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The Sound of Ideas

The Sound of Ideas: Archive by Date

January 2010

How Health Care Reform May Affect Northeast Ohioans

Posted January 4, 2010
Topics: Government/Politics, Health

President Obama hopes 2010 will be the year that health care restructing legislation is passed by Congress. Senate passage of a reform bill on Christmas Eve increases the likelihood it will happen. A conference committee still must reconcile differences between the House of Representatives bill passed last November and the Senate measure. One contains a public option, one doesn't. One places higher taxes on private insurers, the other passes the cost to the wealthy with so called "Cadillac plans." Monday morning at 9, Dan Moulthrop and guests talk about how the bills may affect northeast Ohioans - who will be covered, what will be covered and how much it'll cost.

Rookies’ Roundtable: A Conversation with First Time Officeholders

Posted January 5, 2010
Topics: Economy, Education, Government/Politics, Other, Community/Human Interest

This month, some of your neighbors and friends are starting new jobs--in service to the community. That's because in November, they were elected to school boards or city councils for the first time. As these political newcomers get started down a potentially treacherous path, a few of them will join host Dan Moulthrop to talk about their hopes, their plans and why they're venturing into an arena as challenging as local politics. Join the conversation Tuesday morning at 9.

Another Plan to Transform the Cleveland Schools

Posted January 6, 2010
Topics: Education, Government/Politics

Leaders in the Cleveland schools are launching what they're calling a "transformation plan" that will bring change to every school in the district. It calls for some schools to be closed, and hundreds of teachers and administrators to be laid off or forced to reapply for jobs. Wednesday morning at 9, Cleveland schools CEO Eugene Sanders joins us to explain his choices and how he thinks they will benefit those who matter most: the students. *photo courtesy of E Prep

Reporters’ Roundtable

Posted January 7, 2010
Topics: Government/Politics

State lawmakers return soon to a new set of challenges in Columbus with a major election year looming. What will the legislature tackle and how much substantive action is likely in a year when lawmakers and the Governor are positioning themselves for re-election battles? Greater Cleveland's RTA wants to cut routes to cope with still-declining revenues. Riders at public hearings made it clear they're not happy. Join us with your thoughts on the Thursday reporters' roundtable, 9:00 a.m. on 90.3.

How Safe Are Our Streets?

Posted January 8, 2010
Topics: Other, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement

Homicides, felonious assaults, burglaries and thefts from motor vehicles are up in Cleveland. But nationally, crime rates have been plummeting. Why is Cleveland out of sync with the national trend? We'll take a look at local and national crime stats and get some expert assessments on crime trends. How worried are you about crime? Do you feel safe? We want to hear from you, beginning at 9:00 on 90.3.

Facing Depression and Finding Treatment

Posted January 11, 2010
Topics: Health, Facing Depression

Depression affects as many as 18 million Americans every year, not to mention their friends and family members. Psychiatric drugs along with psychotherapy can perform minor miracles, but controversial new research suggests for some facing depression, medication may be no more effective than doing nothing. As ideastream - in collaboration with the Plain Dealer - begin a week of comprehensive coverage of depression, we'll spend the hour Monday morning explaining the differences between clinical depression and just "feeling blue," we'll delve into how medication and talk therapies work, and consider other treatment options.

The Science of Sleep

Posted January 12, 2010
Topics: Community/Human Interest

From a certain perspective, sleep is rather odd. We spend so much time trying to be productive and active. At the same time, we spend a third of our lives in bed, eyes closed, getting what looks like nothing accomplished, and that's if we're lucky. There are those who aren't so lucky, people who deal with sleep disorders--insomnia, apnea, restless legs, and night terrors--would give up almost anything for a good night's sleep. Tuesday morning at 9:00, join host Dan Moulthrop for a science cafe about sleep and sleeplessness.

The Fix for Cleveland Schools?

Posted January 13, 2010
Topics: Education, Government/Politics

Last week, Cleveland schools chief Eugene Sanders unveiled an ambitious proposal to transform the entire district. It calls for some sweeping measures, including closing 18 schools, incorporating successful charter schools into the district, and layoffs that will likely be numbered in the hundreds. Is this the right fix for our region's largest school district? On the Sound of Ideas, reaction from across the community about the plan to save Cleveland schools, Wednesday morning at 9 on 90.3.

Reporters’ Roundtable

Posted January 14, 2010
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Government/Politics, Health

The GOP campaign for governor appears poised to move into high gear: Republican insiders say John Kasich will tap State Auditor Mary Taylor to be his running mate. More than a hundred layoffs among Cleveland safety forces leave some wondering why the mayor even bothered expanding the forces last year. On the Thursday morning reporters' roundtable, join Dan Moulthrop and guests for analysis of those stories, plus the power debacle at Hopkins, a new deal for the med mart, and why two big local companies are considering pulling up stakes.

Kay Redfield Jamison: Living with Bipolar

Posted January 15, 2010
Topics: Health, Facing Depression

Imagine being bipolar since the age of 17 but avoiding treatment for years despite a nearly successful suicide attempt and relationships shattered beyond repair. Then imagine becoming a professor of psychiatry, an author of best sellers and co-author of the standard medical textbook on bipolar disorder. That's the story of clinical psychologist Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison. She describes her own profound mood swings and how her marriage survived them in a new memoir, Nothing Was the Same. She writes: "At times he was others bewildered or cooly distant." Jamison joins host David Molpus Friday 9AM to discuss how her late husband handled her illness and what others touched by bipolar disorder can learn from their experience.

Choosing to Participate

Posted January 18, 2010
Topics: Arts and Culture, Education, Other, Community/Human Interest, Ethics/Religion

An exhibit currently at the Western Reserve Historical Society taps into the spirit of the man for whom we're celebrating a holiday this weekend. The exhibit is called Choosing to Participate. It tells stories people who chose not to be bystanders to injustice, such as Elizabeth Eckford, one of the Little Rock Nine, and also highlights the work of people here across Northeast Ohio. Monday morning at 9 join host Dan Moulthrop for a conversation about what it means to choose to participate.

Discord at Severance Hall

Posted January 19, 2010
Topics: Arts and Culture

Music, Maestro! A tentative settlement early this morning may end a two-day strike by Cleveland Orchestra musicians. It remains to be seen how many of the underlying issues that led to the strike are still unresolved. This morning on The Sound of Ideas, Dan Moulthrop and guests examine the challenges facing the Cleveland Orchestra and other large US ensembles and assess what the organization means to the region.

Transforming Public Spaces Across NE Ohio

Posted January 20, 2010
Topics: Arts and Culture, Other, Community/Human Interest, Transportation

Local planners are thinking big about a redesign for northeast Ohio, including Cleveland's Public Square, Oberlin's downtown and Kent along with its university. Each transformation involves hundreds of millions of dollars. Renowned architect James Corner came up with three ideas to move Public Square far beyond a rather large bus stop and into a forest, a giant hill with traffic routed underneath or a huge lattice to frame the area. Oberlin contemplates a "green arts" district and the heart of Kent would be spruced up with new retail, office and residential space. Can such face-lifts revitalize these public spaces? Will suburbanites flock to center cities reborn? What can we learn from similar efforts in Chicago and Cincinnati? Join us with your thoughts Wednesday morning at 9.

Thursday Reporters’ Roundtable

Posted January 21, 2010
Topics: Arts and Culture, Government/Politics, Other, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Transportation

Governor Strickland this week chose Yvette McGee Brown, a former Franklin County domestic relations and juvenile judge, as his running mate. President Obama's White House to Main Street tour touches down in Lorain County Friday with Obama set to host a town hall meeting at Lorain County Community College. Cuyahoga County's prosecutor comes under scrutiny for awarding no-bid contracts to a close ally. And moving a proposed Columbus casino is going to require a statewide vote. Join us for discussion of those and other stories Thursday at 9:00 a.m. on 90.3.

What Would You Tell President Obama about Ohio?

Posted January 22, 2010
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

President Obama's Main Street tour makes a stop in Lorain today to get ideas on ways “to grow the economy and put Americans back to work." However, a lot of unemployed people question whether that can be done if few jobs exist. Join Mike McIntyre and local analysts for a discussion on the President's first year in office. A year that included economic turmoil, stalled healthcare reform, terrorist attacks, and a garden side beer summit. We want to hear from you; what are your thoughts on Obama's first year and what would you tell the President if you had his ear? Join us, Friday morning at 9 on 90.3.

Figuring Out Financial Aid

Posted January 25, 2010
Topics: Economy, Education

Students who borrow to pay for college owe an average of $23,000 by time they pick up their diplomas. But financial aid pros say strategic planning can keep a college dream from turning into a debt nightmare. Monday morning at 9, Plain Dealer consumer affairs columnist Sheryl Harris hosts a conversation with college financial aid experts about exactly how to land aid and save money on tuition.

Returning to Imperial Avenue

Posted January 26, 2010
Topics: Government/Politics, Health, Children's Health, Mental Health, Other, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement

The Imperial Avenue serial murders left many more questions than answers for the entire community of Northeast Ohio. Some of those questions were answered in the Plain Dealer's profile of accused killer Anthony Sowell. Tuesday morning at 9, we'll hear more about abuse in Sowell's childhood household. Then, we'll find out how families of victims and the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood are healing. Tuesday morning at 9, join host Dan Moulthrop for a conversation following up with Imperial Avenue.

‘Unyielding’: Analysis of the Governor Strickland’s State of the State

Posted January 27, 2010
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

Governor Strickland says the state of the Buckeye state is "unyielding," and in his annual address he unveiled a series of measures he says will create new jobs and help Ohio emerge from the recession. His proposals include a $40 million investment fund for so-called advanced energy companies, an "in-sourcing" labor program (as opposed to outsourcing) and a clearinghouse for small businesses to connect with creditors. The Governor says he believes in Ohio, but will voters believe in him? Wednesday morning at 9, we'll have analysis and reaction from political observers across the state and from you.

The State of the Union and Ohio

Posted January 28, 2010
Topics: Economy, Education, Government/Politics, Health

Among the challenges facing President Obama are double digit unemployment, a bitterly divided congress, a stalemate over the health care overhaul, two wars, and no real consensus on the way out of the recession. How much traction can he gain on these issues in his first State of the Union address? And what will it mean in Ohio? Thursday morning at 9 join host Dan Moulthrop and a panel of political observers from Ohio and across the nation.

Access For Everyone

Posted January 29, 2010
Topics: Other, Transportation

The Cleveland Innerbelt Bridge is one of the most traveled in Ohio. Unfortunately, it needs a lot of work and after numerous years of study, things are about to start trucking forward. The idea is to improve safety, reduce congestion and modernize interstate travel along I-71, I-77 and I-90 through Downtown Cleveland. It's one of the largest Ohio transportation projects ever undertaken. Three design firms will be selected in March to draft proposals for the bridge section. Some critics say the initial design outlines don't do enough to advance the region and meet the surrounding communities' needs. Join host Regina Brett for an update on the Inner Belt Plan, Friday morning at 9 on 90.3. *Photo courtesy


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