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The Sound of Ideas

The Sound of Ideas: Archive by Date

November 2006

Perplexed Over Medicare Prescription Benefits

Posted November 1, 2006
Topics: Health

Nearly three years after concerns were first voiced, are we still perplexed over the entire medicare prescription situation? Well, here we go again! 33 million Americans are part of Medicare's prescription drug benefit, and most report good results. But beginning in two weeks, the newly eligible can sign up, and there are issues you might have to face. In fact, some federal officials say you're being confused - on purpose! We'll talk about it, and have some help for you, Wednesday morning at nine on The Sound of Ideas.

Big Bucks for Negative Campaigning

Posted November 2, 2006

So how much money do you think the candidates of the United States have spent in making all those nasty commercials about each other? Would you at least believe the spending ratio is about 10-to-1 mean ads versus positive image spots? We thought you might. But do the ads really help you decide who to vote for, or do they all just paint a more negative image of the entire elections process? We'll talk about negative campaigning Thursday morning at nine on The Sound of Ideas.

The Cleveland Taxi Experience

Posted November 3, 2006

If your image of a cabbie is still Taxi's Alex Reiger, Latka Gravas and the Reverend Jim Ignatowski, then maybe the City of Cleveland is onto something. Some council members want to enact laws making the taxi experience a little less of a gamble, but at whose expense? We'll talk to a cab company owner, and the councilman pushing for change. Then, as the travel holidays approach, what do you need to know before you head to the airport? That's Friday morning at nine on The Sound of Ideas.

Voting Motivation: What Works? What Doesn’t?

Posted November 6, 2006

As election day comes ever nearer, activists from both parties are doing everything they can to get out the vote. The question is, what actually works? Chances are, it's not that recorded message from Bill Clinton. Researchers say face-to-face canvassing works best. But what's motivating you? Join us for conversation about what's motivating you to vote - or not - this midterm election. That's Monday morning at nine on The Sound of Ideas.

The Mother of All Trials Comes to a Close

Posted November 7, 2006

With a dictator defendant, it's been one of the strangest trials in history. Now the mother of all trials is finally over, but what does it mean about the future of Iraq? Case Law School Professor Michael Scharf has literally written the book on Saddam's trial, and he'll join us for conversation. Also, we'll have the latest how the voting's going in the county where it went the worst last May. You're invited to join us for The Sound of Ideas, Tuesday morning at nine on 90.3.

Ohio Votes

Posted November 8, 2006

Ohio voters head to the polls. Some say it's a referendum on the president, others say it's all about the war - but no one can say how it will all turn out. Wednesday on The Sound of Ideas we'll round up the results and try to get a sense of what they mean for the future of of Northeast Ohio and the state. You're invited to join the conversation.

But What Does It All Mean?

Posted November 9, 2006

Ohio said no to gambling and smoking and yes to a minimum wage increase, but what does it all mean for the local economy? Bar owners will have to live without the smoker set, and downtown developers will have to let go of the vision of Cleveland as a city of high rollers. An economic blow or a catalyst for new thinking? We'll have our guests do the math on The Sound of Ideas.

Veterans: Young and Old

Posted November 10, 2006

In election years, veterans become pawns, and the war, a political issue. What does it really mean to be a veteran? Veterans Day is Saturday. So let's talk about the kind of men and women who put their lives on the line for their country. We'll talk about who goes off to war, and the legal, medical and social problems they face when they return. Join our discussion about veterans young and old Friday morning on The Sound of Ideas.

Moving Toward the Center

Posted November 13, 2006

In a time of polarized politics, Author David Callahan argues a moral center is more attainable than many think. He says those who worry about the spread of a culture of self-interest come in all political stripes. He joins us Monday in this hour to talk about reclaiming the country from extremists on both sides.

The Rise of the Female Politician

Posted November 14, 2006

It's a long way from becoming an "old girl's club" but the makeup of Congress just became decidedly more female. House members will have to start getting used to using a term they've never used before - "Madame Speaker." With the ascent of Nancy Pelosi to the House leadership role and the addition of at least five women to Congress, including several from Ohio - female politicians are making inroads. It's The Sound of Ideas - join us Tuesday morning at nine.

State of the Supermarket

Posted November 15, 2006
Topics: Making Change, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Regional Economy/Business - News

Tops is closing 27 stores, selling one to Zagara's. Whole Foods is on its way, and with 18 new locations, Giant Eagle's getting... giant. Wednesday on The Sound of Ideas, we'll look at the state of the supermarket in Northeast Ohio. Competition here has made it increasingly difficult for smaller stores, and, with Wal-Mart waiting in the wings, it's only going to get worse. You're invited to join the conversation.

Unintended Consequences of the Euclid Corridor Project

Posted November 16, 2006
Topics: Making Change, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Regional Economy/Business - News

The Euclid Corridor is expected to revolutionize local public transportation. Its cost? $168 million, and, apparently, a few local businesses. On The Sound of Ideas Thursday, we'll talk about the unintended consequences of one of the biggest overhauls Cleveland has seen in recent years. We'll talk to local business owners, the project's managers, an urban design expert, and you. Be sure to join us.

The Future of Newspapers

Posted November 17, 2006
Topics: Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Regional Economy/Business - News

What’s black and white and read all over? The answer used to be newspapers. Cable TV and the Internet have changed that. All over the country, newspapers are facing tough times. The Canton Repository is for sale. The Beacon Journal in Akron has been pared to the bone by layoffs and buyouts. Ohio’s largest newspaper, The Plain Dealer, just got smaller. The newsroom is losing 64 people to buyouts. We’ll talk about what editors are doing to keep readers and get new ones. We’ll consider the future of newspapers tomorrow morning on The Sound of Ideas. And two of the biggest football games of the year are coming up this weekend when Ohio State and Michigan stage their annual battle of November and the Browns play the hated Steelers. We’ll talk to a man who’s experienced both rivalries, Browns great Dick Schafrath.

Monday Morning Quarterback

Posted November 20, 2006

It's going to be a great weekend for football: #1 Ohio State's hosting Michigan in the matchup of the century, and if that's not enough, the Browns actually have a chance at beating Pittsburgh. On The Sound of Ideas Monday, we'll be joined by a local sportswriting legend for a look Cleveland's favorite football teams and their favorite teams to hate. The Beacon Journal's Terry Pluto will be our Monday Morning Quarterback.

Surviving Thanksgiving

Posted November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving's just days away. You might have your turkey lined up, but how prepared are you, really? On The Sound of Ideas Tuesday morning, we'll bring you a guide to surviving the holiday. Traveling's always tough, but even if you're staying home, there's probably a few hurdles - and horror stories. From flying coach to the post-turkey coma, we'll help you handle it all, and we'll share your stories, too.

Not Enough to Eat

Posted November 22, 2006
Topics: Health

Imagine it's getting to the end of the month, and with what's left from your paycheck you can buy food or pay for heat - just not both. It doesn't matter if you call it hunger or food insecurity - what's important is that people in our own community may not have enough to eat. On Wednesday's The Sound of Ideas, we'll talk about what it means to not know where your next meal will come from, and we'll also talk about what you can do to help.

The Blind Side

Posted November 24, 2006

Michael Oher, six-foot-five and 350 pounds, grew up one of 13 children in the worst neighborhoods in Memphis. Somehow, at the age of 16, he gained admission to an Evangelical Christian school on the other side of town. He tests mentally retarded, he doesn't know how to learn because he's never been in school for long enough to get good at it, and he's one of the most gifted athletes ever to don shoulder pads. Michael Lewis uses his story to explain how football has changed and how the left tackle (the offensive lineman who protects the quarterback's blind side) has become the most important player on the field.

The New Face of Philanthropy

Posted November 27, 2006

The world of philanthropy is changing - there's micro-lending, collective giving, guys like Bono, and now, the philantho-preneur. Greater Cleveland is a town long known for charitable giving - so, how much of this new face of philanthropy are we seeing in Northeast Ohio? And how is it changing the work of local foundations and the programs they support? You're invited to join the conversation on The Sound of Ideas Monday morning on 90.3.

Designer Showrooms in Cleveland

Posted November 28, 2006
Topics: Making Change, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Regional Economy/Business - News

Imagine you're a buyer for, say, Crate and Barrel. You've got a buying trip coming up, and the place with all the designer showrooms is... Cleveland. It's a designer's dream and the possible future for a stretch of the city just east of Playhouse Square. Tuesday morning, we'll chat with the people helping to make it happen, and we'll hear why a Cleveland showroom makes sense from the business perspective, too.

The Foreclosure Crisis of Cuyahoga County

Posted November 29, 2006
Topics: Economy, Facing the Mortgage Crisis, Regional Economy/Business - Analysis and Trends, Regional Economy/Business - News

Cuyahoga County is among the nation's leaders in foreclosures, at a rate of almost 30 a day. Wednesday morning on The Sound of Ideas, a conversation about the lending practices at the root of this crisis in the housing market. Local laws to fight it have recently been struck down, but a new effort is promising to give some teeth to enforcement of existing laws. We'll hear from the front lines and the perspective of some law-abiding lenders.

Evaluating Frank Jackson’s First Year

Posted November 30, 2006

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson is close to the end of his first year in office - so, how's he doing? On The Sound of Ideas, we'll talk to a panel of journalists about Jackson's first year. He campaigned with promises of regionalism and restoring hope. He's made some progress, but as with past administrations, Jackson's is finding it difficult to avoid criticism of mismanagement. Join us for the conversation Thursday morning on 90.3.


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