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The Sound of Ideas

The Sound of Ideas: Archive by Date

March 2007

Regional Reporter Roundtable

Posted March 1, 2007

The Ohio Supreme Court strikes down Cleveland's residency rule, as locals anticipate the Mayor's State of the City address. Four months after Ohio voters rejected casinos, 2,000 slot machines open 100 miles away in Erie. Many more are planned for Buffalo. Boosters of both hope to snag some of our money. An appearance by presidential hopeful Barack Obama kicks off the competition for votes in the Swing State. Case returns to the Western Reserve. It's our regional roundtable on The Sound of Ideas, Thursday morning at nine on 90.3.

Regulating Misbehavior

Posted March 2, 2007

Suburbs are finding new ways to increase safety and preserve the integrity of neighborhoods: fine the parents and punish the landlords. Bedford wants to fine parents whose children constantly commit crimes that fall under the umbrella of disorderly conduct. A law in Shaker Heights would penalize landlords for tenants' criminal behavior. Will the measures restore quality of life or violate civil rights? Is regulating misbehavior a good idea or a step too far? Join Regina Brett for the discussion Friday morning on The Sound of Ideas.

Reverse Migration to Ohio

Posted March 5, 2007
Topics: Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Regional Economy/Business - News

They're nearing the end of the Golden Years, so they're getting out of the sun and moving back to cold country - back to Ohio. The Census figures don't lie - there's a reverse migration underway. The double-whammy of advancing age and declining health are bringing the snowbirds back home to stay. We'll discuss the joys and challenges on The Sound of Ideas Monday morning on 90.3.

A Long Way Gone

Posted March 6, 2007

When Ishmael Beah was a young teenager, his village in Sierra Leone was destroyed, and he was kidnapped by the Sierra Leone army and turned into a child soldier - a drug addicted adolescent with an AK 47, unafraid to kill. Three years later, he and other child soldiers were brought to a UNICEF rehabilitation camp, and he began the long process of regaining his humanity. That process eventually led him to Oberlin College. He tells his story in the new book A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier. And he joins Dan Moulthrop to talk about it on Tuesday's The Sound of Ideas.

Combating Gang Violence

Posted March 7, 2007

Gangs are a problem in Greater Cleveland, from St. Clair to the suburbs. When it comes to fighting them, some say the problem is best handled from the ground up - in churches, say, or even the boxing ring. Cleveland is one of just six cities across the country receiving federal dollars to combat gang violence. Wednesday morning on The Sound of Ideas we'll look at where that money is going and the effect it's having. We'll talk solutions with U.S. Attorney Greg White and other community leaders. You're invited to join the conversation. It starts at nine, on 90.3.

Regional Reporter Roundtable

Posted March 8, 2007

The Diebold corporation considers getting out of the electronic voting machine business. The possibility of mandating a cervical cancer vaccine finds strong resistance from the Governor Ted Strickland. A report on school funding says the fixes Ohio needs will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 billion. We'll take a look at those stories, the Mid-American Conference Tournament and the NCAA Women's Final Four on our Sound of Ideas roundtable Thursday morning at nine on 90.3.

Special License Plates for Sex Offenders

Posted March 9, 2007

Fluorescent green license plates: Ohio could use them as a scarlet letter to mark sex offenders and to warn parents and children of potential danger. A bill before the Ohio Senate would require registered sex offenders to drive with special license plates. Proponents say it will prevent them using their vehicles to lure children inside and stop them from trolling neighborhoods for victims. Others say special plates and sex offender registries that limit where predators can live have little effect. The real offenders aren't the strangers on the street. They are family, friends and acquaintances known to the victims. What works and what doesn't Friday morning on The Sound of Ideas.

Rap’s Diverse Appeal

Posted March 12, 2007

30 years after the birth of hip hop, rap superstar Grandmaster Flash is about to become the first rapper in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It's an interesting moment - after decades of growing popularity, the whole rap genre has seen sales decline. Young people are the biggest buyers of new music, and on The Sound of Ideas, we'll take a look at the role of rap in youth culture. Among today's teens, color and race do not determine the fan base. So what are the reasons for rap's diverse but dwindling appeal? We'll find out Monday morning at nine on 90.3.

Reforming Medicaid

Posted March 13, 2007
Topics: Health

Medicaid spending accounts for 38% of Ohio's budget - that's 12 billion taxpayer dollars. There's little good news here - the numbers are only getting bigger. Reform efforts in Ohio are looking to put the Medicaid house in order, considering new initiatives including the creation of a Department of Medicaid. On The Sound of Ideas, we'll look at those retooling efforts and find out what the big challenges, and possible solutions, actually are. That's Tuesday morning at nine on 90.3.

Power, Faith and Fantasy

Posted March 14, 2007

When we discuss the Middle East, we often see the state of affairs as a legacy of the early 20th century. One author says the story actually starts with pirates and 18th century missionaries. Michael Oren's new book on the U.S. involvement in the Middle East begins with the revolution and continues through to the current war in Iraq. It's a story, he says, of Power, Faith and Fantasy. He's in town for a reading, and he joins us in studio to talk about the Middle East and take your calls. That's Wednesday morning at nine on The Sound of Ideas.

Regional Reporter Roundtable

Posted March 15, 2007
Topics: Education

Governor Strickland just delivered a State of the State Address filled with ambitious proposals. Saying it's time for a shared sacrifice, he called for an end to the state's educational voucher program, a freeze on state college tuition, and for a moratorium on new charter schools. On The Sound of Ideas, a look at the state of the state and the other news of the week. Join us at our regional roundtable Thursday morning at nine on 90.3.

Cancer Screening

Posted March 16, 2007
Topics: Health

Preventing cancer - it can be as simple as taking a test no one wants to take, and as controversial as the sex lives of teenaged girls. Cervical cancer kills 4,000 American women each year. The disease is often caused by a sexually transmitted virus. Yet a vaccine that fights the virus is causing a stir. We'll talk about the controversy and ask why so few people get screened for an even bigger killer: colon cancer. Join Regina Brett Friday morning on The Sound of Ideas.

Iraq Anniversary

Posted March 19, 2007

This week, the U.S. approaches the fourth anniversary of its military involvement in Iraq. That war has claimed the lives of more than 3,000 U.S. soldiers and Marines, and 130 here in Ohio. That's taken a toll on military families. Paul Montgomery's two sons both served in the Third Regiment, 25th Marine Division, based in Brook Park. One of his sons didn't come home. "As a parent," he says, "I've felt like, why couldn't it be me? I gladly would have traded places with my son." Monday on The Sound of Ideas, we'll speak with the parents of local marines. Plus, a debate on war policy.

Freedom of Speech and Terrorism

Posted March 20, 2007

Upheaval at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, after the Secretary of State decided she wants all the members removed - and gave them until Wednesday to quit or be fired. And does Freedom of Speech extend to allowing terroristic threats to be issued from the cloistered halls of a state university? It's a question many people want answered, following revelations about a Kent State professor and Islamic convert who now calls himself "The Most Dangerous Muslim in America." That's Tuesday morning on The Sound Of Ideas.

The Challenge of Charter Schools

Posted March 21, 2007
Topics: Education

Some say charter schools are a danger to public education; others argue they're essential to reforming it. One thing's clear - Ohio's governor is not a fan. Governor Strickland last week called for a moratorium on new charters and limits on who's permitted to manage them. Though some community schools are finding success, not all are, and even national charter advocates have serious questions about how Ohio has set them up. The challenge of charter schools on The Sound of Ideas, Wednesday morning on 90.3.

Regional Reporter Roundtable

Posted March 22, 2007

Ohio's new Secretary of State forces a showdown with the Cuyahoga County Elections Board. Cleveland's former state senator C.J. Prentiss is appointed to the Department of Education. Her new challenge? To close the achievement gap. Also, a lawsuit over access to public records raises the question whether bloggers are journalists, and what lawmakers are saying about the Governor's new two-year budget. Those stories and more on The Sound of Ideas regional roundtable, Thursday morning on 90.3.

The Ides of March Madness

Posted March 23, 2007
Topics: Making Change, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Regional Economy/Business - News

All around us people are filling out brackets in a buzzer-beating frenzy. This is the week offices everywhere turn into casinos. Beware the Ides of March Madness. It can make workers take their eye off the ball. Parts of Cuyahoga County resemble a dry lake bed. People are moving out, often times to neighboring counties. Join Regina Brett and talk about workplace distractions and Cuyahoga County's human ebb tide Friday on The Sound of Ideas.

Hope for the Northeast Ohio Housing Market

Posted March 26, 2007
Topics: Economy, Facing the Mortgage Crisis, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Regional Economy/Business - News

Sub-prime lenders are taking heat on Capitol Hill - and now, local foreclosures are in the national headlines. So, is there any hope for the Northeast Ohio housing market? On The Sound of Ideas, we'll talk with local analysts about the collapse of the sub-prime market, the effect that's likely to have locally, and whether the local housing market has finally hit bottom. Also, the Elections board shake out leaves vacancies for two democrats - so who's going to be appointed? That's Monday morning at nine on 90.3.

The Benefits and Costs of Title IX

Posted March 27, 2007
Topics: Education

The women's Final Four comes to Cleveland this week. You could argue that none of it would have happened without government intervention. Title IX sparked an explosion in women's sport - the number of female college athletes grew tenfold after Title IX. But critics say it's been just as effective at blowing up smaller men's programs. Tuesday morning on The Sound of Ideas, we'll look at the benefits and the costs of Title IX.

Women in Sport

Posted March 28, 2007

A few generations ago, it was Billie Jean King. Back in the 90s, Mia Hamm. Today, the women's sports pantheon is huge - from golfer Michelle Wie to heavyweight Vonda Ward. Wednesday morning on The Sound of Ideas, we'll continue our conversation about women in sport by talking to and about some of those who have reached the top. Also, we'll try to understand why apart from tennis, gymnastics and figure skating, some women's sports just can't seem to find a fan base.

Regional Reporter Roundtable

Posted March 29, 2007

The governor declines federal funds in favor of greater sex education offerings...An audit of the Bureau of Workers Comp finds the depth of that agency's mismanagement...A report on campaign finance blasts Ohio's ten-thousand dollar personal contribution limit...And the latest in the battle between the secretary of state and the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections. And Governor Taft is thrilled with his new portrait, a painting that takes its place at a Statehouse gallery honoring former governors...

Spotlight on Women

Posted March 30, 2007

The spotlight is on women, as Cleveland hosts the largest women's sporting event in the country. But how do women fare off the court? Women often tell each other, "Carry as you climb." How do women make it to the top and what should they do to help others once they get there? Regina Brett will talk about it with three high-profile local women. Then at 9:30, stay tuned for the annual Capitol Steps April Fool's Show.


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