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The Sound of Ideas

The Sound of Ideas: Archive by Date

July 2010

Averting a Train Wreck

Posted July 1, 2010
Topics: Government/Politics

The state of Ohio has laid off workers, drained the rainy day fund and spent billions of federal stimulus dollars just to patch the current two-year budget. But, starting next year, there's a new budget shortfall that could be as big as $8-billion. Experts say that's way too big a hole to be filled by a tax increase or spending cuts alone. So how does state government avoid a great fiscal train wreck? Thursday on the Sound of ideas, we'll get an update from Columbus and talk to a couple of think-tanks about possible solutions.

Rocco Scotti & The Capitol Steps

Posted July 2, 2010
Topics: Government/Politics, Other, Community/Human Interest, Miscellaneous, Holiday

The National Anthem is a song we're all supposed to know and be able to sing, but as it happens most Americans struggle earnestly to hit the right notes and many can't remember the words. One master of the Star Spangled Banner though is Northeast Ohio's own - Rocco Scotti. For some 20 years he sang it before nearly every Indian's game and performed it on many other stages. In celebration of Independence Day, we reprise a conversation with Rocco about the joys and challenges of singing the National Anthem. How does he hit his trademark high G? What does he think of some of the more non-traditional renditions? Join us for Rocco Scotti followed by a July 4th special from The Capitol Steps.

Special Broadcast:  An Informed Republic

Posted July 5, 2010
Topics: Government/Politics, Other, Miscellaneous, Holiday

As the SOI team celebrates the July 4th holiday, we hope you enjoy this special broadcast by Humanmedia. America's founders recognized that that without a king, the fledgling nation would need an informed citizenry -- or their bold experiment in democracy would fail. So in early America the government subsidized newspapers, established the postal system to facilitate information flow and drew up plans for public education. But now in the digital age, does the demise of newspapers threaten citizens' access to quality journalistic information? Does remarkably low civic knowledge by average Americans weaken the fabric of democracy? This one-hour Humankind documentary features retired Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Pulitzer Prize-winning historians Gordon Wood and Annette Gordon-Reed, new media analyst Robert McChesney, voices of tourists at the Newseum, and others.

Parenting 101

Posted July 6, 2010
Topics: Education, Health, Children's Health, Other, Community/Human Interest

At three years old, they're trying to climb into your bed in the middle of the night. At 13, they may not want to be seen with you, especially not at the mall. What's a parent to do? Tuesday morning at 9:00, we'll introduce you to two local child psychologists who can answer that question. They'll explain the dangers of "helicopter parents" who hover too close; what happens when parents give young children too much freedom; and what's actually happening in the mind of a child. Bring your parenting questions and experiences to The Sound of Ideas with host Dan Moulthrop for a conversation about the most important job many of us ever have.

Mortgage Refinancing Conundrums

Posted July 7, 2010
Topics: Economy, Facing the Mortgage Crisis, Other, Housing/Real Estate

Mortgage rates are at a fifty year low -- below 4.6 percent. That may sound like cheap money to many people, but if it does, why aren't more of them refinancing their homes? As it turns out, many can't or won't for a host of reasons. Wednesday morning at 9, we take a deeper look at the quirks in the current mortgage market, which would appear to be a buyers' markets (without the buyers). Plus, everything that should be considered when refinancing a home.

Lake Erie Wind Power

Posted July 8, 2010
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - News, Environment, Other, Energy, Technology

Two summers from now, visitors to the Cleveland lakefront should see a horizon dotted with wind turbines. OK, maybe not dotted, but they should be able to spot five of them. If it happens, Lake Erie's will be the first freshwater wind farm in the U.S. Sure, people have been talking about it for years, but the talk is turning to action--from both the public and private sectors. This morning at 9:00 the economics, the engineering and the potential impact of the Lake Erie wind farm and the promise renewable energy holds for northeast Ohio.

Reporters’ Roundtable: LeBron Does ‘What’s Right… For Him’

Posted July 9, 2010
Topics: Education, Government/Politics, Other, Community/Human Interest

In the eyes of some fans Lebron has become LeBum overnight not only with his choice of Miami as his new basketball home but in the super-hyped way he handled his free agency announcement. On the Sound of Ideas reporters roundtable, a chance for you to sound off, sigh in resignation or otherwise prepare to move, our analysis from some "experts." And, some of the news that's been buried beneath "King" James: Cleveland makes the short list for the Democratic National Convention and a notorious congressman struggles to come back. Join us with your take and your questions. Friday at 9 on 90.3. *photo courtesy The Plain Dealer

Science Cafe: Eating Disorders and Body Image

Posted July 12, 2010
Topics: Arts and Culture, Health

Anorexia is among the most harmful eating disorders in the U.S., often fueled by media portrayals of unrealistically thin body images. Some researchers contend America is now exporting the problem, selling thinness and over-eating at the same time. We'll talk with local experts about the causes of eating disorders and what we can do to prevent them. It's a Science Café edition of the Sound of Ideas, Monday at 9 on 90.3.

A Forked Road to Graduating High School

Posted July 13, 2010
Topics: Economy, Help Wanted, Education

The GED is a second chance for high school dropouts to earn the equivalent of a diploma and give themselves a chance to pursue a better life. But a new study suggests that the GED is not the same as four years of high school. It doesn't boost recipients' income and precious few achieve higher degrees. On the next Sound of Ideas, a closer look at the GED program in Ohio, what it measures and whether the test earns a passing grade. Join us Tuesday morning at 9:00.

Diabetes 101

Posted July 14, 2010

Diabetes nearly doubled in the last decade. It's still rising in Northeast Ohio and across America; an estimated 15% of the population will have it by 2015. Diabetes can lead to multiple serious complications, even death, and is one reason Cleveland has one of the highest amputee rates in the country. And yet it's one of the the most preventable of chronic killers. Wednesday on the Sound of Ideas, we re-air this important conversation with local experts and patients about causes, prevention and treatment. It's Diabetes 101 at 9 on 90.3

Enforcing Child Visitation

Posted July 15, 2010

By law in Ohio a parent who has custody of a child in a divorce cannot withhold visitation rights to the non-custodial parent simply because he...or behind in child support payments, but those involved in family courts say it happens and not in frequently. In fact, even when child support payments are current some non-custodial parents, most often fathers, are denied visitation by their x-spouse. The fathers can fight in court but it can be months before those cases are heard and judges in Ohio rarely do much to enforce their visitation orders. Join Host Mike McIntyre as he discusses visitation rights, plus the confusion and dissatisfaction some have with the current rules and how their played. Do fathers get a fair shake? Thursday morning at 9 on 90.3

Enforcing Child Visitation

Posted July 15, 2010
Topics: Health, Children's Health, Other, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Parenting/Child Care

By law in Ohio a parent who has custody of a child in a divorce cannot withhold visitation rights to the non-custodial parent simply because he...or behind in child support payments. However, those involved in family courts say it happens and not infrequently. In fact, even when child support payments are current some non-custodial parents, most often fathers, are denied visitation by their ex-spouse. The fathers can fight in court but it can be months before those cases are heard and some say judges in Ohio rarely do much to enforce their visitation orders. Join host Mike McIntyre as he discusses visitation rights, plus the confusion and dissatisfaction some have with the current rules and how they are played. Do fathers get a fair shake? Thursday morning at 9 on 90.3

Friday Reporters’ Roundtable

Posted July 16, 2010

The FBI targets Vince Russo, son of Cuyahoga County Auditor, Frank Russo, alleging he delivered free TVs to public officials as bribes. A case of using the son to get to the father in county corruption probe? The feds say, "no comment." Plus, we'll have reflections on the passing of baseball icon and former Clevelander, George Steinbrenner, and on Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert's $100,000 fine for his fiery farewell letter to LeBron James. And Summit County tells Chrysler it wants its money back. Join Executive Editor David Molpus for a conversation about those stories and more, Thursday morning at 9 on 90.3

Rethinking Public Spaces

Posted July 19, 2010
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - News, Government/Politics, Other, Community/Human Interest

In 1902, a city planning commission created a vision for downtown Cleveland's Malls A, B & C. Now, 108 years later, these public spaces are overdue for a facelift. New development projects like the Med Mart and Convention Center present an opportunity to revitalize the area and generate new business downtown. Mayor Frank Jackson recently appointed a committee to evaluate these spaces and the purpose they serve. Monday on the Sound of Ideas we'll drill down to find out what the committee plans to accomplish, how it will be paid for, and if they are really considering a water park turned ice skating rink. Join host Mike McIntyre for that conversation, Monday morning at 9 on 90.3.

How Financial Reform Affects You

Posted July 20, 2010
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Government/Politics

President Obama will soon sign into law the most sweeping overhaul of the American financial system since the Great Depression. It's meant to provide more protection to mortgage holders and investors and cut the odds the nation will suffer another huge financial crisis. On Tuesday's Sound of Ideas, will the bill save Wall Street and Main Street or, as critics contend, could it jeopardize the recovery by constraining credit, burdening banks with paperwork and putting too much power into the hands of government bureaucrats? Join us with your thoughts, this morning at 9:00.

Women of Note

Posted July 21, 2010
Topics: Arts and Culture, Other, Community/Human Interest

One local woman turned a child's art project into an international business. Another woman is a real-life rocket scientist. Wednesday morning, Mike McIntyre sits down with some of the women who were selected to Crain's Cleveland Business New's Women of Note list. He'll get the inside scoop on what obstacles they have encountered while reaching new thresholds in their chase for success.

Fighting City Hall

Posted July 22, 2010
Topics: Government/Politics, Other, Community/Human Interest

Traffic cameras are an annoying fact of life for many drivers, who aren't smiling when see their picture, accompanied by a ticket for a hundred bucks, in the mail. A group of angry Garfield Heights residents is on a drive to vote out traffic cameras. And while they're at it, they want to trash new garbage collection fees, too. Elsewhere across the region, folks are taking aim at local taxes. It turns out, you can fight city hall. But can you win? We'll hear from people who've fought and won Thursday morning at 9:00.

Friday Reporters’ Roundtable

Posted July 23, 2010

Cleveland teachers began voting Wednesday on a new three year contract that cuts pay but not as deeply as the school administration wanted and seniority rules remain pretty much intact. Ohio and four other Great Lakes states are suing Illinois in federal court, trying to force the state to build a permanent, solid barrier to prevent Asian Carp from entering via the Mississippi and its tributaries. They say this invasive species could destroy the fishing industry and other aquatic life. GOP gubernatorial candidate John Kasich launches an ad campaign downplaying his role at the failed financial giant, Lehman Brothers. And Akronites gear up for the 73rd annual Soap Box Derby despite an all-time low in funding. Join Eric Wellman for the Reporters' Roundtable Friday at 9AM on 90.3

Consumer Affairs: Storm Chasers and Contractor Conundrums

Posted July 26, 2010
Topics: Other, Community/Human Interest, Housing/Real Estate, Miscellaneous

Storms can do a lot of damage. They bring hail that can destroy your roof, wind that can blow over trees and icicles that can bring down gutters. Then there is the storm after the storm; sometimes unscrupulous contractors come into town and inflate repair costs which can cause everyone's insurance rates to rise. Monday, join Mike McIntyre and consumer columnist for The Plain Dealer, Sheryl Harris, to talk about home repair pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Storm Over Storm Water

Posted July 27, 2010
Topics: Environment, Government/Politics, Other, Community/Human Interest

Sewer bills for a million residents and businesses in Northeast Ohio are set to rise October 1 to pay for a storm water management plan. It's aimed at resolving flooding, erosion and beach pollution across the region. But not everyone is happy to pay. A coalition of elected officials in northern Summit County is urging residents not to pay. And the issue is now in front of the courts. How to deal with storm water, and who will pay. Join us with your questions Tuesday morning at 9:00 on 90.3.

Beating the Heat

Posted July 28, 2010

Ohio, like much of the rest of the nation, is experiencing record setting, swealtering weather this summer. Already, 25 days in July have registered above average temperatures. Eight days hit 90 degrees or more. Why is that? How much more can we expect? How to find comfort...other than knowing it's even hotter some places? Wednesday on the Sound of Ideas, Mike McIntyre talks about that with a meterologist; plus, an emergency room physician explains how to recognize dehydration, heat stroke and other heat related maladies while public health officials give tips on special threats ...and help for the elderly.

Sound Walls and Fury

Posted July 29, 2010
Topics: Environment, Government/Politics, Other, Community/Human Interest, Transportation

Highway noise barriers are meant to quiet the sound of traffic for neighbors, but they're generating a roar of their own. Some residents complain that the drab concrete walls, such as those being installed along I-71 in Cleveland's Brooklyn Centre neighborhood, are just plain ugly. They want a better look, perhaps natural barriers like walls made of vegetation being tried elsewhere in Ohio. How to get sound walls that are pleasing to both the ear and the eye, Thursday at 9:00 on 90.3.

Friday Reporters’ Roundtable

Posted July 30, 2010

Cuyahoga County's former longtime sheriff, Gerald McFaul, was sentenced this week to a year of home confinement rather than prison. A new study by an advocacy group for state governments says Ohio could save lots of money by putting more non-violent offenders on probation and that it would lead to fewer repeat offenders. Ohio hopes the second time's the charm in its bid for Race to the Top education money. And the Browns start training camp in search of a new direction...up. It's the Sound of Ideas reporters' roundtable Friday morning at nine, on 90.3.


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