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The Sound of Ideas

The Sound of Ideas: Archive by Date

May 2009

The Bankruptcy Bind

Posted May 1, 2009
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

Last year more than one million Americans filed for bankruptcy and thanks to the recession that number is likely to rise this year. Bankruptcy is supposed to give consumers a fresh start but new research shows that some people find themselves in worse financial shape after filing. Moreover, a 2005 law made it more difficult for people to file for bankruptcy. How should consumers navigate this complex system? Sheryl Harris, consumer columnist for the Plain Dealer, will sit in for Regina Brett to talk about bankruptcy reform and re-reform. Building a better bankruptcy, Friday morning at 9:00 on The Sound of Ideas®.

The Gift of Life

Posted May 4, 2009

When Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones died of a ruptured brain aneurysm last summer, her family decided to keep her alive long enough so that her organs could be donated. Their generosity had an immediate impact. The number of Northeast Ohioans registering for organ donation spiked. That number has continued climbing at unprecedented rates. On the next Sound of Ideas®, we'll talk about organ donation and the tough decisions faced when a loved one dies. Join us Monday morning at 9:00, on 90.3.

Stress Tests

Posted May 5, 2009
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Regional Economy/Business - News, Government/Politics

For the last two months, the 19 largest US banks have been going through stress tests at the Federal Reserve, essentially to determine if they can handle a worsening recession. The results for all those banks, including Key and Fifth Third, are due out this week. Meanwhile, Twinsburg is going through its own stress test: the announced closure of the city's largest employer: the Chrysler stamping plant.Tuesday morning at 9, we'll find out how the region is responding to both tests.

Heart Stories: Talking to the Professionals

Posted May 6, 2009
Topics: Health, Health, Heart Stories: Confronting the #1 Killer

Heart disease is the nation's number one killer, but often, the diagnosis comes without an emergency or a heart attack. So what happens then? Bypass surgery? Stents? Drugs? A better diet? As part of Heart Stories, ideastream's multimedia series on heart health, we'll talk to two top heart doctors from the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals. Wednesday morning at 9, We'll weigh the risks and benefits of treatment choices and answer your questions about how to live with -- and prevent -- heart disease.

Reporters’ Roundtable

Posted May 7, 2009
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Environment, Government/Politics, Other, Technology

There is a new sheriff in town in Cuyahoga County, and there are new disputes over the old question of how county government ought to be reformed. Meanwhile, that County seals a 20 million dollar deal for the Cleveland's old convention center, moving the Med Mart project one step closer to reality. Also, local leaders move one step closer to putting off shore wind power on Lake Erie. Will either project succeed or deliver economic growth? The answer isn't blowing in the wind: it's 90.3, Thursday morning at 9.

Northeast Ohio Military Moms

Posted May 8, 2009
Topics: Other, Community/Human Interest, Miscellaneous, Parenting/Child Care

"I cannot possibly describe what it feels like to send your child to war. It's a bizarre explosion of fear and pride, helplessness and strength, anger and acceptance. As I placed the blue star in the window, I finally understood the hearts of all the mothers who had gone before me in history." Those are the words of Mary Anne Mayer, one of the many northeast Ohio parents who have sons and daughters serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and other hotspots of the world. In a new book, Love You More Than You Know, Mayer and co-author Janie Reinart collect the stories of several dozen Ohio military moms talking about their enormous pride, the worry that makes them sick to the stomach and the cathartic experience that comes from sharing their stories. Join the conversation as Mayer and Reinart talk with Regina Brett Friday morning at 9:00 on The Sound of Ideas.

Science Cafe: The Science of Bridges

Posted May 11, 2009
Topics: Environment, Government/Politics, Other, Transportation

Today's bridges are remarkable feats of engineering. But many are getting near the end of their useful lives. Cleveland's Innerbelt bridge is one of those. The span, opened in 1959, is about to get a major makeover, perhaps with an infusion of federal stimulus money. The question for the Innerbelt bridge and others like it around the country is how to design bridges that are strong, safe, and last for generations? And what to do when they don't . Some answers Monday at 9:00 a.m. on the Science Café edition of The Sound of Ideas.

Ohio’s Revenue Shortfall Wrecks Budget Plans

Posted May 12, 2009
Topics: Economy, Education, Government/Politics, Health

Similar to almost every other state in the union, Ohio is on the precipice of a budgetary calamity. Here in Buckeye land, we're facing a 900 million dollar shortfall...and that's just for the next 50 days. Beyond that, lawmakers are wrangling with the next two-year budget. State Auditor Mary Taylor says the current version will result in deficits of four billion a year, maybe worse. Join us Tuesday morning at 9 to speak with top lawmakers and others about where they'll find new revenue or places to cut.

Help Wanted: Over 50 and Looking for Work

Posted May 13, 2009
Topics: Economy, Help Wanted, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Education, Government/Politics, Other, Community/Human Interest

Half a million jobs were lost last month across the United States, and statistics suggest older workers are particularly hard hit. Baby boomers do have the edge when it comes to experience and skills but with higher salaries and higher health care costs, many companies have been putting them first on the chopping block. So how can out-of-work aging adults compete in the most competitive job market in 80 years? Wednesday morning at 9, we'll get advice from front lines, the unemployment line and the experts.

Reporters’ Roundtable

Posted May 14, 2009
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics, Other, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Housing/Real Estate, Transportation

This week, the Plain Dealer has been hammering on the costs of government in Cuyahoga County. The implication is this: that Cuyahoga County residents may not be getting as much bang for their buck as other urban counties in Ohio. Thursday morning at 9 on the reporters' roundtable, we'll hear from the reporter behind the story about what she found and what may be coming in the investigation. Also, local manufacturing takes a massive hit, a former ODOT official faces kickback allegations, the AG's office grows, despite calls for cutbacks, and lawmakers weigh a foreclosure moratorium. Also, we'll take a moment to admire the Cavs' historic march toward NBA glory.

Cleveland: What’s So Funny?

Posted May 15, 2009
Topics: Arts and Culture, Other, Community/Human Interest, Miscellaneous

Local comedian Mike Polk’s "Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video" on YouTube garnered a lot of attention locally and even nationally. A jingle about a house that costs as little as a VCR and our once-flaming river pokes fun at Northeast Ohio's struggles. Cleveland is known as the home of bowling, pierogis, and polka and, of course, the Congressman who sees UFOs. Northeast Ohio has long been the butt of late night laughs. Unless you’ve never heard of Parma, you’ve probably heard all the jokes. Is it all in good fun or are Clevelanders really down on Cleveland? Is it a bad thing to be known as the "Mistake on the Lake?" Join us tomorrow with your thoughts on Cleveland as American’s pinata and share your best hometown laugh. Having fun with Cleveland, Friday at 9 on 90.3.

A New Take on the Lake: Obama’s Great Lakes Budget

Posted May 18, 2009
Topics: Environment, Government/Politics

President Obama is pushing Congress to approve a half billion dollars to fund a restoration of the Great Lakes and Lake Erie, which is part of the largest fresh water system on the earth. Some say Lake Erie is perhaps the dirtiest of the lakes. So, if Congress does pass it, what then? How much will be headed toward Lake Erie, what needs to be done here and who is going to do it? On the next Sound of Ideas®, we'll talk about the impact it may have on the environment and our region's economy. Join us Monday morning at nine on 90.3.

What’s Next For Auto Dealers

Posted May 19, 2009
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - News, Government/Politics

Auto dealers across the country and here in Northeast Ohio are still absorbing news that GM and Chrysler plan to cut their ties with them - nearly 800 in Chrylser's case and 1100 GM dealers. Some of the losers in this story are familiar names--Spitzer, Ganley, Abraham--and big questions remain about their future, whether they have any recourse, and what will happen to the hundreds of workers they employ. Tuesday morning at 9, we'll talk with dealers and others about this latest chapter in the auto industry's shake out. Also, we're hear about one bright spot in the industry for Ford workers in Brookpark.

Tracking the Stimulus Money

Posted May 20, 2009
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Regional Economy/Business - News, Education, Government/Politics, Health, Other, Housing/Real Estate, Transportation

President Obama signed The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act over three months ago, with some $8.2 billion destined for Ohio. As it turns out, not much has been spent. Funding is headed towards highway projects in northeast Ohio and across the state, to the Dayton Airport and the Cuyahoga Metro Housing Authority, but when those projects will produce paychecks is anyone's guess. Wednesday morning at 9 we'll find out who'll get the money and who'll get the jobs.

Reporters’ Roundtable

Posted May 21, 2009
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Regional Economy/Business - News, Government/Politics, Health, Children's Health, Other, Parenting/Child Care

Cleveland elected leaders hoped to collect damages from 21 financial institutions to help pay for the foreclosure mess. It was a unique argument: Cleveland claimed the banks had knowingly created a public nuisance. With a federal court decision, the banks claim a victory for the moment. Also this week, scandals in offices both high and low, unexpected competition for Cuyahoga County's Med Mart project, and a pharmacist pleads no contest to manslaughter, raising questions about the culpability in healthcare. Join us Thursday morning at 9 for our weekly roundup of regional news.

The Marriage-Go-Round

Posted May 22, 2009
Topics: Health, Mental Health, Other, Community/Human Interest, Parenting/Child Care

It’s the season for saying “I do” but before couples tie the knot, a new book suggests they might want to untangle their values. Commitment to a spouse often bumps up against the quest for self fulfillment. Are they compatible? On one hand people want to get married and believe they should. On the other hand, they strive for personal happiness and are willing to leave a marriage that no longer provides it. Andrew Cherlin, author of "The Marriage-Go-Round: The State of Marriage and the Family in America Today" talks with Regina Brett about how individualism and self-fulfillment changed the traditional American family life. Local marriage counselor Karen Tomoff advises how to keep relationships and self identity in sync. The Marriage-Go-Round, Friday at 9 on The Sound of Ideas.

Picking Up the Pieces: Veterans Special

Posted May 25, 2009
Topics: Government/Politics, Health, Mental Health, Other, Terrorism

When soldiers return home from war, many cope with the aftermath of traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress. But it's not just the soldier who suffers, parents, especially mothers, who have given up everything -- their jobs, retirement savings, and plans for the future - often step in and care for their wounded children. On Memorial Day, we share a Public Radio Exchange program Picking Up the Pieces. The Sound of Ideas returns Tuesday with staycations - the low cost alternative to long-distance vacation travel.

Leisure Time in Ohio

Posted May 26, 2009
Topics: Arts and Culture, Economy, Other, Parenting/Child Care, Transportation

The summer is just about upon us, and whether you've got vacation time or an unplanned work furlough on the horizon, there's a good chance many of us will be spending it close to home this year to save money. So, what's to do in Northeast Ohio? Tuesday morning at 9, we'll hear about hidden treasures that may not be on your radar screen and the cheap day trips. We look forward to hearing your picks, too, for the best "staycation" options. *photo courtesy Ohio Division of Travel & Tourism

Key Change: Evolution of the Music Business - Encore Presentation

Posted May 27, 2009
Topics: Arts and Culture, Economy, Other, Community/Human Interest, Technology

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum inducted RUN DMC, Metallica, and a host of other acts into their Hall of Fame this spring. That brought to mind just how much the music business has changed since the days when Bobby Womack backed up Sam Cooke. Who could have imagined how important it could become to be mentioned in a tweet from #SXSW? The conversation was so good - we're bringing it to you again! Join us for a look at the business of bringing us the soundtrack to our lives. **This is an encore presentation of a program that originally aired Friday, April 3, 2009.**

Weekly Reporters’ Roundtable

Posted May 28, 2009
Topics: Government/Politics, Other, Community/Human Interest

Early balloting is underway in Akron where voters decide next month if they'll retain six-term Mayor Don Plusquellic, who's now the target of a recall campaign. The City of Cleveland water division plans to overhaul the way it bills its 1.5-million metropolitan customers.The changes come after the city was flooded with complaints from people angry over enormous water bills. A judge strikes down a Cleveland city charter amendment and threatens many city employees' jobs. Thursday on The Sound of Ideas, it's the reporters' roundtable. Join the conversation at 9:00 a.m. on 90.3.

Pedaling Forward: Improving Bicycling in NEO

Posted May 29, 2009
Topics: Arts and Culture, Environment, Government/Politics, Health, Other, Community/Human Interest, Energy, Transportation

Northeast Ohio has some great opportunities for bicycle riding. While bicyclists and city planners agree on the need to get more people traveling via pedal power, the plan on how best to get there isn't so clear. Some cycling advocates say the answer is better infrastructure and funding. Friday morning, we'll talk to local bike enthusiasts and city planners on what it would take to be a more bike-friendly community and where the funding might come from. Pedaling forward, Friday at 9:00 on 90.3. *Photo of the Towpath Trail, Courtesy of Cuyahoga Valley National Park


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