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The Sound of Ideas

The Sound of Ideas: Archive by Date

December 2007

What Alternative Medicine Can Do For You

Posted December 3, 2007
Topics: Health, Children's Health, Aging/The Elderly, Community/Human Interest, Parenting/Child Care

Not too long ago, alternative medicine -- acupuncture, herbs, and the like -- struggled for recognition and respectability. That's no longer the case. Science tells us alternative therapies really do help to cure what ails you, and more physicians are prescribing them to their patients. Monday morning at 9, we'll talk about alternative medicine, moving from the margins to the mainstream.

Action on Energy

Posted December 4, 2007

As the U.S. Congress works on an energy bill this month, lawmakers in Columbus are doing the same. And in both places the vote will determine energy policy for years to come. On the Sound of Ideas, we'll find out how the energy landscape -- from renewable portfolios to fuel economy and your utility bill -- may be about to change. And we'll also talk about the potential impact on Northeast Ohio's economy. Join us this morning at 9:00.

Off Mike with Michael Krasny

Posted December 5, 2007
Topics: Education, Aging/The Elderly, Community/Human Interest

Michael Krasny left Cleveland in the sixties and wound up in San Francisco as a professor of English. Eventually, after a stint on AM radio, he landed at KQED he became one of the most important talk radio hosts in the country. His public radio program Forum has become the place to be interviewed for authors around the world. Krasny has a book of his own: Off Mike: A Memoir of Talk Radio and Literary Life, and we'll talk with him about his life and the world of radio. Wednesday at 9 a.m.

Reporters’ Roundtable

Posted December 6, 2007
Topics: Arts and Culture, Government/Politics, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends

It's been a banner week for candidacy announcements: Cleveland Councilman Joe Cimperman is vying for Congressman Kucinich's seat, and Republican Bay Village Mayor Deborah Sutherland announced she'll face off against Cuyahoga County Commissioner Peter Jones, a democrat. We'll talk about those races, plus the linked fates of maternity leave and an erstwhile candidate for auditor, Goodyear's decision to stay in Akron, a possible end to Cleveland City Council's troubles, and your tax dollars in action. Pull your chair up to the roundtable, Thursday at 9 a.m.

A Deeper Look at Poverty in Mount Pleasant

Posted December 7, 2007
Topics: Education, Government/Politics, Community/Human Interest, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Housing/Real Estate, Parenting/Child Care

Mount Pleasant was once one of the most stable middle class neighborhoods in Cleveland. Today, it is best known for being the site of some of the most upsetting crimes of the last year. The Plain Dealer and ideastream are about to launch a series of interviews and reports examining the poverty and social ills that have taken hold of Mount Pleasant. On our program, we'll talk to lead reporters for the series about the roots of poverty and hear what "living poor" is like. Join us Friday at 9 a.m.

Small, Small World

Posted December 10, 2007

Once upon a time, science fiction authors imagined a future in which microscopic machines could repair our bodies at the cellular level. Today, real life scientists believe it may one day be reality. Monday on the Sound of Ideas, we'll talk with local scientists about the latest developments in nanotechnology-the ability to build big things out of little things - really little. Less than 500 times smaller than a human hair. It's a nano-world after all, Monday at nine, on 90.3. Photo: This housefly is sporting a pair of two-millimeter-wide eyeglasses, engineered with fast-pulse laser technology. Photo courtesy of Micreon GmbH

Teen Pregnancy and Single Motherhood

Posted December 11, 2007
Topics: Government/Politics, Health, Children's Health, Community/Human Interest, Parenting/Child Care, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Regional Economy/Business - News

The statistics about teen pregnancy are sobering: 2800 teens get pregnant each day, and only a third of them are likely to finish high school. Looking at those numbers, it's hardly surprising then to find that teen mothers are more likely to end up living in poverty. This whole problem hits African-American communities particularly hard: Sixty-nine percent of Black children are born to single parents. That's a slightly different issue than teen pregnancy, but both turn out to be predictors of future poverty. On our program, we're continuing our look with The Plain Dealer at the problems afflicting Mount Pleasant and Cleveland, and we'll have a conversation about teen pregnancy and single motherhood.

Re-Engineering Elections

Posted December 12, 2007
Topics: Arts and Culture, Government/Politics

If you could build a new elections system from scratch--not just new machines but a whole new plan--a single national primary day, say, or mandatory voting, what would you propose? And what about those of you who choose not to vote? Have you given up on democracy? A team of national producers and reporters is asking those very questions of Ohioans this week. Public Radio's John Hockenberry and Adaora Udoji join us on the Sound of Ideas to talk about their project and new show. Wednesday at 9 a.m.

Reporters’ Roundtable: Myers Mess, Cleveland’s Credit Crunch and Other Tales of Woe

Posted December 13, 2007
Topics: Education, Government/Politics, Community/Human Interest, Housing/Real Estate, Regional Economy/Business - News

In the news this week, Ohio's civil rights chief calls it quits; Myers University wants to throw in the towel, but a local judge pulls in the reins; and the mortgage mess forces more employees out the door at Cleveland's Key Bank. But the biggest story may be the credit crunch reaching the city of Cleveland. New tax laws and new property value reassessments--brought on by the foreclosure crisis--are weighing down the city's financial prospects. You're invited to join us at the Sound of Ideas roundtable. Thursday morning at nine.

Rebuilding and Renewal:  Securing a Prosperous Future for Our Communities

Posted December 14, 2007
Topics: Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Regional Economy/Business - News

This week Ideastream and the Plain Dealer have been bringing you stories from the Cleveland Neighborhood of Mount Pleasant. What can really be done to end the cycle of poverty and violence? We'll talk with local and national leaders about solutions to the problems in today's inner cities and get your take on the series. We invite you to join the conversation when the series wraps up ... Friday morning at nine on 90.3.

Portraits of Power

Posted December 17, 2007

In his 40-year journalism career, Abe Zaidan has profiled some of Ohio's political giants - everyone form Governors James Rhodes, and George Voinovich, to Mayors Carl Stokes and Dennis Kucinich. Zaidan has teamed up with Akron-based political scientist John Green to tell the history of a tumultuous era in Ohio politics in a new book titled "Portraits of Power." We'll spend the hour with Zaidan and Green talking about the historical events and larger-than-life personalities that shaped the political climate in the Swing State. Monday at 9, on the Sound of Ideas.

A Convention Center+ For Cleveland+

Posted December 18, 2007
Topics: Arts and Culture, Government/Politics, Community/Human Interest, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends

If we gave you half a billion dollars to build a new convention center, what would that convention center look like? Where would you put it? And what would you put in it, besides convention space? After collecting the first ten million or so in your tax dollars, Cuyahoga County officials are beginning to seek answers to those very questions. We're jumping in on the public input process, and we'd like to hear from you! Join us on the Sound of Ideas, Tuesday at 9 a.m.

The Psychology of Shopping

Posted December 19, 2007
Topics: Mental Health, Community/Human Interest

So, let's see here, a sweater for cousin Ed, a bowl for Aunt Tillie, and gift cards for the kids. Presents say a lot--including something about the gift giver.In the middle of the holiday shopping frenzy, we'll take a moment on the Sound of Ideas to look at our buying habits and what they reveal about our own personalities. Identifying the neurotic, primitive and psychotic shoppers...and a little retail therapy. Wednesday at 9 a.m.

Reporters’ Roundtable: Year in Review

Posted December 20, 2007
Topics: Education, Government/Politics, Community/Human Interest, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Housing/Real Estate, Transportation, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends

What a year we've had! In Columbus, it all started with a new governor and a veto his first day in office. Since then, we've seen new legislation on everything from strip clubs to solar panels. Meanwhile in Greater Cleveland, we've seen a strong push on economic development but it's not entirely clear how much traction local leaders have found. On our roundtable this week, we'll take a look back at the year's top stories. We're looking forward to your input, too, so be sure to join us, Thursday morning at 9 a.m.

Your Billion Dollar President

Posted December 21, 2007

The presidential candidates are spending a lot of time and money in Iowa and New Hampshire these days, but historically elections have been decided by voters in Ohio. Journalists John Hockenberry and Adaora Udoji headed to Cleveland recently to pose the question: What if the Ohio primary came first? And they talked to people around the country about how they would change the election process. This morning we'll hear what they found out. It's the latest episode of Your Billion Dollar President. Join us at 9:00 a.m.

I Saw Three Ships: From Jamestown to the World

Posted December 24, 2007
Topics: Arts and Culture

Special Broadcast. Host Dan Roberts joins actors Dorothy Holland and Michael Goodwin in I Saw Three Ships: From Jamestown to the World, a holiday special on the settlement of Jamestown as a pivotal historical marker for contemporary times. The program tells a story in five imaginary chapters using Christmas music contemporary to four centuries and narration that glances back to 17th-century Virginia and the world at large. The complete list of ideastream holiday programming is here.

Jonathan Winters’ A Christmas Carol

Posted December 25, 2007
Topics: Arts and Culture

Special Broadcast. An updated version of a public radio tradition hosted by NPR's Lisa Simeone. Master comedian Jonathan Winters presents a distinctive reading of Dickens' holiday classic, with a special performing edition prepared by Dickens for his own presentations. The complete list of ideastream holiday programming is here.

A Seasons Griot 2007

Posted December 26, 2007
Topics: Arts and Culture

Special Broadcast. Hosted for the last 15 years by acclaimed storyteller Madafo Lloyd Wilson, this annual special captures the tales and traditions of African American and African peoples. This year, the program focuses on the National Association of Black Storytellers, in honor of the group's 25th anniversary. The complete list of ideastream holiday programming is here.

Against the Odds: Ivy League Refugee

Posted December 27, 2007
Topics: Community/Human Interest

Special Broadcast. Celebrated journalist Ellis Cose profiles the incredible journey of Abass Hassan Mohamed. Originally from Somalia, Mohamed managed to get the highest grade in all of northeastern Kenya on his secondary school completion exams, despite having spent much of his life in a Kenyan refugee camp. He will soon begin his junior year at Princeton University, where he is excelling -- just as he has throughout his life. Cose takes listeners to Dadaab, the camp where Mohamed grew up, to meet the young man's teachers and parents. He also visited with Mohamed at Princeton, documenting the incredible transition he has made -- from sharing a one-room shack and an outdoor toilet with his entire family to succeeding at one of the most prestigious and demanding universities in the world.

Sam Cooke: A Change is Gonna Come

Posted December 28, 2007
Topics: Arts and Culture

Special Broadcast. Chicago singer Sam Cooke took the music he grew-up with in the church and brought it to the rest of the world in the form of unforgettable pop tunes that topped the charts in the late 1950s and early 60s. Working with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Case Western Reserve University, ideastream's David C. Barnett produced this hour-long documentary that examines Cooke's life as a singer and social activist. More information here.

Looking Back at 2007

Posted December 31, 2007
Topics: Government/Politics, Community/Human Interest, Courts/Crime - Fire/Law Enforcement, Housing/Real Estate, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends

heading into New Year's Eve, we'll look back at 2007 with three interviews on three issues that have stood out as perhaps the most pressing concerns facing the entire region. On top of the list may be the foreclosure crisis. With an estimated 17,000 foreclosures in Cuyahoga county and banks around the world facing write-offs totaling in the trillions, this has been the year sub-prime became a dirty word. Also on the list: violent crime. Demesha Sharpe, Asteve Thomas, Brandon Marshall, Virginia DiGorgio. The names of victims are well known and so are some of the assailants--Bobby Cutts and Asa Coon, to name just two. Amidst these challenges, civic leaders have come together under the banner of regionalism, most visibly under the Cleveland-plus campaign. Join us for a conversation about these issues from three fresh perspectives.


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