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The Sound of Ideas

The Sound of Ideas: Archive by Date

January 2009

Holiday Special: The Capitol Steps

Posted January 1, 2009
Topics: Arts and Culture, Government/Politics, Other

As the SOI team takes a holiday break, we bring you the Capitol Steps, an hour of political satire.

Soup Kitchen for the Soul: Finding Your Volunteering Passion

Posted January 2, 2009
Topics: Arts and Culture, Other, Community/Human Interest

Encore Presentation Lose weight, pay off debt, be a better husband, father, friend... you know those resolutions that we all tend to make this time of year. Helping other people and being active in your community usually always makes the list. Regina Brett and guests will talk about volunteerism, how to find the time, the right cause, and how to make sure you make a difference. Volunteerism, Friday morning at 9 on The Sound of Ideas®.

News Coverage for 2009

Posted January 5, 2009
Topics: Arts and Culture, Economy, Education, Environment, Government/Politics, Health, Other, Community/Human Interest, Technology

These days every news organization has to do more with less. So that makes the decision about what to cover, and how to cover it, more important than ever. So, we'd like to hear from you: what stories should we cover? On the next Sound of Ideas; we'll be joined by editorial decision makers from The Plain Dealer, WKYC TV and ideastream®. We invite you to join us to talk about what direction all of our news coverage should take in 2009. We hope you'll be there, Monday morning at nine on 90.3.

Congressman Ralph Regula

Posted January 6, 2009
Topics: Economy, Education, Environment, Government/Politics, Health

For 36 years, Ohioans in Stark, Wayne and portions of Ashland and Medina Counties kept Ralph Regula employed in the US Congress. In return, the Buckeye State got a National Park, a medical school, and a congressman loved on both sides of the aisle. On our program, we'll talk to the retiring Republican Congressman about his career, how politics has changed in the last four decades, and the legacy he leaves behind. You're invited to join us Tuesday morning at 9.

Gaza, as seen from Northeast Ohio

Posted January 7, 2009
Topics: Government/Politics, Other, Community/Human Interest, Ethics/Religion, Terrorism

2009 has begun with a steady increase in violence in the Middle East. Israel responded to recent Hamas rocket attacks on civilian targets with an air campaign, ground troops, and, most recently, a strike near a school in Jabaliya that claimed the lives of more than 40 people. While many world leaders are stepping up pressure for a renewal of the cease fire, we'll hear the local response--your response--to the violence in Gaza. Join the conversation Wednesday morning at 9.

The Obesity Epidemic

Posted January 9, 2009
Topics: Government/Politics, Health, Children's Health, Other, Aging/The Elderly, Parenting/Child Care

Nearly two-thirds of Ohio adults are overweight or obese, making Ohio the fifth heaviest state in the nation. Obesity is more than a weight problem – it’s a community health issue that leads to preventable illness such as diabetes and heart disease. It also contributes to skyrocketing health care costs. We’ll talk about what communities can do to help people live healthier lives. The obesity epidemic, Friday on The Sound of Ideas.

Ohio’s New Leaders

Posted January 12, 2009
Topics: Economy, Education, Government/Politics

It's a new era for Northeast Ohio. Three of the four General Assembly Leaders are from the region. House Speaker Armond Budish is from Beachwood, House Minority Leader William Batchelder is from Medina and Senate Minority Leader Capri Cafaro hails from Hubbard. What does this mean for our area? What do they hope to accomplish in 2009 and in the next two-year budget? We'll find out Monday morning at 9.

When Charities Can’t Afford to be Charitable

Posted January 13, 2009
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Health, Other, Community/Human Interest

Philanthropic organizations aren't insulated from the economic crisis. Losses at the Gund and Cleveland Foundations total nearly half a billion dollars for the first three quarters of last year. Those losses cut deeply into their ability to fund good works. On our program, we'll talk about the tough decisions ahead for charitable foundations and the non-profits they support. Join the conversation here, Tuesday morning at 9.

Taxing Times

Posted January 14, 2009
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

We've tossed out all the gift wrap, watched the ball-drop and the bowl games. Now it's time to get down to the more serious business of preparing our tax returns. The tax code is confusing enough, but challenging economic times could make filing this year more complicated than usual. Today on the Sound of Ideas, we'll talk to income tax experts. So get your questions ready and join us this morning at 9:00 on 90.3. Think of it as the next best thing to electronic filing.

Reporters’ Roundtable

Posted January 15, 2009
Topics: Economy, Government/Politics

After four decades of public service, US Senator George Voinovich announces his retirement, touching off speculation about potential replacements. Also, lawmakers question the wisdom of term limits and and the wisdom of long standing opposition to casino gambling. Join us for a round up those and the week's other top stories Thursday morning at 9.

Inaugural Moments

Posted January 16, 2009
Topics: Government/Politics

President-elect Barack Obama will take his oath on Abe Lincoln's Bible. Lincoln was the first to include African Americans in the inaugural parade. But his speech? One writer called it “a sea of twaddle.” When Franklin Roosevelt said “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself,’’ it didn’t make the front page of some newspapers. When our 44th president is sworn in next week, what will we remember about his speech decades from now? Join the conversation Friday morning at 9.

The Bush Inheritance

Posted January 19, 2009
Topics: Economy, Education, Government/Politics, Health, Other, Energy, Housing/Real Estate, Immigration, Technology, Terrorism, Transportation

In his farewell address, President Bush staked a claim to what many have called his greatest success. Of the fight against terrorism, he said, "There can be little debate about the results: America has gone more than seven years without another terrorist attack on our soil." The complete inheritance he offers President-Elect Barack Obama is considerably more complicated, coming as it does with two wars and a collapsing economy. Join us Monday morning at 9 for a conversation about where the next presidency begins and where Ohio fits in.

Inauguration Day

Posted January 20, 2009
Topics: Government/Politics

Across Northeast Ohio, expectations about the inauguration are understandably high. On our program, we'll kick off Inauguration Day by talking with northeast Ohioans who have made the trip to the Capitol, with local leaders and you about the meaning of a day unlike any other in American history. You're invited to share your thoughts Tuesday morning at 9.

America’s New President

Posted January 21, 2009
Topics: Economy, Education, Environment, Government/Politics, Health, Other, Energy

Millions around the world watched President Barack Obama's Inaugural Address. Join us Wednesday morning at 9 for reaction from Northeast Ohio and a conversation about what will happen now, as the work of governing begins.

Reporters’ Roundtable

Posted January 22, 2009
Topics: Economy, Education, Government/Politics, Health, Other, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement

The state is poised to thaw last year's college tuition freeze; a new chairman takes over the state GOP, and Cleveland joins Akron and Lima in making the case for residency requirements for city employees. Meanwhile, Cuyahoga County prepares for a site decision on the Medical Mart and Cleveland State may lose funding for a major research center. Join us Thursday morning at 9 to leave the inauguration behind and catch up on the news closer to home.

Libraries Adjust Roles to Meet Community Needs

Posted January 23, 2009
Topics: Arts and Culture, Economy, Regional Economy/Business - News, Education, Other, Community/Human Interest, Parenting/Child Care, Technology

Google may have replaced the Dewey Decimal System, but libraries are thriving again. The quiet rooms of reference and "shh" have evolved into thriving community centers and clicking keyboards. Workshops on saving money or retirement planning are standing-room only. In these tough times, many people are reporting to the library instead of work to plot their next career move. Circulation is up but besides books, families are checking out toys, video games and downloads to their iPods. How libraries are meeting new demands, Friday at 9 on 90.3.

Downtown Cleveland Mall Will Most Likely Host Med Mart/Convention Center

Posted January 26, 2009
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - News, Government/Politics, Other, Housing/Real Estate

The $425 million medical mart/convention center project was first publicly announced over three years ago. Where, exactly, to put it though has been a tough decision. Early Thursday evening, after several hours of closed door talks, Cuyahoga County Commissioners announced their decision: Cleveland's downtown mall, including the area now occupied by the current Convention Center. Monday morning, we'll talk about that decision with the people who helped make it and find out what's next for the med mart plan.

An Hour with Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson

Posted January 27, 2009
Topics: Economy, Education, Environment, Government/Politics, Health, Other, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement

After three years in office, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson can point to a number of successes: there's less crime, for one, and he has quietly kept the city's finances in order. But Cleveland still has lots of problems -- a near standstill on commercial development, foreclosed and abandoned homes by the hundreds, a dwindling tax base, the possibility of heavy cuts in funding for schools, to name a few. Just what is the mayor’s vision for the region’s urban core? Mayor Jackson joins us Tuesday morning at 9. Be part of the conversation. Photo by Donn R. Nottage

Towns and Ohioans on the Edge

Posted January 28, 2009
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Regional Economy/Business - News, Government/Politics, Other, Community/Human Interest

As part of our ongoing, multi-media series about unemployment in Ohio, ideastream® brings you Towns on the Edge [view], the stories of three small towns hit hard and fast by layoffs. In this latest installment, we'll talk about what life on the frontline of this economic collapse is really like. We'll hear from reporter David C. Barnett about the series, from the mayor of an Ohio town that came back from the edge over the last decade and from employers who have to make tough decisions and deliver the worst news to some of their most loyal employees. Be a part of the conversation Wednesday morning at 9.

Reporters Roundtable Reviews the State of the State

Posted January 29, 2009
Topics: Economy, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Regional Economy/Business - News, Education, Government/Politics, Health, Children's Health, Other, Energy, Technology

Governor Ted Strickland told Ohioans he'll balance the budget without raising taxes but he also put forward a plan to make it easier for local communities to raise property taxes, and he presented a plan to rebuild Ohio's public education system. Some Republicans worry that part of his plan amounts to a repudiation of local control over schools. Thursday morning at 9, we'll talk to reporters about the governor's education and economic proposals and the questions he left unanswered.

Remembering the Great Depression

Posted January 30, 2009
Topics: Economy

More than 4.7 million Americans are currently collecting unemployment benefits. That's the highest level since the government started keeping track in 1967. The numbers paint a bleak picture, but the U.S. has experienced much, much worse. National unemployment hit 23 percent in the 1930s. Some people survived by turning lawns into gardens, potato sacks into petticoats and a lot of sharing with neighbors. We'll hear from people who lived through those times and the lessons that might help us today. Remembering the Great Depression, Friday at 9 onThe Sound of Ideas.


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