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The Sound of Ideas

The Sound of Ideas: Archive by Date

February 2008

Straight Talk on Teen Sex

Posted February 1, 2008

Most parents dread having "The Talk" about the birds and the bees more than their kids dread hearing it. But experts say one talk isn't enough. Parents need to keep talking about sex. Teen birth rates are up for the first time in sixteen years. Teen actress Jamie Lynn Spears is expecting. The new movie "Juno" about a pregnant teen has become an instant hit. Is your teenager having sex? Does he use a condom? How many partners has she had? Makes you cringe, doesn't it? Straight talk on teen sex ... Friday at 9 on The Sound of Ideas.

Monday Morning Quarterbacking the Super Bowl Ads

Posted February 4, 2008
Topics: Arts and Culture, Community/Human Interest, Technology

There are two big deal events on TV this weekend. One is some sort of athletic contest. And the other involves the most expensive television ads ever. On the day after the Super Bowl, we'll take a look at what, for some, has become the most entertaining part of the contest: the ads. We'll be joined by a pair of local creative and marketing minds to talk about whether Anheuser Busch and Frito Lay got their gazillion dollars' worth. We're Monday Morning Quarterbacking the ads. Join us Monday morning at 9 a.m.

The Illusions of Entrepreneurship

Posted February 5, 2008
Topics: Government/Politics, Health, Community/Human Interest, Technology, Making Change, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends

There's a story about America that just about everybody knows: that we are a nation of boot-strapping entrepreneurs. Yeah, well, as it turns out, that's not so true. The truth about entrepreneurship doesn't much involve biotech or micro-processors. In fact, according to local professor and author Scott Shane, the typical entrepreneur works harder and makes less than those of us working 9 to 5 for someone else. Join us on the Sound of Ideas for a conversation about The Illusions of Entrepreneurship Today at 9 a.m.

Super Wednesday

Posted February 6, 2008
Topics: Government/Politics

With no Republican heir apparent and a never before seen race on the Democratic side, we're in the midst of an historic primary, and today, about half the country's voters are making their selections. No matter what voters decide, coming out of Super Tuesday, Ohio will squarely be in the sights of all the campaigns. Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. we'll talk with political analysts and you about what matters as the candidates head for Ohio.

Reporters’ Roundtable: States of the State and the Schools

Posted February 7, 2008
Topics: Education, Government/Politics, Health, Community/Human Interest, Housing/Real Estate, Technology, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Regional Economy/Business - News

Eighty thousand new jobs and a free freshman year for Ohio college students. Governor Strickland gave us a lot to chew on in his State of the State message. He announced a one point seven billion dollar economic stimulus package along with a plan to make college accessible to all. And the governor revealed some details about his plans for primary and secondary schools. We'll shed some light on those plans and examine the state of the Cleveland schools, as well. Join us Thursday at 9 a.m.

Travel Wish Lists and Woes

Posted February 8, 2008

Let's face it - flying is no longer fun. A short hop from Cleveland to Chicago can take all day. You have to buy your own food, pay for water, and now one airline wants you to fork over 25 bucks to check a second bag. What if the airport was nicer, more like a shopping mall, would it be so bad to wait for three hours? Cleveland Hopkins will soon be getting a face lift with high end stores and better food. What else do travelers want? Travel woes and wish lists ... Friday morning at nine on the Sound of Ideas.

Science Cafe: Genetics of Literacy

Posted February 11, 2008
Topics: Education, Children's Health, Community/Human Interest, Parenting/Child Care

Scientists are finding that the ability to read and write isn't necessarily just the product of education and upbringing. In fact, a good portion of it is genetically determined. Researchers at Case Western are studying twins as they learn to read to find the genes that make language possible. Monday morning on the Sound of Ideas, we'll talk with the researchers about what they're finding and explore its implications for how we teach reading and writing. The conversation starts at 9 on 90.3.

Selling the Sewers?

Posted February 12, 2008

Some public works officials say the plan by Akron mayor Don Plusquellic to sell the sewer system in order to give kids help with college costs is a bold idea but a bad one. Mayor Don Plusquellic would raise college money by selling Akron's sewer system to a private operator. Other communities have or are considering selling off public assets or privatizing public services but critics warn about the long-term consequences. We'll talk about Akron's tuition plan this morning at 9:00 on the Sound of Ideas.

Got Issues? The Candidates and Science

Posted February 13, 2008
Topics: Environment, Government/Politics, Community/Human Interest, Energy, Technology

The next President needs a pretty impressive resume--skilled in diplomacy and building consensus quick to understand policy and, with a 150 billion dollar research budget, science. With that in mind, scientists and others have been calling for a debate on scientific topics, and it's now scheduled for April. Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. we'll continue our analysis of the issues in the campaigns with a look what the presidential hopefuls are saying and proposing about science, technology and the environment.

Reporters’ Roundtable Takes on the Tenth

Posted February 14, 2008
Topics: Education, Environment, Government/Politics, Health, Community/Human Interest, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Energy, Housing/Real Estate, Technology, Terrorism, Transportation

Ohio's Tenth Congressional District includes much of Cleveland's west side, a swath of suburbs from Bay Village to Glen Willow and just one future congressional representative. There are five candidates vying for the Democratic nomination in the tenth, and we'll get to know all of them and their Republican counterparts. Before you vote in March join us on the roundtable to question the candidates. Tomorrow, we'll talk to Barbara Ferris and Rosemary Palmer. Join the conversation Thursday morning at 9.

The Science of Online Dating

Posted February 15, 2008
Topics: Community/Human Interest

He didn't send chocolates. She sent your valentine back unopened. Ouch. If those things can't get you a love life, what will? Researchers claim science can... all you need is a computer and a subscription to an online dating site. Finding love via the world wide web might sound like a farce, but it's worked for some, and certain sites claim a scientific tested guarantee. The science of online dating, Friday on The Sound of Ideas.

Cleveland Public Power Considers Coal

Posted February 18, 2008
Topics: Government/Politics, Community/Human Interest, Energy, Regional Economy/Business - News

The officials who control Cleveland Public Power this week will decide whether to tie the utility to the coal industry for the next 50 years. Cleveland isn't alone in this decision. About 70 other municipal utilities across the state, including Oberlin, are considering joining the same project--a proposed 960-megawatt coal-fired plant in Southern Ohio to be built by American Municipal Power-Ohio (AMP-Ohio). Backers say it will be the cleanest coal plant built. Critics are calling for more attention to alternatives to coal. Monday morning at 9, we'll let you make up your mind.

Kabul Beauty School

Posted February 19, 2008
Topics: Arts and Culture, Community/Human Interest, Ethics/Religion, Terrorism

Afghanistan has long been in upheaval and women there have historically faced brutal oppression. In 2002, Deborah Rodriguez sought to change that...with a comb, some scissors and little hair gel. Rodriguez helped found and direct a beauty school in Kabul, a project that brought economic independence to scores of Afghan women. She tells her story and their story in her book, Kabul Beauty School. Before she makes her appearance at Joseph Beth booksellers, we'll talk with her Tuesday morning at 9.

New Look at the New World

Posted February 20, 2008

The European explorers stumbled on a world vastly more complex than the one commonly taught in history classes. So says writer Charles Mann who describes a western hemisphere crowded with millions of people inhabiting a landscape they'd largely shaped with their own hands. Mann's book is called 1491, New Revelations of the Americas before Columbus. It presents compelling evidence that the earliest Americans built and occupied cities that rivaled anything found in Europe at the time. In South America, they built earthworks and roads that stretched for hundreds of miles. And they planted a garden we know today as the Amazon rainforest. Mann recently came to Cleveland to talk about his book, and he joins us for The Sound of Ideas starting at 9:00 a.m. on 90.3.

Reporters’ Roundtable Takes on the Tenth, Round Two

Posted February 21, 2008
Topics: Education, Government/Politics, Health, Community/Human Interest, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Housing/Real Estate, Technology, Terrorism, Transportation

Last week, listeners had a lot to say to two of the candidates for the 10th congressional district. Questions covered everything from jobs to gay marriage to the war in Iraq. This Thursday, we'll give you a chance for a little more quality time with two more candidates: Cleveland Councilman Joe Cimperman and incumbent Congressman Dennis Kucinich. We'll start at 9 o'clock, right here on 90.3.

Governor Ted Strickland

Posted February 22, 2008

Hey, Gov - are we cutting jobs or creating jobs? And what's up with revamping Ohio's education? If you've ever wanted to ask your Governor a question - here's your chance. Join us on the Sound of Ideas for a conversation with your Governor, Ted Strickland. I'll ask him about the top issues affecting Ohio's economy and education - you ask him what you've always wanted to know. One-on-one with the Chief Executive of our State. That's Friday at 9 on 90.3.

Presidential Economics

Posted February 25, 2008

The economy in Ohio is in a slump- people need jobs, better pay and a way to save their homes and neighborhoods. There are lots of ideas out there- but will any of them work? The Plain Dealer is focusing on the big issues facing Northeast Ohioans today - and jobs and foreclosures certainly top the list. Presidential hopefuls have been campaigning on the best way to bring back economic health and prosperity. We'll discuss what those ideas mean for our local economy, Monday at 9, on the Sound of Ideas.

Ohio Energy: Renewable Portfolios and Re-regulated Markets

Posted February 26, 2008
Topics: Government/Politics, Community/Human Interest, Energy, Technology, Regional Economy/Business - News

An energy bill working its way through Columbus could dramatically change the state, doing everything from jump starting the renewable energy industry to transforming the bottom line on utility bills. This push for green energy is coming from the Republicans and has bipartisan support, but the potential future of rate regulation...well, that's going to be tougher to figure out. Tuesday, we'll talk about the change on the horizon, what it means for your pocketbook and for our state's prospects for actually going green. Join us at 9 a.m.

The Presidential Race Comes to Cleveland

Posted February 27, 2008
Topics: Government/Politics, Community/Human Interest

No doubt about it, tonight's debate is crucial for both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. He needs the momentum, and she needs to stop it. Wednesday morning, join us for analysis of the event. We'll get the perspective of a political scientist, a communications professor and political journalist. Whether you've made up your mind, you haven't or you're in the process of changing it, join us at 9 a.m.

Reporters’ Roundtable and the 10th Congressional District

Posted February 28, 2008
Topics: Government/Politics, Community/Human Interest, Regional Economy/Business - News

The Medical Mart deal is on the ropes, the city of Cleveland has bought a future full of coal-fired energy, and Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson is preparing for his State of the City. Join us Thursday as our reporters' roundtable returns to the business of rounding up the news. We'll also meet one last Democratic hopeful for the 10th congressional district. North Olmsted Mayor Thomas O'Grady will answer your questions.

Race, Gender, and Age – the 2008 Presidential Race

Posted February 29, 2008
Topics: Government/Politics, Aging/The Elderly

No matter which candidate ends up in the Oval Office next November – it will be a “first.” It’s down to a woman, an African American, or the oldest president ever to assume office. Issues aside, will the basic facts of age, race and gender influence your vote? How important is it to have a woman or a black man in the White House? And how old is too old? Breaking glass ceilings, tearing down walls, combating ageism on The Sound of Ideas.


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