Journalists’ Roundtable

Posted November 19, 2010
Topics: Education, Government/Politics, Other, Community/Human Interest

Northeast Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich has ignited an intra-party battle with his campaign for the key minority position on the House Oversight Committee. Statehouse Republicans warn educators they're likely to share in the heavy budget-cutting that's about to happen in Columbus. Cleveland's RTA has adopted a lenient attitude toward youthful fare-jumpers. And Akron finally gets its town Christmas tree. Join us for the weekly regional roundtable Friday at 9:00 a.m. on 90.3.

The Soul of Northeast Ohio Communities

Posted November 22, 2010

Great schools, ample green space, and safe streets all help create strong communities. But what else attracts people to the communities they live in? What do people value about their home towns? What are the assets and challenges of these areas? The Knight Foundation asked those same questions and recently shared the results of a three year study in 26 cities evaluating these exact questions. Join the conversation and tell us what is important to you and your family. Monday at 9 on 90.3.

The Future of Cleveland Hopkins Airport

Posted November 23, 2010
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Other, Transportation

As thousands of travelers take to the sky this week, we'll talk to Director of Port Control Ricky Smith about the future of Cleveland Hopkins Airport. Now that Continental and United Airlines have merged, can the airport maintain its hub status? How does the Northeast Ohio business community play a role in supporting the airport? Plus, how the TSA's new, more aggressive screening process is being received here. Join the conversation, Tuesday at 9, on 90.3.

The Immigrant’s Way

Posted November 24, 2010
Topics: Other, Immigration

She was 19 when she arrived in this country with $187 to her name. Margaret Wong now runs a hugely successful immigration law practice with offices in Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit and New York. We'll talk with her about her journey and her advice for other immigrants, which she gives in her practice and through her book, "The Immigrant's Way." Plus, historian Ken Davis gives us the real story of the first Thanksgiving. For one thing, it was in October, not November. Join the conversation tomorrow at 9 on the Sound of Ideas.

Vene, Vidi, Visa (I Came, I Saw, I Shopped)

Posted November 26, 2010
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Other, Community/Human Interest, Miscellaneous, Holiday

It's Black Friday, the day shoppers push retailers into the black and, too often, their own budgets into the red. Holiday shoppers will spend close to a half-trillion dollars on a dazzling array of merchandise. If you're not armed with information, it's easy to get ripped off. A stiff dose of caveat emptor is what we're about today. For instance, make a budget and stick to it. More than 13-million people are still paying off last year's Christmas bills. Tips on smart shopping Friday on The Sound of Ideas.

Cleveland’s Port

Posted November 29, 2010
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - News, Government/Politics, Other, Transportation

The Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority has encountered choppy waters over the past few years, but its new skipper, CEO William Friedman, says he's charting a fresh course, one that concentrates on where the port is now instead of some distant dream on the horizon. Friedman wants to beef up shipping, deftly dispose of Cuyahoga River dredgings without breaking the bank, and restore confidence in an agency that has done plenty to lose it. Can the port really become ship-shape again? Join us for the conversation Monday at 9:00 on 90.3. An encore presentation of The Sound of Ideas.

Pushing Parent Involvement

Posted November 30, 2010
Topics: Education

In Cleveland, teams of administrators are delivering alarm clocks to the homes of chronically truant students. In Michigan, a county prosecutor proposes jailing parents who repeatedly miss teacher conferences. Educators agree that students do better in school when their parents are involved, whether that means assuring their attendance, monitoring their homework or meeting with their teachers. But what happens when parents are absent from their kids' schooling? Does coaxing or compelling them to be involved actually work? And should schools take more responsibility for connecting with parents? Getting parents to pay attention to school, Tuesday at 9 on the Sound of Ideas.


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