The Sound of Ideas Community Tour: Lorain - Education

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Lorain's schools have performed so poorly they're now under state control. Newly appointed CEO David Hardy, Jr. will release a turnaround plan soon with a focus on the kids.  We got out of the studio for a community conversation in Lorain on September 28 and we present that forum for you here. You'll hear more from Mr. Hardy, from residents passionate about improving education, and a student perspective as well.



-Henry Patterson, Political Science Professor, Lorain County Community College

-Gloria Buxton, Retired Public School Educator & Community Activist  

-Dr. Bill Zelei, Executive Director, Ohio Schools Council & Former Chair, Lorain Schools Academic Distress Commission & Former Associate Superintendent for the Ohio Dept. of Education

-Tony Richardson, Chairman, Lorain Academic Distress Commission, Former Councilman & Civic Affairs and Education program officer, Nord Family Foundation

-Victor Leandry, Executive Director, El Centro De Servicios Sociales, Inc.

-David Hardy, Jr., CEO, Lorain City Schools

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